To the unrequited love of life and lovelorn! Recommend to you five pieces, from different love stories and explore the contradictions of the ego, together thinking, what is the nature and meaning of love.


It is not a way to be opened up by people, and safe road signs,
But a tightrope on the cliff, at the end of the road there is a gentle and calm voice:

Go ahead and go on. Don't be afraid, you will come, I will be here.

--Philippe Besson

I think the reason why love is unique, love is rare, because it has no precedent to follow, because it is like a gentle echo of life: Come here, I want to walk with you for a while.

You have four stretched on the grassland, watching the clouds flow from the top of your head, saying silly things, and giving up the calculation, love a person regardless of the past future, only now. You have gone through love of the moist, walked together for a while, did not think some goodbye too late to say, they have to go their separate ways, the road.

To the unrequited love and lovelorn in our life, it is the subject of our life that we are learning, love and being loved, we are actually experiencing a process of combing ourselves. Woman fan Xnetflix recommended to you five pieces of sheet, let us from different types of love mode, play the role of gender identity and reflection, thinking together, what is the nature and meaning of love?

"Please Like Me" Please like Me: The nature of alienation is cumulative

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On the appearance of inferiority of college students Jia Xu, was his girlfriend Claire dumped, accidentally met a handsome appearance and he launched a passionate pursuit of the boy Joffrey. He realized that he might be "gay", or just enjoy "being loved", and faced with a series of questions and uncertainties, Josh from this journey of pursuing himself.

Meanwhile, the friend who lived under the same roof, Tom was finally determined to break up with his girlfriend, Claire, who had just ended his love affair with Tom, walked closer and nearer, and he had to face his mother Rose's depression, the relationship with his remarried Father Yaren, and the teen problems he faced with his friends. Love, family, friends and job hunting, "Please Like Me" with a humorous shooting technique, to explore a young boy ordinary but no longer true life. (Recommended reading: 13 movies to the lovelorn: every love has meaning )

"How do you get her to alienate you?" 」
"I do not know, this is the nature of alienation, accumulated, and then one day you ordered the 19 yuan of the sundae, and then it is over." 」

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Through the album, we think about the meaning of love and life from the angle of Josh. How do you feel when you face a mother who is on the verge of suicide? How do you learn to embrace yourself if you are deeply conflicted and sleepy in your ego? Netflix series "Please Like Me", let's start thinking about these precious life topics.

Perhaps love is fickle, and we are always doubting ourselves in our lives and trying to figure things out in the chaos, but it is these experiences that make us mature and grow.

"Cool Man's Vision World" queer Eye: We all look forward to love and being loved

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Just won the four Emmy nominations for the original Netflix reality show, "Cool Man's World of vision", by interior designers, cultural experts, cooks, fashion talent and stylist composed of "fab 5 (Cool men five Group)", to their respective professional, untie all the solutions to all kinds of people facing the low tide of life of the big transformation. " From the inside out, from thinking to appearance. Cool male Group of five speech is always spicy direct, but with the most sincere warm heart so that every life "hero" regain confidence, brave to face everything they love.

Everyone has something in common, and people are similar to each other, we are in fact the same; we were born in October, all in anticipation of being loved, we are looking for love when we are adults. Your sexuality is not important, it is the desire for love that links all of humanity.

Cool man's World of vision

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In the first episode of the first season, they met the truckers who thought their "ugly" could not be saved, and their ex-lover. How will they save him and cheer him up?

Through the "Cool Man's vision of the world" reality show, we found that the trouble with love, in fact, much less, back to the root, we are constantly longing for love and to be loved, regardless of gender and regardless of race status, we have a desire for love, so despite the feelings of many stumbling on the road, we still choose to go forward, boldly love, also not afraid to be loved.

"Chialix" Alex Strangelove: Love is confusing, what's the relationship?

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High school student Alex has everything: good grades, girlfriend is still a vote friends often gathered. Everything was smooth, until Alex decided to "break up" when he met Ilio, a caring and confident gay boy who did not conceal his love for Alex at first sight, but Alex was not quite sure if he felt it.

"How do you know you're a good person?" 」
"If you ask yourself that question, you should be a good person, at least you try to do it." 」

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Alex was confused and terrified about his sexuality, and he used his escape to deny his true self, and after his own struggles, he hurt himself by hurting his girlfriend and Elizabeth. In the end, he breathed a sigh of relief when he finally stopped escaping and embraced his truth, and he finally found himself. (Recommended reading:"Love you, I just become myself" three movies dedicated to the love of you )

With this journey of love and self-discovery, Alex finally realized that, like many adults, love can be confusing, but it doesn't really matter.

"Love" Love: It is not a fairy tale, but an ordinary everyday

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Gus is a docile man who acts as a personal teacher in the film field, but by the ex-girlfriend split leg and began to learn and the other young people in the apartment to get along; in the broadcasting station Mickey is the mother treasure ex-boyfriend to dump, body has a variety of problems she and Gus in the supermarket meet, Mickey uninhibited, explicit personality and a variety of addictive disease, For the simple Gus is really incredible, the personality of the opposite two people began to slowly enter each other's life, an active a passive, quarrel, arguing is like a potluck, slowly explore the relationship between two people, "love" is not a fairy tale general, but the most ordinary two people to discuss the daily.

"You say that if you go to the main courtship, you will get love, but I have been constantly asking, but the hell I did not get anything, I was so thirsty to get love, but as a result, my life is a mess." 」

Figure | "Love" stills

We in "Love" saw the most authentic feelings, experience a bad sense of the clear, and then talk about a love is not a fairy tale, the process will experience a lot of life friction, trivia controversy, sometimes love to agitatedly, think this group relationship sucks. But although love is not perfect, but you are reconciled to each other, willing to try again for each other, is love the most true appearance, is not it?

"The same field plus the map"

Poetry season weaving: Striving for the same thing is happiness

Well, you are now in love with you look over!

Tanabata Valentine's Day will be near, we want to use the last piece to remind you love the first kind of beautiful, the original love is ordinary days, there are ordinary us, together experience daily necessities YOUYANJIANGCU tea, for the same direction and hard time.

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"Poetry season weaving" animation three stories, "Fiber rain Attendance" background set in 1990, Shanghai Shimen Library, Boys Lime and girls live in the opposite of each other, childhood, innocence, often play together.

Young not to know the taste of love, as a child Lime only knew, see light rain he was filled with joy. How did he know that joy was like it?

Boys and girls grow up together, face the pressure of academic work, busy coping with the examination of the two people can not often see face. I had to exchange tapes for my worries. Although cannot see each other, also cannot contact each other, but knows each other in for the same thing diligently, is not another kind of happiness definition?

Through these five different love stories, perhaps you will also see in these film fragments of their love in the figure, in the protagonist for Self-Identity confused, there are faint same. Love has no standard answer, we experience pain and sweetness, in each relationship to clarify their own emotional state, every unrequited love, lovelorn, passionate time, also have meaning.