Suffer from the pain of pain you, you know, love yourself, not from the menstrual period to start Oh! Give your six physiological period diet Atlas, hurry Collection!

What do you look like in your physiology?

  • Radical mode: Wallow in bed, pain to totally wreck wall
  • Rational mode: Although the pain to do not want to move, but still began to do soothing menstrual cramps yoga, suddenly on the point name very understand
  • Buddha system mode: Without thinking, pretending not to realize that they are in pain
  • Born without Love Mode: Pick up a mobile phone issued a time-limited dynamic curse menstruation, life despair, paralyzed in bed.
  • After the perception of the mode: Yi? Is my period coming?

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Whether you are rational or Buddhist system, radical to the birth of love, sometimes shun shun to go, menstrual without feeling as usual ... a large number of menstrual blood loss, will let the girls are weak and mentally ill. So in the physiological period of you, but also to love themselves, from diet, exercise, conditioning the body, even after the end of menstruation, we must continue to take care of the body. (Recommended reading: Physiological period does not hurt!) Women should see what men should know about the "no menstrual cramps" diet.

Physiological period, is the beginning of love oneself. This time, for the dear you, but also for the next sister companion, finishing the physiological period, after the Diet atlas, so that you eat in the physiology not to step on the Thunder!

Physiology Period: Ingest Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acid food, can alleviate menstrual anxiety, also can supplement because of menstrual blood, and loss of nutrients. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, autumn knives, flaxseed, walnuts, or soy products are good choices.

Physiology Period: Supplement fruit and vegetable quantity

Fruits and vegetables are not enough to eat, menstruation, may be more prone to depression than other women and menstrual cramps, so every day to force themselves, the intake of sufficient amount of fruit and vegetables!

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Hey? is loofah not cold sex food? Can you eat it during your physiology? Many girls have the same question, but in fact, Loofah contains a lot of vitamins, can be meridians, cooling blood detoxification, so the girls are edible.

So what kind of food should be avoided during physiology? (Extended reading: the misunderstanding is big!) Cracked 10 physiological periods of myth! )

Biological minefields: These vegetables eat less

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Cucumbers, eggplant, asparagus, burdock, kelp, spinach ... God, if these are your heart good, please girls endure, after the end of menstruation eat!

What can you drink during your physiology?

Girls know that the physiological period to eat ice is a big bogey, usually want to drink a cold drink is trembling, deep fear at this time tasted sweetness, menstruation to have suffered. Hot summer, girls still want to drink more warm, Valkhof ginger, chrysanthemum medlar tea is a good choice, if dare not drink ginger, medlar tea, sweet red bean soup or rose Osmanthus Tea, can also be substituted.

If really can't help, summer will want a cup of hand drink, remember to go to ice Oh! (For your own body, or advice dear you drink less cold)

After the physiological period: iron-containing food can not be less

After the end of the physiological period of girls, due to a large loss of menstrual blood, it is recommended to add eggs, chicken, black sesame, pork, etc., can restore physical strength or iron-containing food.

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If you are not careful to eat the opposite, hurry up and cook a vegetable salmon miso soup pressure yajing!

After physiological period: ventilated blood, you can eat these

The skin out of oil, rough dark, rampant acne block can not be blocked. After the physiological period, girls can eat more oranges, cherries, mushrooms, carrots and other foods, to help skin resilience, but also to keep the body warm. At the same time, also want to maintain a cheerful mood, do not stay up late, can quickly recover vitality. (Recommended reading: Eat on the fruit, so that each physiological period shun shun )

Vegetarians, look this way.

What if it's a vegetarian? Don't worry, women are obsessed with caring for you the exclusive Dietary guidelines:

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Dear Girlfriends, Dear You, the days are long, we can all love ourselves. To every brave girl who spends her menstrual period, we are all invincible superwoman.

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