An Interview with Wang Liwen, a screenwriter Wang Liwen, who is rarely seen in Taiwan, heard the true story behind the pharan of the call.Editing a small reminder: The body involves important plots and strongly recommends that the film be read before it can be read.

first scene, the Vision of the Screening of the Coastal Processing Zone, the smoky white smoke, the steady operation of the chimney, the freezing of the environment, the complaints, the silencing of the scenes, and the anger of the people. The next second, the huge volume of noise is on the side.

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This is a

prologise, ice and fire, a contrast between a structure and a molecule: government conglomerates are indifferent, while the bottom rung is on fire, and the body is burning.

Bold to throw the ball, the environmental protests, political and social issues that the mainstream films are talking about, and they want to talk, and they want to talk from the front lines, from field visits to fields, and to explore the context of conflict generation.In front of the screen, there is a book that has been used to enthusiastically turn everything into the script, and it is the quiet writer Wang Li-wen.

This is not the first written by Wang Liwen. She has written a number of dramas, and has won many awards. The film has not yet been shown, and the screenplay has been first won by the Ministry of Culture's First Academy Film Screenplay.

addition to the screenplay, she has other roles, such as actors: the classic Black Humor of the Taiwanese Opera, the "The Seven Days", the female character of the film, and the wife: "The Danger Point" is the work of her husband, the director's husband, Chuang King-sun.

On the day of the interview, Wang Li-wen wore a tune-brown cotton top to come to the women's paradise for 10 minutes early.A bone-eyed, thin, soft-sound, polite, polite person, architecture multiline interleaving, conflict-of-conflict.Behind the screenplay is the preparation for five years of research and writing.

The starting point is just a simple question. She says with a gentle smile: " In so many years of democracy, the rights and interests of the people at the bottom are still being sacrificed. Are we going to change the way?Or at least, can you honestly say what you have seen and say with your own eyes?"

What do you do if you're not good at street protests

Li-wen grew up in the triple, labor family. Her parents worked in the vegetable market. Her father was a fish ball. She had been in and out of the factory since she was a child. She was especially familiar with the labor situation of the middle and lower income groups, and she also thought, what else could she do about the eggs that were opposite to the wall?

the years (2012-2017) in Taiwan, many young people in Taiwan have invested in social movements. Friends of the film industry are also keen on taking to the streets. My personality is not good at taking to the streets, but I am very concerned about these issues. As creators, can I tell you some of my work through my work?"

She began to collect data and study writing.Refers to the numerous incidents of environmental protests in the country, capturing the common phase, writing scripts, and a fictional story, reflecting the plural truth that has been repeated for decades.

Screenplay is also inspired by real events." One day when I saw news, a mother went to the vegetable market to buy pork and put it in the refrigerator. In the middle of the night, she drank water, and found that the pork was going to light. It was originally contaminated by bacteria and industrial feedFrom this point of view, if the pork will emit light as a result of environmental pollution, what will the body be like?I don't know.The body is related to forensics, and the initial idea of the script is developed."

Lie-wen laughs that she is a liberal arts, science and white person, writing such a huge script, with a sense of achievement from unknown challenges, as well as the pace of verification of working with scientists.

The human body must conform to scientific logic, science and white. I did an experiment, from the bold assumption that the human body would shine through pollution, and after investigation, as well as forensics discussions, it was found that human organs might be emitting light because of pollution, and we gave the story to the logic of the story."

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More than one person, co-investment by the Taiwan Medical and Health Inspector

True validation, easy to say, with field implementation challenges.There are only a dozen central forensic doctors in Taiwan, and more than a dozen must dissect national cases and are very busy.How to make each other willing to help, not waste time, and have a tight process.Wang Li-wen says that it is very much like going back to be a student, and working with a medical school teacher to study together.

is a challenge, and she is even more fortunate that both the forensic and the prosecutors are honest and generous in providing information.For example, the story of the Hai Hai and Hai Hai-bao in the show is based on the real case solved by a prosecutor.

"One wife has cancer, the family is poor, it decides to hire someone to kill herself, to make accidental death, so that my husband and child can have an accident insurance life."Finally, prosecutors solved the case because the monitor had taken the unusual kiss of the couple on the day of the elevator, and found evidence such as the phone records before and after the case was discovered.She narratives the tone, listens to her, and understands where the calmness of flashpoints comes from.

However, the writers can be macrocalmed and also because of the thermal blood input from the Taiwan Detenation Point.

The male lead character is the coroner, and Wang Liwen enters the anatomical room and the funeral parlour.She confessed that there was a fear in the first place, and even if she was concerned about the possibility of irritable, but the coroner told her that "there's no need to worry about integrity.""Look at how the two words of engagement are reflected in Taiwan's forensic medicine," she says. She has been translated into the language of the film, and she is a forensic and important character of Wu's portraying of the role of "Kang".

Who's to tell women: We don't have to be perfect, don't have to take care of the business family

Wang Liwen was in the field and met with the prosecutor who had made her an impression.She says that most people imagine that prosecutors are serious, but the woman has a tattoo, a heavy duty rider, a sharp speech, and a direct hit on his own thoughts.This allows Wang Li to think: Can the female lead character of the "flashpoint" be a woman who is steadfast in pursuit of her own expectations, not afraid to run counter to tradition?

