The attention of the "such as Yi Chuan" recently aired, women fans recalled in the "such as Yi Chuan" before, five of Zhou Xun classics, a glimpse of the formation of Zhou Xun's acting.

Zhou Xun starred in "such as Yi Chuan" after a year, finally on August 20, on the network platform. "such as Yi Chuan" nets Zhou Xun, Huojianhua, Zhang Junning and other popular acting actors, coupled with the "Zhen Huan biography" of the sequel of the Halo, before the premiere, they received warm attention.

But after the premiere, there was a lot of criticism. The main criticism point is that the 44-year-old Zhou Xun, as a 15, 16-Year-old girl, just entered the palace, although rely on the makeup "rejuvenation" and the acting effort to explain, but still too far-fetched and let people feel Shong, plus signs of the low Shen Yan, also is not considered 28 years of young girls should have the voice, many netizens feel this is full of drama.

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In fact, this is not the first time that Zhou Xun starred in Girl role.

18 years ago, "Daming Palace", 25-Year-old Zhou Xun played the 14-Year-old Princess Taiping, 2014 's "Red Sorghum", the 40-year-old Zhou Xun interpreted a 19-year-old girl. Zhou Xun in the role of choice, has been diverse and rich, she looked at the role of the essence, not because of the role set and the actual gap, and hinder themselves.

In a recent interview with China's Vogue, she said: "Since when, we have been influenced by stereotypes as if they were a mistake." But old intelligence and value, does not represent the exhaustion of vitality and creativity. Zhou Xun has not been limited by age, the audience is anxious to use their age to teach her. (Extended reading: age is not a limit!) 79-year-old British grandmother's dance makes you reflect on the meaning of Life

More perhaps, Zhou Xun's heart has long detached understand, who also can not forever youth, age is not limited, but can be blessing, is as an actor accumulation of life thickness. Take you to review five Zhou Xun classics drama works, see her challenge different role, she is the Lin reason, is Lee meters, is like Yi, is also her own.

"World April Days" Lin cause: I want you to remember, and then forget

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18 years ago, the TV series "Human April Days", adapted from Xu Zhimo's love story. In the play, Zhou Xun played the role of Xu Zhimo's love on the trip to the British period. Xu Zhimo was already married with Zhang Youyi, although Xu Zhimo has a good opinion, but Lin because avoid Xu Zhimo's pursuit, unwilling to Zhang Youyi cause harm. When Xu Zhimo to Lin because of affectionate leisurely confession, Zhou Xun played Lin because resolute to Xu Zhimo said: "I want you to remember, and then forget", such as the declaration of this relationship, after all, is unable to live forever, forgetting is the best result for two people.

Lin is China's famous talented woman, Zhou Xun will be Lin because of the naïve romantic personality and look interpreted very in place. "Human April Days" during the broadcast caused a sensation, Lin because of the children also voice, said the mother did not fall in love with Xu Zhimo. By playing Lin because of this role, Zhou Xun's popularity gradually increased, laid her own jiangshan.

"Orange red" show Wo: Daughter decided to accept, whether good or bad

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"Orange Red" adapted from Qi June the same name of the novel, the era set for the Qing Dynasty, Zhou Xun played the show Wo married to join the family concubine, and her husband's brother into a relationship. In the interview, Zhou Xun mentioned that she is not familiar with the late Qing aristocracy life, at the beginning of their ability to be competent for this role a little worried: "Su-wo this character according to my age and experience, there is no experience to follow." In Su-wo that era, in that mansion, in show Wo around the men and women, such a life I have no way to imagine. 」

In the understanding of the personality and encounter, Zhou Xun through show Wo, know like Xiu wo such a poor girl, at that time is unable to dominate their fate. Therefore regrets, in the past era, women's sadness and loneliness, is unable to tell. In a scene, Su-wo understand that they can only become someone else's concubine, can not resist fate, then faint to himself: "Daughter decided to accept, whether good or bad." "Sad and powerless state of mind, all concentrated in this sentence."

"Orange Red" is China Central Television 2002 annual TV program ratings champion, also let Zhou Xun's efforts interpretation has the actual affirmation.

