2018 Woman fan Intern Weekly Diary, the process has pains and growth, how to locate themselves? Listen to what they say. PHD Intern Zack Here feels the total fun of learning, while growing, don't forget to keep breathing.

Hey, guys, I'm Zack, and I'm a woman. One of the 2018 moon landing programs, currently serving as Ui/ux intern for PHD Lab.

PHD representative People Happy design, designed to make people happy service and work, it is our expectations of their own.

Next, I'll share with you the reflections and impressions of the late July:

Looking back throughout the July, was about to write, suddenly remembered a sophomore read a book "Brave to do himself: singular Management School 7 leadership Class" in the two different cases and methods of thinking, expression to leadership, the most impressive, is the formula for their own and career:

Skill Combination X Thinking mode = result

P=f (AMO), Performance=f (ability,motivation,opportunity)

Rethinking women's work culture, for example: consciously perceive, think, think, and each is the beginning of self growth.

"Be brave and be yourself". Pictures | source

Transforming thinking patterns and expanding skill sets

It is simply explained by its own understanding that the mode of thinking is "in the face of different things and situations, consistent thoughts and reactions."

For example: when there are problems, some people are accustomed to asking first, some people are accustomed to solving themselves first, or, some people are accustomed to follow the rules, some people are accustomed to break through the status quo. This is not good or bad, but in different environments, the use of appropriate thinking mode, can effectively reduce resistance, achieve goals.

How do you change your thinking mode? I think women are obsessed. The conscious perception in the work culture, the reflection of thinking, the thinking of the word, can let us transform the mode of thinking, specifically through time management and thinking records, to observe what is driving the decision to produce? What is the reason for not achieving the goal? And with the partners to think about how to better, I also found myself in a cooperative relationship with more obedience, in the non-cooperative relationship between the tendency to change, is currently trying to balance the two, so that each record can have its value, to find a useful way to collaborate with the team. (Recommended reading:"Women fans say work" What we need is not to climb, but to move forward )

The combination of skills that determine "the breadth of the different things" through various attempts, cumulative experience, but also the intersection of Sparks, in addition to design, in the female fans have challenged the community operations, such as: The July fan reunion, the future Code for Gender project, Find out if there is a place where you can contribute, and learn from the design.

Pictures | source

P=f (AMO)

  • Ability represents "the skills and knowledge required to have a job"
  • Motivation represents "The passion to be in the position"
  • Opportunity is "work, the workplace environment is complete, at any time to get the necessary support."

Luckily, in women fans, three elements are all available, so that each task has a sense of a step forward, such as after the design of the page UI to try the front end, and then proceed to cut version, encounter problems need Javascript, turn around there are enthusiastic Service Lab partner commentary, Think of it all feel incredible, I used to study their own, but came to the female fan experience, can have a shared partner really good important, reduce a lot of unnecessary time and anxiety, extrapolate let learning extend more harvest.

Although not the first internship, but in women fans are really the first time to feel the work can also keep cheerful while also remember to breathe.