A woman is obsessed with writing, inviting you to write down the weight of the text with the temperature of your handwriting. Lovelorn Heart will hurt, will shed tears, with the power of silent words, with you walk through unwilling to tell the time. Wiping shoulders is a kind of fate, we pass each other, not necessarily love.

A woman is obsessed with writing, writing down the words you believe and touch the depths of your heart.

The text has the power, the handwriting has the temperature, for you picks the feminine mystery handwriting IG five text.

Women are obsessed with the theme of August month "lovelorn". Select Five and "lovelorn" related quotations, when you are facing a lovelorn, or not out of the pain of lovelorn, I hope you know, you are never alone, let the words accompany, healing you. (Recommended reading: A poem a lovelorn | Love a person, is to bless his future journey smooth sailing )

#1 the love that goes away

I tell myself, Love is far away, why why, why, why think of you.

  • Writing: Zhou Yi
  • Lyrics: "The Feeling of heartache", Tai Zhao Mei

#2 Pass is fate, but does not constitute a reason for love

When we pass each other, we do not necessarily love each other.

"We met too late, you should not belong to my story, because my loneliness, loneliness, sentimental, warm and fragile all belong to personal feelings and life, do not allow you to break into, because such a relationship is too dangerous, I can not afford, also do not want you to", this is your true heart of the word. "

#3 just go back to life without you.

The worst thing is, you left me, I'm back in my life.

Like the person he loved, they said good-bye, but the years of love, is true. Love is they happen to be here, that will accompany each other to swim over a period of lovelorn send them back to their respective sea, is a pity, it is not a pity, in short, thank once someone, unreservedly loved him, he had no reservation to love back.

That's good.

#4 Self confidence is what you give yourself.

Love makes me feel confident, but self identity builds confidence.

In an English phrase: "He brings out the best of me", and he let me see his beautiful, and give me the confidence to continue to develop their own strengths, to grow into better people. Although I am very grateful to my boyfriend, but when I turn back to think about how I am more and more confident, I suddenly found that the energy does not need to rely on a man's love to discover and have.

It is my duty to #5 whether I am happy or not.

Happiness, is always the responsibility of their own.

They worry that you are not good at the sight of them, but they are not. They worry that one day they will not be able to recites around you and ask you to take care of yourself a little more.

The only way they can think of is to find someone to take their place with you, and it means that they are meant to be, to guard each other's lives and make sure they are happy. You have figured out that your family is a roundabout love you should not revolution with them.

You think, you are not really celibate, but you would rather believe that happiness, never should be someone else's responsibility.

Women are obsessed with writing and collecting.

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