A poem a kind of lovelorn. lovelorn reading poetry, from the context of indefinitely, I can read out belong to my state of mind, find their own figure. With poetry and healing.

A poem a lovelorn, in the IG community , collected a lot of people's lovelorn story.

Sometimes, you will not get out of the situation of lovelorn. Always think of the past dribs and drabs, think of his smile, his child gas, his gentleness. Hope to return to the past, to prevent the quarrel, to save the lost relationship. But time cannot regress, the rift of the relationship, cannot easily mend. Perhaps, try to put down the sad mood, out of the rut of lovelorn, bless each other, but also from the feelings of lovelorn, to each other is a better choice.

J share the story, a complete record of how she from Love to lovelorn, and then out of the mood of lovelorn, bless each other. From her story, I saw romantic love like drama, and also saw the courage to cross out of lovelorn emotion. (Extended reading: The protagonist is not just Lily!) "Danish Girl" epic love Behind the ordinary Truth )

The story of J's lovelorn

J is a very fond of writing poetry girl, read a lot of poems, and contribute to participate in the competition. In the release of a poem that he liked, but not favored, when he was released to IG, a man who had never met her was secretly heard, the man who was the hero of the story.

Man is an underground singer, he said he liked J's poetry and wanted to make it into a song. J was very happy and felt that his creation had been affirmed. J's poetry, there is a section of the content is "to find the first birthday with the same day released love songs, on the birthday broadcast to their own listen to prove that they are loved." The man saw this passage and said to J that he would fulfill her wish. Soon after, the man's IG released a new demo, the article briefly does not have much content, but has let J impress a word: "Her words and her people as beautiful." 」

One day, J and the man met. In the middle of the night, J ran out of the door, but was found by his mother. After the meeting, the two people did not greet each other, they run up, afraid of being chased by their mother. While resting outside the super business, the man said to J: "You are my girlfriend." "J, who has not been asked so much, has a bit of an unknown response. In her answer: "Yes," after the man's brilliant smile, deeply imprinted in J's mind.

The two people who are in love at a distance cherish every time they meet. Whether it's playing relay races in Costco, playing Hide-and-seek in the building, when riding a bike together loudly singing, this childish romance, or two people lying in a single bed chatting, occasionally laugh, late at night, playing the Doll "Goodnight", the man went to bed to kiss J's cheek, such an ordinary romance.

J once thought that men would be the soul mates with whom they had a lifetime, but in the end they would be parted in the fork in a quarrel. The regret of the J, also tried to retain, but remembered the man said: "Love a person is to bless his next journey smooth sailing." "Man for J, play the Role of life mentor, teach her how to love, how to live well, J thank him very much."

Although parted, the man and J speech way or have his childlike, not admit to die of childish. He told J that the song would still appear in front of her on her birthday.

When an outsider, suddenly into your life in a rut, and that the outsider, is just a person who can understand, appreciate you, you are quietly attracted to him, two people and then create a new relationship, that will be how great luck?

No similar experience, I was very envious of such encounters. After all, someone saw you, and not afraid of difficulties, ran to you around, want to tell you how good you are, sure you exist. It's so good, it's meant to be. But it will be more difficult to accept the situation when it is doomed to be separated. You can not imagine, the original union, why because of some small things to separate. When the two people met, it is expected that this day will come? (same field Gayon:"for you Song" Quarrel, separate, show good, soft love cycle )

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Can not realize the answer to you, if this into the vortex of remorse, unable to extricate themselves, that for each other, will be very sad, also not happy to see the situation.

But from the story of J, I see a different version. Although she had been trapped in the mood of lovelorn, but did not stumble, but chose to bless. Because she knew that in this relationship, there are too many happy and good memories, should not be overwhelmed by the sadness of the end.

After reading this story, I immediately flashed this phrase in my mind, "turn back here to see each other, each born compassionate heart." This sentence comes from Yu Shuhua if a flower is opened. By chance, I learned this poem from an unknown friend, and I could not forget it.

Yu Shuhua If a flower is opened

Though in the village, in the morning without a cart-horse passing by
I still don't know what to do with it?

Knowing the process, and holding out the fire from the water firmly
And the desperation that drives the end

We're all open, man.
Being swallowed and spit out by life, and captured by fate.

It was always a little thin, a glimpse, a hidden
Those emotions in choosing the right time, the right petals

This time, I was going to chase a train
It's a rain, we believe in the world

I can't help myself to convince myself
Let a flower go into the light and fade away in the dark

Reincarnation to Here
Each other, each born with compassion

Perhaps, because they are similar, they are attracted to each other. Non-appreciated poetry girls, not known as the underground singers, floating in life, by fate, but because they met each other, produced the idea of confrontation with the world. Run, laugh and play, occasionally quietly across, convinced that there are each other, there is no difficulty, convinced that each other can bear fruit, and bloom forever.

If a flower is opened. Though the flowers are blooming, there will be the day when they fade. Although heartache, do not give up, but in this world of reincarnation, you can meet, across, is not a kind of luck? (Recommended reading:"single Diary" single reincarnation, you really need to learn to trust, is yourself )

Hey, bless you, after parting, can have a better day. I hope all of you are well enough to look at this relationship in a more compassionate way, from the origin and the fate.