Love is a lifelong practice!In an interview with the immortal, she mentioned that the loss of love gave us the regrets and the gaps, and that was the loss, which allowed us to encounter the later.

Home, where you need to leave before you can identify the outline.

in 1995, she was born in Hong Kong, — she was called the "— of the Queen."

If you go to Hong Kong, the sounds of the zebra crossing rings should be no stranger to you. It may be that the road may have been taken away from the road, and it has become so long and so urgent that the people of Hong Kong have a bright and bright day to the city.

This is a "bright", "immortal", and it can smell a little bit, "Taipei has not been so fast in Hong Kong, and feels the deepest distance between people."In the past, there were conditions in Hong Kong and in society. "The city is too fast and it can't help to cause unnecessary booing." I didn't like Hong Kong very much. The city was very depressed. People were forced to move forward in society.Later, it was only by the end of the United States that it had its advantages."

When you leave home, you come back and look again, and once you push this city away, it's a place where you can think of a place called home when it comes to being a busy one, but letting the Strait grow up.

A person's life in Taipei, far away from the noise and noise, in the strange cities, he is still waiting to think about his own air gap, and he has no intention of growing his own.

It turns out that every word I write is responsible.

The worldview after 1990 comes at an era of rapid technological development, and is fast and fast. Discarding and replacing them quickly.Under such circumstances, the dream of writing in the embrace of the world is no longer as difficult as it was in the past. It has to be hard for a few years to endure, and toFrom a social network developed in the media, as long as there are people who have the quality of things, they are not afraid of being seen by people.

immortal writer's dream, from an idol, never reveals any details about the drama. She laughs and says that it's a flower's youth. " Anyway, I don't like the movie very much, and I can't tell the main character of the show.In order to see the plot that he liked, I began to rewrite the plot on the Internet.The more you write, the more people see it."

In the text world, the author controls the storyline, the axis is replaced, and the author is a devout, and he is the master of life and death.This kind of fantasy and power is a good one.

When I fell in love with writing at that time, I began to write a favorite poem in my notebook, and in any piece of paper, I was going to make a little bit of a sentence that had no tail.In spite of the immortal remains of the university, it is hard to write a novel, but the days are cut off, a piece of space is blank, a piece of time is not written, and the prose is written.

Instagram account named "Immortal" has an embryonic form, and the "immortal" name is also a "immortal". "In fact, I originally wanted to call the account" immortal " because I was a very forgetable person. It was easy to drown me, but it was easy to leave.And when you get emotional, you write down the sentences, and it becomes immortal, and I want to leave behind those emotions."I didn't think of my emotions," she said. " I have no desire to warm up many readers, and with the popularity of social account numbers, it's immortal as a synonym for our own. At the same time, she is aware of her own words and has the responsibility and weight.

After more and more people began to pay attention to the account, I was sick and depressed for a while, and I didn't feel much of a lot of emotion in the state of the Internet, and I was very much more negative.There was a reader who responded to me, saw my words, and made him want to die much more.At that time, I was surprised that every word I wrote was responsible. It might affect one person in the middle of an accident."

A melancholy, and I start to cherish my own life.

interview, Hong Kong singer-songwriter Lo Ke Tong jumped from his own home in the first few days of the interview, making the society pay attention to depression again.In the same spirit, it is very important to realize that the "heart" is also sick, and it is important to realize that the people who have suffered from mental illness and who survive are immortal, and realize that " hearts(Recommended reading: Happiness is boring forever!An Interview with Lu Ketong: The bravest is not to stand up, but to conquer the disease )

At the end of 16, the immortal began to notice that he was not right, and that he was a roommate's reminderAt first it was just a matter of feeling bad. How could it be known that the situation had not improved for a few months? "This incident seriously affected my life. I couldn't control my emotions and I didn't want to go to work. The days seemed to stop."There was always a lot of bad ideas. When I was a kid, I always thought that people who killed themselves were stupid, but when I thought of myself, I was scared. I was willing to admit that I was really sick."

The immortal statue of the hedgehog, which finally surrendered, took the spiny, flirts with the most soft belly, and cries to the roommate. " I'm very sad. Take me to see a doctor, okay?"

From skepticism to learning about depression and immortality, the first reaction is, of course, unacceptable, very exclusive, " at that time I hated myself in that state.If you have depression, you will complain why I take my medicine every day, so it can be normal!And then, I found a very important idea, that you don't hate it.It is not an error that you realize that this is not an error that you can peacefully coexist with."

It is understood that depression is different from emotional stress. If one's internal organs can be sick, the heart of the mind is also the place that we need to take good care of.

In an immortal Instagram, she often patches a whole slice of blue, or the sky, or the ocean, and she says, "If you're in a bad mood, you want to look at those infinite things," I love the ocean, the skies and the universe, and they're infinite.When I see these things, we always think that we might be zero." Even if we can be zero, we are zero." Well, there's nothing to do with what happens to us. Compared to nature and the universe, our lives are just fine dust." Those who are worried and who have loved and loved it, but in this world, just a moment.

