Why should I grieve over my lovelorn? Four selected Korean hip-hop music to make your bachelorette party a celebration tonight!

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It was probably last week that you lifted your emotional state from your Facebook book. Since then, friends have been careful to care about, so that you are a little out of breath.

"Hey, how's it?" "Are you free?" Would you like to have a meal together? 」

Can't say oneself not sad, those days cry for a long time, but the day as usual, ordinary, open mouth to eat, watch variety show will laugh. But the heart is always a little lump, stuffy feelings, like the root of a fishbone choking in the throat, day after day swallowing, make you dull ache. You think it's time to pull it out, what predecessor, should be thoroughly uprooted.

May days say sad people do not listen to slow song, but each recommended to the lovelorn song, are so sad. Why not drink a large beer at home and sow the deafening music in the house to disperse all the sorrows?

Recommend you four Korean Hip Hop music, throw away the sadness, the opening of the gorgeous bachelor party! (Recommended reading:"single diary" for their own Wonderful Life )

EPIK high〈fly〉: Through the dark night, I will shine more

You're tired.

Today, this cruel world despises you.

Frustrated in front of the mirror and drank alone

You can fly higher

You and I are unique, no matter what the world says.

Even if love goes away from you

Fly Fly get Em up high

(translation: KRMTV)

Think of the early signs before the breakup, the phone is always impatient tone, holding your hand, so disgusted eyes.

After the breakup, once the pain of the world to collapse, but even now the heartache can not breathe, the life of the dead, I still believe that the darker night, the more stars shine. One day, I want the world, I will give it myself.

EPIK high〈up〉: Thank you for your hurt, let me see another wide sky

I can't die no Pain, no Gain

Persistent no Rain, no Rainbow

Eyes can see the widest sky

It's when the back is on the ground.

Whose love has not experienced the pain? Think back to the two world of intravenous drip, to later, each get along with the careful, many times of forbearance, the ego has already retreated, long overdue feelings, but because the face of death hang on.

Thank you for this fall, let me see the widest sky. All the pain of lovelorn, is the vitamin, treat it as a gift, swallow it!

SIMON d〈cheerz〉: A dozen beers and friends, the tangle of days no longer

Pour your life and your heart into this drink.

Even if there's anything to say, your tongue won't listen.

Don't worry about the bill, I brought a lot of cash today.

Dry the wine in front of you, lift the glass to the top of your head

One Cup, two cups, and a drink.

Tangled in those days, are no longer tangled

(translation: KRMTV)

I do not want to nest in the home, look at the online recommended will cry sheet; I don't want to be wrapped in a quilt, crying with snot tears sticking to my hair.

Tonight, I want to drink all night. How about without You? I have a dozen beers and friends. While eating a friend bought salty crispy chicken, we curse your not smart, laugh to tears. I told myself: those who have a runny nose, a tear of the day, will not have.

Bobby〈i Love you〉: It's not love that needs hard work

The answer between the two is getting shorter.

Feel the difference of true weight

Trying to love means it's not love anymore

If attachment is a kind of trial

I'm willing to bear the price of love

We all know that there is no end to entanglement. such as thorns, knowing the pain, but the more hug tighter, with thorns and surging blood warm each other, because we have been afraid of the cold after separation.

But when we all say "try to love", it's not love anymore. Now, I decided to endure the cold alone, better than to torment with you. (Recommended reading: Love is easy to break up difficult!) Practice facing the art of breaking up

lovelorn, is gorgeous single manifesto, you don't have to Zhen ri listen to love songs crying. A beer, with a sour swallowed, paper reel to make a microphone, bouncing on the bed, followed the music hissing. You are convinced that tomorrow's self, can be gorgeous turn, welcome to a new life.