The woman is writing, inviting you to write the temperature of your handwriting, writing the weight of the text.Please believe that you are born with natural talent, and that it takes time to find it.

A woman's writing, writing what you believe in, touching the words deep inside.

Text powerful, hand-written temperature, and handwritten IG, five posts for your chosen woman.

Handwritten quotes from the featured 5 celebrity speeches, giving you encouragement and reminders.With all the work, emotions, or attitude of life, through these words, we go forward and go straight to each other and accompany each other.(Extended reading: [Single journal] What you're going to do is not to end loneliness, but alone)

#1 Duncan: Don't be lazy if you like.

If you can be lazy, you can't insist on what you like yourself, what can you insist on?

Many creators, like Duncan, start from the fan pages of Facebook, and I ask him now, what would he be if he wanted to give some suggestions to the illustrator who had dreams?

"Cannot make suggestions, but I want to say one thing."Many people often use their work to show me, and ask me to give them some advice.But I don't like to score.We will always be our first audience, the first audience.You have to like your creative work first, and you have fun in the painting. It makes sense, and I think that's no problem.Because some people like you, someone will definitely not like you."

#2 Weekly: Let go, it's a higher standard of love

In fact, let go, it's a much higher standard of love.

" If my song can heal, or give us more power, then this is what I can give to the public by singing my identity." From the dazzling lights of the dance bench, Chou Hui-hui no longer focuses on what he can do, and no longer has a round of applause.She is more eager to be a person who can give others power.

past, I realized that I was in a state of movement, and I wasn't calm, but I found out that I wanted to know what I wanted to be, and that was the most important thing in the process of dismissing my love."

#3 Zhang Junning: God will give you a gift. You have to take time to find

Everyone has their own pace, and God will give you a gift, and it will give you a reason, and you have to spend time to find it.

The more you become aware of what I like, "says Zhang Junning." I really began to be satisfied with myself, knowing that I was beautiful. I was 30 years old: " We have a lot of wrinkles on our face and some self-confidence."

" At this age we know what you like, what you do, what you do, what you want to do." You know what you don't want, what is more important than what you want.Chang Jun-ning shared his 30-year-old, traveling with his friend Chen Yinhan, and making a public service to Inner Mongolia.After we found it, it was 100 % investment. Don't think about it too much, it would definitely give you a return.But at any point in the middle, you give up, and there will never be such a chance."

#4 has no party: Maybe our love, it's all for ourselves

We will not be able to describe emotions, call it love.But this may be deceit, perhaps our love is for ourselves.

idea that music is a part of the music is a very important part of the grass, and I ask where the inspiration for the lyrics of the lyrics is usually from, "What is the state of the music?"He said, " It was at home, and suddenly there were some words coming out of my head, and I was very unhappy, and writing songs was also a kind of publicity.For the witch, it may be difficult to win over the Western mainstream market in Taiwan, so the stories and emotions described in the song are even more important, and that is where they can be different from others.

fact, the "Grass East Street Party" has evolved from a party to its own style, and has a rather more purposeful style of music than a party.

#5 Liu Yuting: Be brave on a trivial matter, live out what you like.

Be brave for yourself in small matters before you can live your favorite form.

Ting believes that every child has a special purpose in the world, and I think of her as a Christian."When you get closer to your unique value created, you will be the blessing of others, and that's what I call influence.""

beginning of the interview, Anting shared Dr Kim's words to me, saying, "The greatest value or influence of my life is actually my story.""

" The influence is to pursue faith all your life, and the process has fallen, and you can see that even people who are ordinary people are constantly striving to make their own unique value.This kind of life itself is the best gift that everyone can give to the world."

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