2018 Woman fan Intern Weekly Diary, the process has pains and growth, how to locate themselves? Listen to what they say. PHD Intern Ishan, frustration is the opportunity to evolve, can escape but she chose to face, only to meet the better and stronger themselves.

Time flies, remember the first day of the team meeting, Wei Xuan to our interns said: Two months will soon pass. This week, sitting in the same position as the first day, the same perspective, but for the immediate people things more than a experience. For nearly 30 days, from the partners who are not familiar with, to now can name, and work together. Time is walking, memories are accumulating in the inside.

A day to wrestle with time

Come here, the most felt than the time to wrestle with the times. As each task unfolds, the amount of time required to invest slowly increases, and at first I am clumsy at dismantling and arranging the order to deal with them. For example, last week it was my turn to have a book meeting with another intern, and I spent a lot of time learning about content and talking to read because of the difficulty of Read's content, but there were important tasks in the week.

At that time there was no dismantling of every work, and the result of arranging it was that they huddled together. It was like this: the discussion was over and another task came after me. Such a hurry, so that I can not use the best state to meet the task.

In addition to the conflicting tasks, I also wrestle with time in every task. Many times, I need to be more than the estimated time to exceed a little, feeling in the process, has been chasing the time. (Recommended reading:"Fan Reunion" My time to play the way: Today, is you have the best gift )

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Cover, learn to do the master of time

In women fans, we write a weekly newspaper every week, the most important one is the last week's work, to think about the problems encountered, how to better, and what the next move. Such a habit, I have to think about how to optimize their own workflow. So in the week, I'm going to cover up the scheduling problem and find a solution for myself to try: that is, before each task, you first list the steps to reach your goals on paper, or deconstruct how tasks can be disassembled, and then prioritize them (this method is inspired by reading books).

In this way, I am also able to think ahead to the resources required for each process. In addition, if the project is in progress, or not to be completed in time, but also a half an hour ago to inform the partners, so that they can understand my situation, but also to reassure them, I think, this is also the respect of the other time arrangement. (Recommended reading:"Women fans say work" to do their best to be worthy of your youth )

In estimating the time required for a task, I timed it and, after each task, the process was more efficient, such as writing the weekly note and timing it (laughter).

Don't stop evolution, I want to play with time

The next week is about to enter the August, I hope that I will be more conscious to find their footprints in time, hoping that every day, I can more master how to use every minute, in the end, I can no longer need to struggle against time, but to play with time.

In a woman fan, you have a lot of evolutionary opportunities, you will anticipate the process of hard work, you will need to step out of the comfort zone, you can escape, you can also face. And my choice is to face, because I know, face, I have the opportunity to surpass myself, become more want of appearance.