In the emotion of drowning lovelorn, music is a kind of salvation. This month, women fans invited Zhou Yi to serve as the Ambassador of Choice, and selected 10 songs to accompany you through the low tide.

Last night before bedtime, a whim to tidy up the drawer, found in the corner has not been lost clean, sporadic several, belong to our photos. I thought, if it weren't for the quarrel one months ago, wouldn't we be strangers?

But at the same time, the reason told me that the quarrel was only the tipping point, we are tired. I want to love you well, I did love you, now although there is no right to hold you tight, I also have their own.

This month, women fans invited Zhou Yi as the Ambassador of choice, for you to choose 10 lovelorn healing songs, and you embrace the lovelorn, rediscover the beautiful. (Recommended reading: " lost" the Youth and Love, do you want to find it back?) )


There will be a different landscape from tomorrow. I wish you all the same beautiful
I believe there must be someone in this amorous city who will love you as much as I do.

Zhou Yi So said: The feelings of a swift and splatter, but your basin does not belong to the field of my stay.

"I Can't Dream of You"

Someone asked about our past love
I've come to think of that sweet memory

Zhou Yi said: "Even dream of you, really is the past style, let me forget it."

"Superfluous loneliness."

The extra loneliness has crept into the mind how long it took the happy space

Zhou Yi said: "Do not let the extra loneliness to occupy happiness, together to become a confident, love their own people."


You just gave me a little warmth, and I forgot to ask the other cold.

Zhou Yi said: Remember, you are also a person with a soul, don't let others dominate your emotions.

For yourself and for yourself

The past again to attack insomnia left to themselves
Flipping through old pictures no more messages

Zhou Yi said: "We should learn to love ourselves, only to know how to love others, I also once very like you, but walked to know, that is experience."

"Not Love is also a kind of love"

Not Hate is also a kind of love blessing not imagine so difficult
In the turn of love the sky is still so blue

Zhou Yi said: "Do not Love is also a kind of love, turn a corner you will find that you have been relieved."

"Don't Cry"

With your hands on your heart, you're light.

Zhou Yi So said: Lovelorn on lovelorn, sister to you rely on, do not cry Ah!

"Love has nothing to do with right"

You were right, and you were in the wrong place at the right time.

Zhou Yi said: "Love has nothing to do, I am good, you are very good, but we are not so good."

"The Feeling of Heartache"

I tell myself love is gone why why should I think of you

Zhou Yi said: "Don't hang on, I know your heartache feeling, peace of mind will your tears release it."

"The Good Life"

I could live for love and I could get away
Even if the years of silence miss swept suddenly think of how long did not think of a better life

Zhou Yi said: After the low tide, waiting for you is dedicated to your good life.

Since the breakup, I've heard a few songs of lovelorn, also in the sad melody of crying, but now, I have no longer love you, is to thank you, thank you have given a good, but also thank us for the sincere treatment of each other, now, I want to go forward, I hope you are also.