If Love Sunna: The meaning of the past is only one, that I do not want to go back to the past

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The Hong Kong song and dance film "If" was released in 2005. Love, so that Zhou Xun won the Taiwan Golden Horse Award, Hong Kong Gold Statue Award and many other Best actress award. Zhou Xun played Sunna, is a popular actress, and Kaneshiro plays the male star Lin Judong will cooperate a musical. Through the two people in the work of the encounter, tell a story buried for ten years.

Zhou Xun Sunna from a silent unknown actor, turned into a big star of the mind process interpretation harmonizing, and Kaneshiro, Jacky Cheung's play is also very wonderful. In the film Sunna lived a poor and impoverished life, finally able to boil into a popular star, so, in the past for Sunna, is a reference, is unwilling to review the scenery.

This film, based on Zhou Xun, with her superb acting, the struggle between past memories and present achievements is quite in place, winning a number of Best Actress award, deserved. (same field Gayon: The youngest actress, the Cross sex role first shortlisted!) The 54th annual Golden Horse Film Festival, create a new pattern of Asian film )

"Lee Meters's conjecture" Lee meters: He told me that it was his big, happy thing to meet me.

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"Lee Meters's guess" 10 years ago in China, Zhou Xun because very much love Lee meters this role, so since the decline in the price, the production of the cost of the film is not high. Lee meters is a taxi driver, the film is mainly about Lee meters in four years, keep looking for missing boyfriend and caused the encounter. The audience through Zhou Xun played Lee meters, step by step from the unknown began to explore the truth, disappeared four years of boyfriend exactly where? Discover the facts slowly by looking for what's going on in the way.

Unable to find a boyfriend's Lee meters, can only follow the boyfriend sent her letter, back to the boyfriend and the little drops. He told me that he was so big and happy to meet me. "Lee Meters has always remembered this sentence, put in the heart, become support her to continue to seek the belief."

Zhou Xun, by virtue of this film, got the best actress in Chinese rooster, and became the first grand slam performer in the history of winning a Golden Horse award from Taiwan, Hong Kong Film Awards, Chinese film Rooster and three gold crowns.

"Red Sorghum" Dai: It's better to meet good people than good people, and it's worse than bad guys.

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The 2014 TV series "Red Sorghum", adapted from the Nobel literature Prize laureate Mo Yan's novel, is the 10 years after Zhou Xun returned to the small screen again after the work. She played the Shandong woman Dai, this will marry a leper large house master, but under the Yincuoyangcha, with the Bandits Yu Zhan love. Zhou Xun successfully interpreted the Shandong women forthright and informal character, Dai said in the play: "If you encounter good people better than good, if the bad guys that must be worse than the bad", impressive.

Zhang Yimou used to direct the film version of "Red Sorghum", has been very well-known and famous international, the adaptation of the TV series, once let people worry that will not reach the standards of the film. Zhou Xun the protagonist Dai this brave, defying the traditional framework of the strong female interpretation of the deep rooted hearts, more let the original author Mo Yan See tears. Originally not optimistic about her performance in Shandong Women's netizens, after reading a change, appreciation of Zhou Xun's acting.

"such as Yi Chuan" is currently on the premiere, many people for Zhou Xun in the girl's appearance and voice is quite critical. Perhaps, the audience should also grow up with the actors, to experience her interpretation of the role at different ages, show the delicate degree, feel her role of the intention, and her low Shen voice, in fact, has always been her widely known characteristics.

Besides, who says that the voice of a maiden cannot be hoarse? As the "red sorghum" before, most people do not optimistic about the appearance of Zhou Xun weak, can deduce a Shandong woman forthright charm, and she did. All China's generation of talented women, actresses, taxi drivers, Shandong women, or the Qing Dynasty queen, Zhou Xun is willing to try, and interpretation of her own version, do not fear the eyes of others. (Recommended reading: Emmahuasen's MTV winning manifesto: "Actors see ability, not gender")

Zhou Xun once said this sentence: "Age is only a number, on behalf of how many days you spent at this time." Playing a good role is not related to age, but to the understanding of growth. "I think this is her courage to break the age limit and choose to perform the roles of different ages." Zhou Xun's story, is also the story of everyone, age is not the limit, only we can define who we are.