August topic, lovelorn Front, invited to sea Moss Bear ╳ Song Shangqi ╳ Lindayang ╳ Group Men lovelorn Front, listen to the man said lovelorn chat lost. We are all sad, we are fragile, we can all start from the beginning.

August, let's set up a lovelorn front. The world sad Bai, the woman fan team lovelorn male front, from the poet to the actor to the psychologist, sad procession, toward recovers the outfit embarks.

Why find a man to talk about lovelorn? Because we want to make every boy understand by talking, your heartbreak can be taken for granted, your tears do not need to wipe dry, your amnesia heartache are eligible to be heard and told, Dear Man, the body and people of us, a cry a smile more precious, let us embrace their emotions, whether good or bad.

The side of the pain will not express, the company does not know how to talk

Woman fan author Sea Moss bear:

I finally understand that men's depression is not to say not to export, but because of all kinds of gender stereotypes impression of pressure, the pain side will not express, the company side does not know how to interview.

For a long time we have been so run over their own sadness, lovelorn drink, break up on the dozen LOL, crying is said to be Niang cannon, entangled is said to be no birds, but this so-called "manly" at best only to cover up the sadness, hidden in the anxiety, still like the drill after the crotch general, stuffy and stuffy der full of all kinds of sticky greasy. (Recommended you read: men's lovelorn front | Sea Moss bear: the most boring is not lovelorn, but love is not said to export )

I just accepted "love" or "affection" as an emotion, the fact of raising and being low

Poet Song Shangqi:

Think of yourself in these years, but also face many times the establishment and dissolution of the relationship. Over the years, I feel that I have not actually grown much, and I think I have no better deal than any other person in my relationship. We all know--we have no way to get a better self in the present. I used to face the feelings of the state is like water, you come, I thank you, you have to go, I try to detain you, but I will not really seriously to retain.

So you said I as a male, how do I face their own emotional changes, or, how to face the lovelorn? I just accept "love" or "affection" as an emotion, there is the fact that there is a low and raised. I just accept myself buried in the heart of inferiority, and then nothing. I just know that we're in this relationship, is a person and another person, we are equal, between the two people who want to disarm this relationship, I can understand and accept, because there is no one between the two of us, so there is no people often controversial issues.

It is much more difficult for me to face myself in my feelings than how to face each other. We must all acknowledge that we are only a vulnerable person, that we must acknowledge the reality--that we are fragile and vulnerable, and more importantly, we often defeat ourselves.

Many times we think we are heavier than ourselves, but we are not, and we still care about our feelings. Sometimes we indulge in that selfless dedication of their own, sometimes we make ourselves a tragic actor, but in fact, we are most of the time to lose their own weakness.

Sometimes I think, a heart is how easy to hurt Ah, we will because of a lot of insignificant events, or a word, a song will be immersed in it, and then we fell into the cycle of inferiority. We tend to plunge ourselves into the illusion of fear we create, such as being discarded, and standing in the same place as a person who is forgotten by everyone when he is young. When we are caught in fear, most people will take the attack.

People have done a lot of jerks, and how much of it is not handled properly when dealing with feelings (in fact, most of them suck), because no one has taught us how to deal with it, or even how to face it, and most people's first reaction is to escape. Because the escape is not to face, but escape is the worst way to deal with, but these things will be a long time to understand (or perhaps a lifetime so the son of the past has never come back to so have been a jerk down).

Strictly speaking, I have passed will believe forever old, live to nearly 30, life has encountered the most numerous subjects is this world nothing is forever. Everything will change, including feelings. Between people can never be like the beginning of the general, the contact of all things sometimes, leaving sometimes, all we have to do is to extend all the feelings we are willing to extend to the maximum. I believe that when we mention the Heart of eternity, the moment we think is always true. ("Song Shangqi reads Poems for You" Love is the most desolate and lonely rain )

People change, meaning that even the two people who get along with each other will change the way they get along. We have no way from the first moment of contact to the old, death, all have the same way of dialogue and get along with the mode, we can only change when we try to adjust, coordinate, face each other's new model.

If you really want to say love have what win or lose, or success, or failure (marriage is success, divorce is failure, contact is the Victory group, break up is failed group?) When we put our heart into it, success or failure is not important at all. Do you think you are losing or winning when we have to pay in this relationship seriously? If you really want to say a win or lose, I can only say that the loser is always in the replication failure of the outcome, if in the feelings of the always want to win or lose, that this relationship will only win or lose, no other.

Pain should not be stored in the form of "hate" or "inferiority"

Poet Lindayang:

We've all been through the pain of falling and tearing there is no way to alleviate it, but it may be possible to try to turn the pain into a better understanding of one's motives through writing, as well as the power of exercise, to do both or to experience pain, but the pain will not be kept in the form of hate or inferiority.

Prepare for a better, closer to your own state, because I believe there are people waiting for me ahead.

Think of this love is true to accompany each other; if so, that's enough.

Actor Mo Ziyi:

Think of this love is sincere to accompany each other, if it is, that is enough, if not, it is time to ask yourself what is love, and what it is.

The hurt pain takes time to put down, but at the same time remind yourself that he/she is not deliberately against you, each other's defects are to face the pain, each other's vulnerability is the desire for gentle love.