Interview Zhou Yi, from childhood song show memory, talk about after losing, their accumulated feelings, for her, every pain in life has meaning, in the squeeze of life, we just gradually read ourselves.

1960 years, at that time Xunei Lin also suit, electricity a fashionable hairstyle, edge twist sing, red Shoes girl and so on me; blue Heart mae high panties shorts, legs neat, size row dance, kicked out a sentence, go DISCO dance.

In the pig brother Bright not the grass-roots strong cabaret mode, move on TV screen, Stealth Alley, lights will have dolls shuttle of the Big Hall, became the 60 's common memory of the Taiwanese people. Zhou Yi grew up living in Kaohsiung Sapphire Cabaret show, mother busy work, from time to time to help the staff to look after, take Zhou Yi listen to music, the cabaret show as a nursery.

Every night cabaret show, Zhou Yi like breaking into different world, novelty also take people eyes and ears. Dazzling crystal lights turn on the head, on the stage those people gorgeous, next to a dancer holding a pink feather fan, the performers surrounded into a big open big put safflower, microphone shouted: Come on, drink this cup to say!

A bit of Taiwan taste, the stage effect of the whole hand of that era, is the Taiwan, authentic human touch, "I think the music, a lot of moved not from the gorgeous things, should return to the original human temperature, with the essence of music." "Recover gradually in the age of the temperature, it is Zhou Yi all the way, constantly reinterpretation old songs want to find things--in the age of the washing, should be left behind."

The time not to be forgotten: oldies, is an important proposition in my life

In the past, Zhou Yi has done two classic albums, five years past, bring back the new album "Not Forgotten Time" to salute the Golden Age of the classic songs as the main axis, asked why "reinterpretation" old songs, so important to her, like a mission? "When I was a child, I liked to see the cabaret show, and the living environment and the stage performance were the Enlightenment to me, the songs of that age had a great influence on my music growth." 」

Zhou Yi is a six-word child, this album picks 60 to 80 's song, some songs are older than Zhou Yi, but these old songs, indeed, record the contemporary historical background, also become the golden years, the common memories, and this is what old songs have their meaning, "the 80 's is the music market the most mature record of the best selling era, The era of the most golden songs, 70-80 years, there are many Taiwanese original song appeared, that is the history of Taiwan's assets, we should not forget, many songs have its background, is our generation of people, too late to understand it. Because a lot of people have sung, the classic songs can be retained, so I hope to reinterpret old songs, but also a kind of heritage concept. 」

From the stars will begin, Taiwan's music market began to have a folk song appeared, a song was born, grilled the era of time and space background, so that people can through the song, Memory history.

People think that doing a simple, but martial arts moves on those several, how in other people have made a classic interpretation of the song, mining new interpretation of the way, play a refreshing arrangement? This is actually more difficult than making a brand new album, "I think there is bound to be a comparison of the old songs, if there is an unpublished song, then how do I interpret, there is no comparison of the template." "Do not evade comparison, but continue to throw themselves into the comparison, to recreate the classics, for Zhou Yi is a difficult problem, but also to do music enjoyable place," constantly let themselves face the comparison, before receiving comments, I first comment on their own, with the sincerity of interpretation, I have asked for their own this pass. 」

The beauty of the classic song, with the Age of growth, life experience, and finally read the emotion, "I think the old songs is a kind of memory, I sing these songs, will search my life of the picture, do the album, also like to travel over their own memories." "The memory has had the pain, but became the Zhou Yi to deduce the song the nutrient," I will not evade it, whether is lovelorn memory or other sad experience, I want to forget is the pain instantaneous, the good, stays. 」

Do each album, are very similar to do their own memoirs, look back to their own singing and mood, may be jerky, why is this singing out? This review is actually very interesting, Zhou Yi outspoken, 1999, although she left the "agreement" and other popular songs sung, but she said, at that time do you really understand the lyrics of the pain of lovelorn? Do you really understand the sadness in life? Now may not, through these years, the pain in her life, is an important nutrient in life.

Pain is the squeeze of life, there is life to learn

From 2003 to 2007, Zhou Yi was deeply involved in the contract dispute and the show business was shut down, which severely damaged her confidence and confidence in people. When it comes to this experience, Zhou Yi has a clear wind, but she knows that there is a symbol of innocence in her heart, a kiss, disappear, "after the incident, after four years, I finally want to enter the studio, recording the" Bloom "That album, I was crying in the recording room. I found myself without any thoughts of wanting to sing, and if my singing was just a way of being profitable or earning money, the pattern would run counter to my ideal. 」

For Zhou Yi, singing is an ideal and a happy thing from the bottom of my heart. If the people into showbiz, with a dream to practice the ideal and beginner's mind, she frankly, even if it is a desire for applause of vanity, will be driven by the driving force of our practical goals. And I wondered, what was the beginner's mind that Zhou Yi was embracing?

