A poem, a poem, a kind of lost love.When I was in love, I read poetry, and I was able to read my own mind and find myself in the context of the unintellivened language.It is healed by poetry and treatment.

A poem that fell in love, and on the IG community , collected a number of people's stories of love.

Sometimes, when you find yourself out of sight, you can't leave someone, and you're not sure this is what you call a liking.But you can't stop it, follow him, follow his footsteps, and be particularly sensitive to his voice, as if he could hear his whisper around the ear.For one person, maybe you like it, you think so.But at the same time, you found out that one of the reasons you're so careful about your emotions is that you're sure that that person and you don't bear fruit.

story of

Y share, she lost her feeling of feeling and distress in her emotions.But she was honest with herself and found her own thoughts.Although you know, maybe just a person who wants to be a person, let your emotions go down and melate.In her young age, I saw her care for her emotions.(Extended Read: [Woman says work] to do everything in your power to get your young )

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Love stories for Y

I was a 16-year-old girl who went to private school, and I was going straight up.Last year I was a new woman teacher. At first I hated her very much, but later she became mature because she was too familiar with her exams, and found that she was not the kind of person I imagined.

I don't know what love is, but for the first time I felt so strongly, she was very gentle to the world, and she was so gentle and gentle to see her article and she cried.She also has the wisdom, and she always solves problems with inclusion and love.But there was a conflict between our class and her, and she had no choice but to not teach us class.I miss her very much, and she often wants to be able to talk to her, but she's always busy.

She will marry at the end of this year, and a boy with a long history.In fact, I knew it was impossible to be together, probably for her I was the same as all the other students. In her eyes, I might be just a child who was less than half of her age.But I still want her to look at me and say a few more words.I actually don't know whether this is love. I think I just want to be a woman who is as good as she is.

Do you still remember the young age?At that time, it was often the man in his heart, who had lost his mind and lost sight of it.In order to have a little more contact with him, you want to exhaust all your ways to be humiliating and ridiculous. I only hope that he can take a look at you.

Or, you don't know whether to chase him or not, and whether he's in love or not.Or it can only be called a projection.Because in his body, you see what you're looking for, and you want to be like him.

The face of love is still not the same as the face of emotions.In this process, you will be confused, and you will not know what "liking" is.But why should we understand it clearly or understand the true nature of emotions?

In the story of Y, I saw an early-ripened, sensitive girl, exploring her own emotions, analyzing her own inner feelings, and carefully trying to confirm whether it was "love".In the course of this process, it must be very difficult.Because Y knew that she was attracted to her, to confirm his true intentions, Y contacted her deliberately, and she was even deeper in her affection for her.That person's gentle, thoughtful, and Y-felt, but because of each other's identity, they can only suppress their feelings.

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But maybe, as Y says, she just wants to be a woman who is the same as her.Be smart, gentle, and solve problems with love.No matter which way it is, it is closer to the idea of Y itself. In fact, it is not possible for outsiders to come to a conclusion.I think what's important is that this is a piece of Ya's youth that can't be defined, but at the same time it can't be forgotten.After all, emotions have never been deliberately defined.

Now Y is not able to understand what you think, then put it aside.After a few years, I look back, and I think, I can figure out the way I think it is different from the age of the year.Time will make a good harden.

"It was you who smiled and smiled and resisted the tsunami that saved me from the tsunami that saved me." Maybe that person was a gliming of light in school life for Y.This quote, the story of the "Y" and the "Y" story of the whale to the sea reminds me of this poem.(Recommended reading: [For you song]: Love, it is a kind of adoration )

At Sea

You're the light of the light. The early morning you say that your prodigality doesn't usurp
to maintain a courtesy relationship with each island.

Everything is faded and you're weak, your sideburns
the pale, your mobile screen, the light, the light, the faint of


When the world is more and more distant from me,
's hard for you to smile, and to resist earthquakes and tsunamis, and to save me from the radiation cloud,
has saved me so much.

The relationship between the two people is absolutely not close.You are just flir-to, and you stop at the bar.The faint, everything is faint, you know, it's not going to happen again.But whenever you feel sick or tired, thinking of his smile, voice, or gentle, gentle, you can lift a water wave in your heart.

What does this represent?You ask yourself, you're suppressing your emotions, but you want to know what that means.What does he represent for you?

Hey, that's all right.I don't have to rush, I slowly feel your emotions, including what kind of feeling you have.As for a page of youth, it is only through a good experience that the fruit can be the nutrient of the future, with the time being harden.Bless you.