[Relationship diary] There is no ideal love in the world, only its own close relationship.Look at the , regardless of the object you love, the focus is on the process, not the result.

In the month of the breakup, he looked at the "lover of the cloud," a very classical choice, a lonely person, a lonely movie, trying not to feel so lonely and unjustified.He did not shed tears, but he still remembered the images until he sleepless

In one scene, Theodore saw his ex-wife, Catherine, who was very familiar with her past. He remembered his fingertips and slipped on her bare back.Kessalin said to him, " The reason you choose to fall in love with the operating system is because you can't handle a real relationship."

At that moment, he remembered himself.

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He broke up because he had no way of dealing with a real relationship?He loves her, doesn't she just want to love her side of the good side; he loves her, but is he never really understanding what she wants, the first time that he recognizes her real question.

He has no answers.

The breakup seems like a late autopsy. They've been holding on for a long time, and finally found that love was broken from inside and outside to the end of the day.He knew that separation was better. He knew that he had to look after himself first. He knew that when he was a cancer, she had to leave him. However, after she left her, he was so repetitive that he felt like he was slowly away from him, and without her, he was like a patient.

sometimes i think i have felt everything i ’ m ever gonna feel. And from here on out, i ’ m not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what i ’ ve already falt.
— — Theodore

He looks at the cloud lover in a numb of his heart, thinking that the lonely movie can understand him.Look at the time in 2025, the human desire is full of skylines, the magical high-rise jungle, feeding more of the people who are just as lonely as he is.Theodore is writing letters and love letters, such as role-playing. Every day he looks at love, and he is losing it. Theodore is very much like him, and like him, he is trying to find out what love is.

What is love?Theodore bought himself a superintelligent anthropomorphic operating system, O.S. One, the operating system gave himself a name, Samantha.She has no physical form, but she has asked Theodore to love her, and her voice has brought him to high tide.Samantha gave himself the name, and also gave Theodore Love.The brain has always been the smartest sex organ, and their love is really good, and that is love.Love is close, and they breathe together, share secrets, and share a common view of the wind, singing together a Moon Song and love. We are all not perfect, but we can love each other.(Extended reading: [Zhang Yinkong topology reviews] : I am my own because I love you )

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Of course there is pain in love, and when Samantha confesses that she loves others too, he's on the other side of the screen, and

Theodore: "Are we talking to others now?"" How many people?"
Shannan:" 8,316 "Theodore
" Are we in love with others?""
've been thinking about how to say this to you
" Theodore: "How many people do we love at the same time?"
"Samantha:" 641 "

Love is like this. Although pain, loneliness, and real life, it is only meaningful to be true.The answer to his interpretation of the question is that the focus of love is through, not the result. If we want to deal with a real relationship, it is bound to take on the real emotions, the true desires, the real difficulties, and the hidden difficulties of hiding.(See, Cloud lover: Near-future love discovery )

There are no reference templates in love, no strict rules, no excuses, no excuses, no reason to love, it's really good."If you break up, you don't have to be afraid anymore, and you don't have to ask yourself to get up and get better, pretend to be normal, and I love it so seriously. If you get hurt or you get hurt, you may admit to injury, and you can make a little bit of righstness.

He takes it seriously.