She hooked the corners of the mouth, holding a shallow smile, "My goal is very ambitious at the beginning, I hope there are Chinese places there is Zhou Yi voice." Now, I still go ahead with this goal, but through these years, I found myself a deeper sense of mission, and now I am more concerned about the mood of everyone who listens to me sing. 」

"If my voice can heal, or give us more power, then this is what I can give to the public through my singing identity." "From the dazzling lights of the stage, Zhou Yi no longer focused on what he could get over the years, no more applause. She is more eager to be a person who can give strength to others. (Recommended reading: exclusive interview ERIKA Liu Aili: The things that happen in life are doomed, rather than enjoy )

Like myself in the most bitter days of life, to find the strength to rely on, was given at the same time, she also wanted to be able to be given to the people, "I was not confident, but also want to give up, really do not know how to be good, I take the initiative to find my life to find the answer." "In a book, Zhou Yi saw a passage, she said it is precisely because of this passage to let oneself think a lot of dead end of the problem," the sentence to the effect is, "The diamond is perfect, because it through the bottom of the lava quenching, and the crustal changes squeeze, after thousands of years, only to be quenched, life is the same. "I think I know a lot of things in a flash. 」

"The bitterness I have been experiencing is tempered, the pain I feel is the squeeze of life, I am no longer afraid of what others see in me, because if I am a naked diamond wrapped in dust, you will not see my essence, but I know I am! This is important. 」

Talking about a life-changing experience, Zhou Yi often mentions his own diffidence, "that period of time I can not be sure of myself, often self-doubt," but in fact, they are not always not confident people, childhood education, but let Zhou Yi courage to face setbacks, "I think my self-confidence is from the parents to me, it is the establishment of personality , my father is not often at home, he will be with me on the phone every day, he is a warm man, whenever I meet want to try something, he encouraged me to do, of course, I will have the fear of failure, he always said, wrong, let's do it again! 」

In some parents do not allow the social atmosphere of failure, father to give their own education, let Zhou Yi understand, some things need to go through the fall, you will learn, every pain for her is to grow, "so, although I have lost faith in people, lose confidence in themselves, through these setbacks, I am not so afraid of pain this matter, Whether external or mental injury, I know that is a growth, we will because of pain, learn more things. 」

Let go, is a higher standard of love

2011, Zhou Yi Life There are many significant changes, after the loss of his wife, lost contacts for many years of love, life two very important existence, walked together, life seems to have no basis.

Looking back now, does she appreciate the painful process? Seven years, when the pain through time wash, cry stage has passed, now Zhou Yi, Tone has relieved, answer affirmation, "In fact, my life, there is nothing to deliberately forget, these experiences remind me, the pain is over, will be better." 」

Like the first learned to contact for many years of love, put forward separate requirements, in spite of their hundreds can not accept, her mouth also said well, do not go dead dead to play that set, with injuries on their own slowly treatment.

Zhou Yi self-deprecating, he had also cried before, also begged, also after the breakup constantly review their own, in the face of the separation of calm, not to be able to build up the mind system overnight, have to go through a few pieces of pain in the heart of love to have antibodies, "break up with being separated is two different things, be parted, you will look back to see what you You often ask, why, I think those reasons are nonsense, you need any reason? In fact, the most fundamental problem is that he does not love you. 」

When it comes to Zhou Yi, there is no need to overturn the absolute, the reason for separation is not to be investigated, some feelings go to a point, do not love is not love, despite the brutal, but it is true, "my last paragraph of feelings, let me fully realize that this thing, in fact, feelings is a flow of state, I have been in the face of lovelorn is also very calm, But then I found that to understand what they want, is the process of lovelorn, the most important thing. "(Recommended reading: single Diary: The most miserable but you leave me, I return to my own life )

Instead of pulling each other in a relationship, clarifying what they want and thinking rationally about their feelings, if they have come to a fork in the road, laughing and sending each other the last paragraph may be a better choice.

In fact let go, it is a higher standard of love.

Zhou Yi

Zhou Yi said that these years she learned to use another angle to think about feelings, if love a person, not should wish him happy? If we are in love and only care about our feelings, then in the final analysis, we are selfish. When you really love someone, try to bless and wish him happy, "not Love is also a kind of love" this song, in fact, I also recorded the feelings of breaking up, I think, to give any one of the lovelorn people to encourage is very difficult one thing, each person's life rhythm and understanding of the concept of different, a lot of comfort, listening to the people in a lovelorn ear, became sarcastic , actually said a little more. 」

If you're going through a breakup, feeling like your days are in a rotten mood, everything is covered in a layer of vapor. The first week, insomnia Three o'clock in the morning, the third week, think not to read; Five weeks past, you wonder if you're the only one experiencing the rainy season ...

Zhou Yi want to tell you the identity of an experienced person, do not want to say that there is no relationship, like a personal quiet is also very good, in fact lovelorn, is a kind of adjustment of their own process. "I want to apply a sentence my father in the dream to say to me, he walked not a few days, I was hesitant to suspend his work, he appeared in my dream to say to me:" Brave to go ahead, you are still waiting for what. "If I can give the past to myself, as well as the experience of lovelorn you a word of encouragement, I hope you do not wait, brave to go forward!" 」

No longer waiting in situ, brave to go forward, only chance to meet the next scene, is not it?