August lovelorn front, woman fan Salon invites immortality and editorial to talk. With the sun and dessert, we talk about the sour of lovelorn, talk about lost in love and find.

August 18, the afternoon of the thunderstorm, the air is fresh after the rain, the woman fan Paradise gathered a reader, waiting for the healing heart of the afternoon unfold. Outside the rain is pouring, lively, the paradise of women fans salon also silk no less, and the rain as lively.

Woman Fan Salon This time across the sea to invite the "immortal" writer from Hong Kong as a guest salon, can always use exquisite words accurate description of the reader's inner fluctuation, in the IG has 160,000 fans immortal, will be in the salon will be participants to talk about "lovelorn", through experience sharing, editing the talk and other activities, to uncover a different kind of lovelorn.

What would you say if you were to describe a breakup in a sentence?

Kicked off the event, is the host Lisa's gentle voice, the warm current from the stage to the platform, the reader's shoulders also relaxed. Then Lisa played a short film, which assembled readers to give a word about lovelorn. Some people say: lovelorn is "you all have nothing to do with me", also some people said: lovelorn is "the lease has not expired, but found forced to move out", we all have their own understanding of lovelorn.

Under Lisa's leadership, the participants wrote a description of their disappointment, and exchanged their feelings about lovelorn with other participants.

After a brief exchange, the people back to their seats, the reader to share their feelings of lovelorn is a short "very painful", but also a reader to share "do not know if you can find another person." Yes, lovelorn good pain, also not sure can meet the next person; I hope today's lovelorn front salon, can caress your wound, tell you: Pain will pass, but you have to let it pass, do not be afraid, women fans and immortality are here.

Immortal Three love stories: Learn and grow from Love again and again

followed by the immortal share of time, write many hit the hearts of her, it seems more than most people understand "love" is what she, on stage after the mouth said: "Everyone good, do not deceive everyone said, I was lovelorn last month." "The participants in the audience uttered a chorus of" Oh ~~~", it is not difficult to see people's concern for immortality, of course, but also to express" I am also ~"mood."

Immortal from own three paragraph love story embarks, first love, immortal simply thinks likes is blindly pays, the best all gives each other. Then she frowned, said: "I obviously do not like to eat seafood, but would like to accompany him to eat all seafood," said, looking back to the distance, as if in and himself shouted: Stop for love reluctantly.

First love learning, for immortality is "the original love can not blindly pay, can not love a person as their own life, can not love to not have their own." (Recommended reading:"for Your Song" To quit the love dependency disease: why we always love to lose ourselves? )

After the shock of first love, immortality once thought that they can no longer like anyone, but in a good life, there is another person, let immortality ignited "or try it, step into the next relationship" mentality. However, the relationship did not last long, and immortality did not feel sad.

"I thought for a long time not sad reason, later figured out:" At the beginning, I just because want to be cared for together, holding a try to see the mentality and together. "The second love of learning, for immortality is" originally we will never lose the ability to love, but not because of loneliness and start a relationship, cherish the ability to love. "

With the previous experience, the immortal carefully protect themselves, even if the other side is not easy to step into the next step, deep fear again planted too deep or make hasty decision.

At this time the beginning of the third love is like this: "The other side is like a brave person in the break, I was the one who has set the checkpoint, I want to hurt him through repeated, to determine the other side really like me." But one day, he suddenly said he was tired, do not want to chase me, now I feel very sad, I really lost a like me or a person I also like? (Recommended reading:"single diary" Love does not exist, there is no possibility of injury )

So immortality ignores its own set of checkpoints, listens to the real voice of the heart and steps into another new relationship. As most of the lovers, they also sweet honey through a period of time, but finally, and finally committed "the other side as the whole of their own world" error, it is so separate.

"I have always felt that two of people together, is to be beneficial to each other's lives." We all want to be lovers in each other's lives, but if one day I can't be your lover, at least don't hurt you "immortality is like all of us, the kind of girl who is always willing to believe in love." She gains strength from love, experiences pain from love, and continues to learn and grow from love.

Experienced three feelings, to use a sentence to describe lovelorn, what would that sentence be?

"Every loss is actually another form of gain," said the immortal firmly.

Each experience loses, can obtain another more precious experience, therefore we can have another kind of harvest. There is no love textbook in this world, and because of this, the relationship between people, will become a very attractive thing, no one knows what will happen in the future, there is no standard answer, all to rely on their own groping, but in any case, do not forget that "we will never lose the ability of lovers", love oneself is also a kind of love.

Woman obsessed editor X immortal to talk: Give a different imagination of lovelorn

During the intermission, participants moved in preparation for refreshments, lined up in neat rows, from distant and close glances at the table, urbn culture , a vegetarian restaurant located near the six MRT station, offering exquisite desserts that looked exquisite and stunning.

We can not wait to step on the small rags, distress to choose which one, the first bite frequently issued a cry, no meat restaurant beyond the general imagination, all of them into the dessert of the world, the temporary will be lovelorn emotion placed aside, the original thought of the loss is to open the cause of good meeting.

Enjoy the dessert, and then ushered in a woman fan editor Menglen and Immortal to talk about, Menglen mentioned that there is a tanabata in the August, women fans are going to talk about the reason for lovelorn, because we believe that no matter when, there will be someone to accompany, because there is a need for the existence of women fans.

And Menglen also curious, experienced three Duan lovelorn immortal, to give lovelorn three keywords, what would that be?

Lose, regret, give up

Immortality said, loss and give up is the passive and active relationship, "lost" the matter itself is helpless, we were forced to lose, "Let it" is the initiative, we actively want to cut off the link. And "Regret" is a gap, when we have the same emotion is complete, but lost or left out, it produced a regret, it became a gap.

This is good at using short words to poke the immortal, at this time also point out the gentle truth, immortality did not want to comfort people, and even do not intend to comfort anyone, she is only accompanied, with the most gentle existence accompanied.

Then, immortality also used a clever analogy to talk about the feelings: "I have always felt like a piece of cake, the assumption is divided into 10, there are family, friendship, ego and so on, one of the feelings for each other, when I put the feelings of the other side, is all given." It is not possible to give this person the feeling is one, to another person's feelings is also one. In other words, if I gave it to you, I wouldn't have another one to share. 」

Menglen went on to say: Once sincerely put the first-class feelings to each other, now this relationship is over, what method can put the mood, let it back to their own body?

"In fact, there is no way. 」

"The process of loss has many different stages, just break up may not feel, later very empty, painful, finally may finally let go." This is a "lost-accept-release" cycle, it is impossible to omit all the programs, so there is no way. If you are in pain now, you can only have pain. "Immortality goes on to say.

Immortal words, like a mirror, is a true reflection of the feeling of being trapped in a lovelorn mood. If you are lovelorn, if you are suffering, it is because your heart is growing up, women fans want to accompany you grow up together. In personal experience, after the collision, we would like to learn in love to present their true self, no longer regard each other as all, to get along with their own good, real comfortable to get along.

Finally, the immortal gave the participants a word:

When a person is alone to live well, two of people in love when a good love.

Now, also put this sentence, forwarded to the reading of this article you, bless for lovelorn you, good life, but also bless you in Love, good love.