The seventh time between the D&I strategy! Many foreign companies, such as Netflix, Apple, Intel and others, are implementing diversity and inclusion (D&i). In Taiwan, this part of the discussion is still scarce. In the future every week, women fans will talk to you about the way to help businesses gain and grow

Diversity Inc., the publishing company, has been publishing a list of " global 50-strong companies " for 18 years since 2001. Each year, more than 1,800 enterprises participate in the campaign, from the human resources, staff organizations, training systems and other multi-party policy results, data evaluation.

This week's d&i strategy will take you to the top five companies in the 2018-year list: Jiao Sheng Group, Marriott Group, At&t, MasterCard, ADP. Push D&i, they look far away, talent from education training. Once the D&i policy has been implemented, the whole company is invested, whether it is a director or a grassroots person.

Through the following examples of the five major global enterprises, we will know that diversification is not a slogan, want to enter the global market, it is bound to d&i into the operational strategy, which is also the reason for the major foreign enterprises to push. (Recommended reading: Let employees have a sense of belonging, the rapid growth of enterprises d&i you ever heard of it? )

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1. Johnson & Johnson Group: eliminating invisibility bias

Wanda Bryant Hope, the chief diversified official, led her team to work with Harvard professor Mahzarin Banaji (author of the book "How Good People do bad things: the hidden prejudices we don't want to face"), offering a seminar on eliminating hidden prejudices, inviting more than 20,000 Management staff to participate in and integrate the strategy into the corporate culture, and consciously confront and eliminate the hidden prejudices. So far, more than 90% of the senior management has received training, and from the top down, to the whole staff.

In order to unite the staff centripetal force and assist the career development, there are 12 staff resource groups (employee Resource Groups, ERG), who link the same living background and target staff, such as Asian, African-American, women, veterans, LGBTQ, etc. ERG can serve a wide range of aspects, in addition to emotional links, more can promote personal development business, and promote cultural diversity and integration, so that the company's internal culture have a deeper understanding.

Nurturing leadership, Jiao Sheng Group is also spared no effort, he promoted the ERG Summit , opened 12 ERG between the talks, and the integration of external resources, through sharing, practical experience exchange, development of personal leadership skills.

2. Marriott International Marriott Group: Women's Leadership Program

The world's largest hotel group, Marriott, has been among the world's top 50 companies for four consecutive years. At present, more than 61% of American employees are ethnic minorities and 55% are women.

Marriott has been working to promote women's leadership programs for more than 15 years. In 2014 there were 699 hotels, managed by ethnic minorities and women. They pull high standards every year and expect to reach 1000 in 2020 years.

They also began implementing a diversified supplier program from 2005, which includes companies that are successful in diversification, women-managed hotels, and offers potential investment opportunities between their industries.

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3. At&t: Tailor-made career development

At&t, America's largest telecoms service provider, currently accounts for 35% of women, and 36% for minority ethnic groups. Their d&i policy is divided into four main points: Organizing committee, recruiting and Development plan, employee network, diversified clients.

AT&T organizes the diversity committee to enhance staff's understanding and participation in D&i. The functions of the Committee, including reviewing and supervising the D&i strategy. At the same time, the Diversity Management Forum is held, each quarter brings together representatives from various business departments to discuss d&i policies and implementation results.

In addition, the Joint Diversity Committee, composed of ERG, is represented in a monthly meeting to understand the corporate approach and to share plans that can be used in ERG.

As for the recruitment and retention of staff, internally, at&t for 20 potential middle-level women in charge each year to promote women's leadership development programmes. It is worth mentioning that, on average, over 40% per cent of women, as well as ethnic minorities, are among the other non-targeted career development programmes, such as the "Leadership Development programme" and "Accelerated Development program". External recruitment, at&t from the fundamental, so that all staff to participate in training courses, with business cases, to eliminate their hidden prejudices. As a result, when recruiting, the interviewing faculty admits more women and ethnic minorities. For figures published in the 2017 At&t, the internship programme included 45% of women and 56% of ethnic minorities. (Recommended reading: only white female executives benefit, face book admits: difficulties in recruiting Afro-descendant employees )

At&t is also striving to expand the customer community, whose service centers offer a wide range of communications services in more than 160 languages, with more visual, auditory, mobile, and voice-restricted customers.

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4. Mastercard: Cultivation of female talents from childhood

MasterCard has invested a lot of effort in nurturing women's technology talent, from scholarship sponsorship to education program "Girls4tech", to teach STEM foundations for 10-13-year-olds around the world, and expects that in 2020 the education programme will expand to 200,000 girls.

In addition, in order to increase women's access to the technology industry, MasterCard, in addition to working with non-profit organizations, supports Launchcode's Codergirl program, which holds weekly meetings for aspiring female engineers and provides professional guidance. (Recommended reading: promotion pipeline transparent and fair, eBay to train women top talent )

5. ADP: Improving the recruitment process

Automatic Data processing company ADP set three goals in 2016 to increase the number of women and ethnic minorities, as well as the importance of management. To achieve the goal, they start by improving the recruitment process, plus:

  • Monthly Review of D&i policy
  • Targeted leadership opportunities for women and Ethnic minorities
  • Training leaders to eliminate hidden prejudices

At the same time, ADP has a staff of the Business resource group (Business Resource Groups, BRG), unlike ERG, BRG will be the operation of the staff group, into the company's strategic plan, the company to provide recruitment, renewal program.

Looking at the global diversification of the top five enterprises, the implementation of its D&I strategy, the following four points:

  • Organize a team of employees
  • Elimination of hidden prejudices
  • Develop diversified customers
  • Seek external partners, conduct educational programs, improve recruitment and talent management

D&i policy implementation is from the inside out, from the emotional link (ERG), to work with outside non-profit organizations, suggest that you may refer to the strategy of the five major enterprises to formulate appropriate d&i policy.

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