D&I Strategy eighth time back!The Diversality and Inclusion (D&I) run by a number of overseas companies is very rare in Taiwan.If you are a product manager, or are interested in creating a product, this will tell you how to import D&I concepts into teams, and do create customer-favorite items.

Catch customers'pain points' is key to creating popular products.And if you want to capture pain points, product managers can analyze user needs, convert to product capabilities, analyze competition and market trends, and finally test and optimize the products iteratively by the team.Most of the time, however, product managers can easily fall into the trap of "assuming that the user and the team experience the same product experience."

This week, we will quote Uber, Bodega and other business cases to talk about the importance of D&I multiculturalism and how to apply it in product development.

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A narrow view of blocking products from new segments

Next, let's take an example of the "Team Product Experience = Customer Product Experience" mindset:

Paul McDonald, who was a product manager at Google for 13 years, developed an intelligent vending machine — Bodega, placed in a machine cabinet the same as an apartment, gym, office, dormitory, 24 hours of goods, and patrons without the need to drop their money.(Recommended reading: Google + Challenge Facebook, Social Cloud News )

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Intelligent vending machines, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other high-angel investments, have led to resistance and backlash when they are listed.

Why?“ Bodega ” is a major source of sentiment for Bodega and its residents, and the majority of Bodega is an economic source for many families. From the name of the Internet, Bodega ” name “ a direct compression of the rights of Latinos, Asians, and the emotional connection between Bodega and the residents.That's why the vending machine has rebounded.

It is clear that investors and these two product developers do not understand the residents' culture and survival methods, and also underestimate the importance of “ name " Bodega ” to the residents.Bodega changed its name to Stockwell this year after a large number of netizens and media attacks, and still could not save the image of the public.

It also shows that good products must be standing with their users, and that this user must have a diverse group.

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Take another example to illustrate a narrow team point of view and what kind of negative experience the user will experience:

Facebook has a "name criterion" for the name of a person who tests whether the user provides real names when they sign up for an account.However, this standard does not recognize the names of some Anglo-Saxon people, such as Shane Creepingbear, Dana Lone Hill, which are the names of Native Americans.Perhaps Facebook engineers do not intentionally exclude these names, but because of their cultural homogeneity, they create a blind spot for team members, creating a negative user experience.

A "highly homogeneous team" is a buster for product development.Uber's former product leader — — Minina Radhakrishnan, once said, "Product managers often get themselves caught up in water, not because they don't understand anything, but because they understand their customers'" no need.""

This is also why product managers need to focus more on diversity.(Recommended reading: Everyone is doing it!The ultimate goal of customer relationship management )

Uber Pre-Product Leadership: Screening talent, not being able to stick to traditional standards

Mina Radhakrishnan also shared the concept of D&I, how it was applied to product development.

Uber is driving as a segment, attempting to create a user-friendly Uber Driver App, Mina Radhakrishnan needs a product manager who is familiar with the pain points, ideas, and has the ability to answer this question: "How do you create an app that makes a user a hundred times an angel?"".

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Finally, Mina found Emily — — in driving the driving business, and was able to answer the question in response to the driving demand.And her experience has produced results — a —, driving-demand-compliant Uber Driver App.The examples of Emily's graduation, the lack of a technology industry background, and Emily's example show — the traditional screening criteria for product managers in the — — have not been applied.

And Uber's multi-personality team, when testing this app, also found a problem point: When driving a passenger, the mobile phone sends a bell to the next passenger.Such a ringing notification can increase the guest access rate and have the function of reminding.But team members put forward their own ideas: " Think about it, you've been working for hours and hours, and suddenly you hear too loud a ring, will you double?"Considering that everyone's response to stress and temporary affairs is different, then they also make adjustments to this function."

None of the product managers can fully understand or accurately predict whether the product can be accepted for the individual segments.A diverse team can drive innovation, analyze from multiple perspectives, shape better products, and give products a competitive advantage.

Looking forward to creating a popular product, in addition to the product managers' diverse thinking, team members need to include a variety of backgrounds and personalities to avoid falling into the Team Product Experience = Customer Product Experience mindset.Therefore, importing D&I concepts into teams is imperative!