2018 Woman fan Intern Weekly Diary, the process has pains and growth, how to locate themselves? Listen to what they say. Marketing PR Intern Phoebe is aware of their shortcomings here, but it is because there are some deficiencies, but also can grow.

As beautiful as a dream

One months, like a dream in the days of women obsessed with one months.

Although it is one months, but every day to come to the mood of women fans are very fresh, I am still at their own pace to know women fans, understand women fans. Just when I think I am familiar with the environment and take part in the environment, the woman fans have done something surprising.

In hot weather, there will always be a few uninvited typhoons. And the result of the government announcement is "tomorrow, Taipei City, no typhoon leave, the surrounding counties and cities are off", as a trans-county commute to work, I am whining about the problems caused by the different policy, slack (women fans of the team within the communication tool) jumped out of the notice.

A moving Typhoon bulletin from System lab

Content probably said: "North North base different tune does not matter, Woss also understand you: the company to understand that the partners live in different places, so no matter where you live, tomorrow unified not into the company OH." 」

I can't believe the message I saw, and I took my sister to help me confirm it. Regardless of the weather of the next day, women fans of the "people-oriented" team spirit in front of the typhoon show, this mind as a dream of the beautiful, I also cherish this beautiful, thank woman fans.

Marketing PR is a communication art

It's not easy for me to learn how to be a good marketing pr. (Of course, all walks of life to achieve specialization is not easy thing)

I remember someone once said to me: "PR is a communication art." "Now I want to make up the second half of this sentence:" How to achieve the best balance between the beauty and the integrity of speaking is art. "And in the days of women's obsession, every day I learn how to communicate, including language, words, telephone and so on."

In order to get more practice communication opportunities, I also volunteered to be the intern's small group leader in the Reading club. The leader should be responsible for planning the process of reading, manpower, the host reading meeting. Being able to learn and actually use "activity planning" and "speaking art" in the preparation process is a great way for me to practise PR expression.

In the course of three weeks of reading, listen to mentor Audrey and Lulu again and again to amend the recommendations, watching everyone follow the progress of the study, listening to the book in the warm discussion, all let me feel a sense of achievement. Of course, there are many better places, but also thank every member of the pay and feedback, I will listen to these valuable suggestions, with them and I become a better PR person.

"Detox Week" with both body and mind.

At a team meeting, as usual, I suddenly flashed a thought and realized that I was more vulnerable and cowardly than I imagined. I still have a lot of places to learn, but how I try to be unable to achieve the goal of 1 per thousand, you see what I just said? How do you know how to make the same mistake again? What to do? What to do? I don't really deserve this, do I? I have no way to do things well.

In fact, these doubts about their own has always existed, now I finally honest to face their lack of side, which let me into endless negative cycle, I am not a developed lacrimal gland, perhaps a year to fall less than 100ml. But remember that day, I went all the way from Taipei crying to the train back home, one hours (yes, I cried for an hour, tears do not stop the intention), almost a year of tears after crying, I am tired paralyzed in bed, nothing much think of sleeping.

The next day I woke up and it was a good one, as if nothing had happened yesterday. Yesterday, who cried cry, tore heart piercing? Now think about it, what's going to be worth crying about? What the hell is going on? Obviously nothing happened.

I found out that crying is really a kind of vent, in fact, there is no matter, but it is the need for an emotional export, so that we can eliminate unnecessary distractions, so that the mind clearance, and admit that their current stage of capacity is indeed inadequate. But ... what about the shortage? I have been on the way forward, and slowly follow the footsteps of everyone, can always have a day and everyone hand in parallel! (Recommended reading: meet the strength of yourself!) Physical exercises that allow a gentle release of negative emotions

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And just when I feel that my mental state is ready, the attendant is sick, obviously on a hot day, my throat is getting hoarse, and my body is burning up, so I ask for some sick leave. After three days of medicine, I thought it was good at the same time, and recurrent recurrence three times. This reminds me of two words: "Detox."

Detoxification is the process of discharging toxins that accumulate in the body, and this time point is subtly ineffable. Cry a confession of their own deficiencies, release in the heart of the toxins, but also a big illness a more strengthen their own immunity, the toxins discharged from the body. (Recommended reading: know how to feel and release, the joy of life to grasp the rhythm of their own )

I'm going to call it "Detox Week" for the past two weeks, which is the process of zeroing in on me for two weeks. On the way to the moon, we came to a little unfamiliar environment, but also with a bit of self-doubt, in order to be able to successfully ascend the hope for the moon, detoxification is necessary, but also must. And now has been successfully spent, perhaps the future will experience a different degree of detoxification, maybe we will again into the mood, but we already know that this is a necessary process, after detoxification everything will be a new beginning. Time is about to enter another new month, and I will prepare myself better and look forward to the next stage of the lunar voyage.