Are there still restrictions on the display of physical autonomy in the US Open, where female players have been accused of having been warned on the sidelines of the US Open?

Remember, how did you get dressed in gym class?In the women's school, the girls' experience is shared, and girls will develop a dress change process: pull up the curtains, put sweatpants on the skirt, and then take off the dress.

But in boys and girls'schools, there are bound to be a lot of situations in boys' schools and girls' schools when they get dressed in physical education.Whoever should change in the classroom, when it's a girl, when it's a boy, and ... and so on, it will surface slowly.(Sibling: [Men's Gender Watch] When I look at the world, I don't want to see female sports reporters kissed )

However, a school gym has been sent to the field of the newly opened US Open tennis tournament, but similar problems have arisen: male contestants can be dressed in a dress, but women face a referee warning, and they are considered "athletes shouldn't have the behavior."

What is the athlete's behavior?

US Open tennis tournament opened this week.On Tuesday, it was a race that attracted a lot of attention.French tennis player Aliz é Cornet " was replaced by the rest of the game, due to the hot weather and the rest of the game.After he came out, he found clothes back and forth. He was directly dressed up on the court, but was told that "this is not an athlete's behavior," and verbally warned Connett.