Aware of your own small size, a lot of moonlight has been put down as well.The immortal depression gradually came under control. She felt that she had been a lucky man for the rest of her life, and that she was lucky enough to get her luck.The world is still adorable, and it can be done for the rest of the life.

Malicious reclusion, faith in our security

This explains why the immortal new book is, "I want to give you the gentle and gentle life of the rest of your life," and why the life of young girls is more than "life."In the life that suddenly seems to be expected, I would like to talk to you about the six propositions of life and the kind of enlightenable enlightenus that they have gained from them.They are: youth, journey, lover, loss, time, and afterlife.

"I think the youth is doing anything without looking back."Despite being right and wrong, we still have to work hard, and this is the stage that let us grope our own way.Travel is the way that we go to the cognitive world, and use the experience you actually see in the world to construct your worldview."The lover and the loss of us and so on, I am curious, and when is this an important element of immortal life?"

" In the past, I didn't like time.I think time is brutal, and you can't stop the time.Later I found out that the time was very neutral. Whether you like it or not, it can make things and things move through. It may take a good time. Similarly, it can turn the bad experience into the past.When I don't resent the time, I can treasure it."

In addition to these six propositions, the two immortal works are often referred to as "tenderness".In an interview with the immortal process, I often felt that she was a very delicate and deeply living person.

Having gone through the red, melancholy, and return to your own processes, there are inevitably small, vandaries in life that are inevitable.A previously immortal social account has been hacked into the past, and the efforts that have accumulated in the past may seem to be untenable and immortal, despite the collapse of the world, but she has a very soft approach to the world, " I know it's a little difficult to maintain a tenderness!But I think, in the face of malice, don't let yourself become the kind of person you hate.When my account was stolen, many people wanted me to go back, but when I felt that behavior was malicious, would it be possible to repay the others in the same way?Or a dog biting you, and you're going to bite back?"

tenderness is a belief.


" The goodness and tenderness are within reach!Of course you can hate a lot of things, but kind and tenderness are precious because you know that you can make malicious or selfish choices, but you don't.You choose to look at good and gentle."

For immortality, "gently" is a choice, much more like a belief.When there is a malicious reclusion, it is only the hope that you can imagine what you want to be a person, how to trace the life of others, and then faithfully carry out and believe in what you believe in.

the face of his lover and the loss of life, she still has a gentle way of feeling the origins of life. She says that there are always some regrets that have made the lives of the rest of the lives of the rest of the lives of the rest of the world.Love is, and so is the loss of love.

Later, I returned you to the ocean.

the case of the immortal, the loss of love, the loss of regret, and the loss of life, we will not have the chance to rediscover another possibility in the gap and accommodate new relationships.

If you look carefully, you will find that the immortal references to "lose" and "circumcision", which is very interesting, have a passive and active relationship.We may be forced to lose one person, and we may also be able to take the initiative to sever our emotions.(Recommended reading: [Single Diary] Love is a man's sleep, sleeps with desire )

feeling is that emotions are flowing. Whether you take the initiative or passively, you will lose some emotion. There will still be some regrets. In the heart, the pain will be left out. A person who has been intimately embedded in his own life will be split from each other's future. The incision is bleeding, and the bleeding is not so much." This is an action that gives us a sense of pain and pain, but it's just because of the gap and the people who are in the future to get the chance to get back in, right?" In the immortal gently language, the gap is a perfect one.

Many readers who are mired in love may be immortal. I hope that she can tell herself how to get out of the lost emotions, but immortal will not give the sweet-sweetening painkillers, but according to your wounds. " Many people ask me, how do you want to lose a person?I think this is uncontrollable, we love and we lose, we miss it, and this is a cycle of life and life.When you have experienced a loss of love and pain, there is no way to get out of it right away."There are always some unescapable pain in life, and it's painful," he said. "That's what we need to go through, and you're going to get back to your own strength step by step in the state of the afflicted and lost.""

The immortal maturity is also the way to go through a couple of years of love and insanity, and to lose your love.

Once she was trying to please her lover, she loved her for May Day, pretending that she was in love with the classical Bach; she didn't eat seafood, pretending that the bowl of fresh fish soup, the warmth of —, — the same as the one she had lost in her own relationship.

When I look back and look back, I ask myself, what will I say about the first time that I have lost my first love?

Don't lose yourself, don't lose yourself.


"I want to tell myself that I don't want to love myself because I want to love one person, but I don't think it's anybody who loves me."In fact, each loss is another one."No matter if you are going through a lot of tearing up your lungs, you feel like you will never love again, nor will it be loved. Remember, we will never lose the ability to love."Please tell yourself this.

Just remember, when we love each other, we can only concentrate on our own lives, but we can also have a good life.Well, after being separated, you think of that memory of that youth, it's all part of your collection.

What does it matter?