Recently, the community appeared in men's personal experience, to declare themselves experienced sexual abuse. This gender observation, we want to use the public for women to become the MeToo movement in the argument, invite you to think together, MeToo movement spirit and Essence is?

The New York Times August 19 pointed out that the Italian actress, film producer and MeToo campaign promoter, Aisha Aquido (Asia Argento), was accused of sexually abusing a young actor and rocker Jimi Banet (Jimmy Bennett).

In 2004, Bennett was reported to be the son of Greg in a film called the Heart is deceitful Above all things, who for years had a parent-child relationship in social software. According to Bennett, Aquido in 2013, when he was only 17 years old, and Bennett's lawyers ' group described the two people's encounters in the hotel as "sexual violence", which allowed Bennet, who was a child actor, to suffer from mental health and income.

Aquido and Bennett starred in the 2004 film "The Heart is deceitful Above all things". Image source | Movie Stills

Aishaaki more. Pictures | source

Aquido in the MeToo movement in 2017, when he was 21 years old at the Cannes Film Festival, Havivinstein (Harvey Weinstein) sexually invaded the past and became one of the leaders of the MeToo movement, Aquido had said to his experience of sexual assault: "It will not stop, It was a nightmare. 」

According to Bennet's lawyers, more than the social media talk of sexually abused survivors has led to Bennett's determination to uncover the past and to tell Greg More.

Almost at the same time, August 16, 2018, the New York Times titled: "When feminists are accused of sexual harassment," I am also "where the movement goes ", referring to Rohner, a female professor at New York University, Avital Ronell, who has been accused of sexual harassment of 34-year-old male graduate students for up to 3 years Letterman (Nimrod Reitman) is now suspended from school.

Letterman claims to have been harassed by the woman professor for a long time, and he will receive rohner letters like "I admire the person", "Sweet Lovely Baby", "cock-er spaniel". Letterman, a visiting scholar at Harvard University, said the professor had repeatedly kissed, touched, asked to lie in her bed and held her hand, and would have been texting, mailing and calling him. If he doesn't respond, he refuses to cooperate with him.

Letterman Pictures | source

After the event was fermented, many famous feminists wrote to New York University to help Rohner speak, thinking that they had worked with the professor for years to understand her relationship with the students, and that the incident was a vicious slander.

The New York Times reported that the recent rise of the #metoo movement and the rohner of events could pose a challenge to feminism. According to a 11-month survey, Rohner as "one of the few outstanding philosophers in the world" who sexually molested others in words and bodies.

How can we decouple identity, gender and behaviour when women become sexual offenders and when metoo leaders are accused of sexual assault? How to interpret these two #MeToo news?

What is the nature of the movement from MeToo to MeToo?

When the New York Times throws the feminist into the MeToo movement, does the public question the MeToo movement from the MeToo campaign? Is it too depressing for men? Whether to let the efforts of half a century of sexual liberation, and back to the chatter, silenced the pursuit of intimate relations in action? (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" #METOO exercise gone too far? Women start introspection, but where do men go ?

Since the development of #MeToo movement, we have been confronted with challenges and questions, and probed into the essence and significance of #MeToo movement.

In the New York Times Chinese web, on Facebook, "when feminists are accused of sexual harassment," I am also a "movement to where " after the text, the bottom of the reader reaction between the two poles, someone left only the word "evil" comment, but also someone began to think, metoo the spirit of sportsmanship, and pointed out, "#MeToo Originally not, nor should it be limited to single sex. #MeToo should do, for every sex, by the powerful, sexual oppression of people. And then go in the direction of true equality. 」

Face Map | Taken from the New York Times Chinese web

With the MeToo movement, female perpetrators gradually appear in the news events, it is worth us to think more carefully and fairly, #MeToo movement, or can say, all sexual violence issues, the victim will never be a single sex, according to WEIFAO statistics, 86 to 105 The number of cases of sexual assault reported in the year was 131,134, of which women were as high as 90% and the number of female victims was 10.52 times times that of men.

Although the number of male victims accounted for only 10%, Weiford said that the number of male victims increased from 19 in 86 to 105 years of 1159, 20 years increased by 60 times times, and the prima facie cases of sexual assault were not limited to women.

Image source | female fans face sexual assault page

Image source | female fans face sexual assault page

Thus, it is evident from the data that when we talk about sexual violence, there is indeed a gender problem with the patriarchal structure and gender power, leading to the fact that survivors are predominantly female. However, we must also pay attention to the voices of male victims of sexual violence, and to look at the #MeToo movement in a more holistic and pluralistic way, in order to address the issue of gender-based violence, the victim/party of fertility.

When we talk about the MeToo movement, what is the spirit and the feminism that drives it?

According to the BBC , many people have been accused of harassment and violence in the MeToo movement, and the campaign has also stirred up different voices in the female community, and people are beginning to discuss what the goal of the campaign is. Should focus on harassment in the workplace? or to a wider range of affirmative action? What kind of strategy is it useful to take? What if, because of the complaints in the MeToo movement, the final discovery is false accusations?

The report says there is a potential generational difference under the problem – some older feminists focus on the victims. In essence, they teach young women to be more astute and firm in their refusal to confront men with bad intentions.

"I think women have more power in some situations," Meggen Mcade, author of the Washington Post, Megan McArdle, said. In an interview with BBC Trending, she said the issue was "complicated". "I think men do have more power in many situations," he said. I think we should teach women to stand up and get their strength back. 」

Indeed, in the new generation of women have more sexual autonomy, but when we face casual sexual behavior or eager to engage in action, there may still be hurt, or feel violated the moment. In the age of sexual autonomy and liberation, how can we express our feelings in a new moral language in the face of intimacy?

So the spirit of the MeToo movement is to emphasize that all people can understand "both sides agree" (Mutual Consent) "The guidelines, regardless of gender, only the parties expressly agree that intimacy is based on respect for the performance of mutual autonomy, promote respect for the physical autonomy of others, flip the victim's sexual assault experience, strengthen the" sexual consent right "to promote" no consent is sexual assault "concept.

When we observed that the MeToo movement appeared to be female perpetrators, what can be considered is that the MeToo movement expects equal and respectful sexual consent and a single gender-violence ethos-the core of the spirit is not to suppress men (the perpetrators of social expectations) but to improve sexual assault, sexual harassment and other gender-based violence. To build a freer society.

What's the next step in the MeToo movement?

Recently, the craze for #MeToo movement has cooled, but the label and the spirit it represents are still often discussed on the web, a movement that seems to have not yet ended. Data show that since 2017, #MeToo this label has been used more than 7 million times on Twitter.

Mcade in the BBC report, commenting on the next step of the MeToo movement, saying

"#MeToo is a continuous movement. I think that this sports meeting to change the culture of the phenomenon is written into history. We're still adjusting. We used to have old patterns, and we've discarded them. What is the new model now? We're still groping. When we look back, we may feel that we have done too much in some cases and we have not done enough, and we are still groping.

But I think it's a groundbreaking positive for women in the field, I really think. 」

And in women fans, we discussed several times MeToo movement, there have been readers in the article message to express ideas, and we would like to invite you to read the article,

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We would like to invite you to think about what #MeToo sport means to you. In addition to improving sexual assault and sexual harassment, La Guang, in fact, it can also be a variety of changes in oppression. #MeToo, I am a cross who is discriminated against; #MeToo, I am a victim of physical bullying; #MeToo, I am ...

We believe that the #Metoo games is a reversal of oppression, and through experience, we can stand up for ourselves and for more people. When many people discuss and examine why Asia does not scroll #MeToo discussions, we look forward to #MeToo discussion from here, starting with ourselves.