The sixth time between the D&i strategy! Many foreign companies, such as Netflix, Apple, Intel and others, are implementing diversity and inclusion (D&i). In Taiwan, this part of the discussion is still scarce. In the future every week, women fans will talk to you about the way to help businesses gain and grow

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Since 1992, they have joined the supplier diversification programme to strengthen cooperation with small businesses, with nearly 46 of the company's staff, Hispanic, African, Asian and Indian, with a total number of female employees in the global business 27%, of which nearly 23% per cent of women are in charge. They also received the 13th place in 2017, the "best diversified workplace" by the American Institute of Excellence in the Workplace survey.

Yes, they are the world's largest express transportation company--fedex. A service spanning 220 regions of the world, the most important, but is not what we think of the vast transport network, but the "people"-oriented business philosophy.

FedEx believes that the ability to connect the world is not the transport network, but "people." This business philosophy is reflected in the strength of their staff. Whether by air or by land, in the transport industry, the general male-dominated, few women figure. Therefore, FedEx attaches great importance to the recruitment of female talent, as well as from grassroots to higher, the establishment of internal female staff network. (Recommended reading: Taiwan is not without talent, but lack of discerning bole )

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Speak with ability! Creating a working environment where women "felt"

Although in the male-dominated transport industry,FedEx's air operations planning and analysis of the general manager --bobbi Wells said: "Even if the whole room, I am only a woman, I did not feel that I was the only woman." The reason "bobbi Wells will say that is the women's Leadership Program (Women's leadership Programs), which has been on the line for the coming FedEx.

Those involved in female leadership programs include all levels. The aim is to assist potential female employees in planning careers from a strategic perspective, and to emphasize "speaking with ability" so that women with ability are responsible for project projects and positioning them as key roles in the planning process, while training in leadership courses.

FedEx wants to create a friendly workplace environment in which women's employees are conscious and motivated to develop careers and encourage them to apply for higher positions.

After the full implementation of the women's leadership program, FedEx found that the impact of the plan, not only to participate in the women, but to infiltrate the entire company's female employees. When they receive leadership training, they will take the rewards and learning back to their posts and try to organize their meetings. While demonstrating leadership, the network of female employees is also established. This feedback to the workplace mentality, so that the workplace of female colleagues, can be mutually supportive. (Recommended reading:EBay global CEO share: Four principles with excellent leadership )

FedEx in women's training, there is a very crucial point: to break the restrictions on women in the workplace environment, so that female employees "feelings"-when women felt that the gender framework was broken, they are more willing to take root in the company, develop personal career, and have a strong sense of responsibility, will grow up to repay the company and colleagues.

Despite the fact that FedEx is still a long way from full gender equality (in the boardroom, women account for only 33%; female executives account for 23%), it is the most successful place for FedEx to push D&i, although women's workers don't feel constrained by the gender factor.

Promote supplier diversification plan, build corporate image and improve profit

In addition to in-house staff strength, since 1992, FedEx and Wbenc, NGLCC, Navoba and other organizations [1] joined hands to promote the "Supplier Diversification Program (Supplier diversity Programme)", they began with small businesses, ethnic minority enterprises, women Business cooperation. This scheme will ensure that enterprises operated by different ethnic groups are bidding on a fair basis, talking about cooperation and having a certain percentage of contract opportunities.

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What is the effectiveness of the supplier diversification programme? According to the study , every 1 million dollars in the cost of purchasing operations, the company will increase the benefit of 3.6 million U.S. dollars. At the same time as boosting the corporate image, such a high rate of return on investment is also why FedEx has to invest 9.2 billion of dollars in the program in 2016.

Before you push D&i, find your business positioning and counterpart

If you had seen theRun like a girl! last week See P&g How to use d&i advertising Circle female consumer groups , you will find that today's talk of FedEx, in the implementation of the D&i policy, pay attention to the opposite of P&g: p&g emphasis on brand image, FedEx pay attention to grass-roots staff training.

This shows that different enterprises in the promotion of d&i, can have different aspects. Whether it is the transport industry, or the day-to-day consumer industries, is to shape the image of enterprises in the public mind, or from the staff to promote d&i, the most important thing is to find your counterpart, as well as corporate positioning.

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