" The heroine we want to create is the imperfect woman with many flaws, but she insisted, bravely, and I wanted to say that as long as there is this special character, that is, a great woman, not necessarily having a family, a fetus, she can have her own ideas." For example, the heroine in the film has an expectation of her career and has had an abortion. The mainstream film has avoided the restricted area, but the film has been outspoken.

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"She is a prosecutor, she is courageous, but there is also a fragile chunk of her mind. The environment is full of sins and doesn't want the child to face this evil world. Can you honestly say it?""The heroine is not a perfect female, but rather a fragile, real person."

< tipping point > courtwork and women in the workplace are always faced with the situation of the family of the business family. A woman who does not have to take care of herself as a role model is a gentle challenge to society.Let women decide on her quest, sacrifice, and choice, which is the prototype of the heroine Kim Min-ming.

But why do the heroine have to die?When you see the middle section of the movie, many people are surprised and wondering, too?

She said she wanted to respond to the reality of the current state of the island's sense of powerlessness.According to the survey, 70 % of the people in Taiwan do not believe in the judiciary and the police. In such a mood, it is difficult for me to create a perfect crime, to bravely attack bad people, and to successfully shut down the factory. " She sighs, shakes her head, and I can't write it. I can't write it. I don't feel that way in Taiwan.At the same time, we also hope that the prosecutor will be a victim, and her death will hurt the audience, so that people can see the movie and sincerely hope that there will be no similar tragedies, and hope to influence the audience with the power of the opposite emotional response."

I asked, have you ever thought that the role of sacrifice is not necessarily a woman?Is it possible that the effect of "pain" cannot be created through the disappearance of women?Wang Li-wen mentions that the role of the film is self-protecting. After the death of the prosecutor, it is no longer alone, without fear of risk, and positive action. From indifference to changing action, it is an important force of internal power.

But we also have to look forward to the pain, the future of which doesn't have to depend on the disappearance of women. Looking forward to the women's stories, we can see the path of learning that she had before she was mature, not only as a nourishment, but also as a person's growth.It is also believed that one day there is no need to worry about the maximum number of conventions that can only be projected by male actors or actors.

Filer and Couple, why can't they be treated like the Koen brothers?

is also Wang Liwen's husband, who has worked together for many years, and also has a Facebook fan page: "Wang Liwen & Chuang Keng Sun".The partner works together, and can be both happy and double-fold. Of course, she has also encountered people gossier. She can be a screenwriter so quickly because her husband is a director.

the beginning, I was inevitably injured. After all, I was more disobeying, I wanted to prove my personality, my mother was a tough woman, and I led the economy. In this family life, I naturally thought that women would have no need to rely on men, and two people were independent.However, regardless of how it is done, it will still be said that it is very difficult to make an effort to clarify the defence of each case. It is better to say that this is a combination of combining and guiding."

\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000!Why do brothers cooperate and treat each other on an equal footing, so that couples cannot do it?

Both men and men work together and live together. She has a model of cooperation between two people. Her deity is also relaxed. " After working together, it is indeed a tit-for-tat response. The two people have also been arguing about the ashtray in the coffee shop because of their differences."

The first short film, "The Dinner of Emma," was the first of two people. She remembers that at the time when she was filming a scene, she was very dissatisfied, and she was directly at the studio saying, "You make something different from the script!""Because of the direct communication, she wasn't meant to be," but the two people joined the group, and the relationship was different." Frankly speaking, communication has led to injury. She also reflects on her own reflection that the confusion between private relationships and working relationships leads to other partners who do not know how to share with the marshalling.

If you want to be together, you want to work with each other, you have to find out.Later on, the two men adjusted their work style and returned to the general writing and directing relationship. "We used email to communicate with each other," he said. "We used to communicate with people, and we used to communicate with private life.""

The more you have a hot heart, you need to pull out your calmer distance.

There is a consensus between the two that the two are codiable: they want to be calm, pull out distance, and let the viewer think about it more freely.

film is a question, she says, but does not necessarily provide an answer and is not forced to be absorbed by the audience.However, did the film have no communication intentions?

She laughs gracly and confessed that she grew up in a conservative family, not talking about politics at home, and that she had no first-line contact with social movements.After he became an elector, he had voted several times, and now he has been 40 years old, he has been over many times, and all the political parties have voted. What party is best for Taiwan? I have never been able to find the answer.I'm not so good at politics, but look at the injustice that's going on. Do we have a way to change that?Can I speak of doubt in my heart?" The space to be talked about and discussed is the intention of the film itself.

"My attempt is simple, democratic politics is so many years, and the person elected is still so bad."The central and southern members of the government and the people are all very bad.The construction of the factory is real, and politicians have sacrificed their lives at the expense of the people at the bottom. The state has been idle.I very much hope that there will be some new ways of doing things. "She has paused," for example, can we elect a better political figure?She looked at me and she was still sincere.

Tell me about the doubts in my heart, study carefully, and also have social repercussions.The Greenpeace people have told her that the drama is over-truthful, environmental pollution, and the relationship between the interests of the factory and the factory. It gives the film a sense of vision and a period of time for the film. It is hoped that the current difficulties of environmental politics can be seen through the .

Through the film, we have raised a problem and opened it up. I hope that we can discuss it. If there is nothing to do, then it will be very satisfied if there is discussion.However, the film is also entertainment. I also hope that everyone feels that this is a good story. It can be moved to move away from the movie theater and generate the power to let these things not happen again on the island of Taiwan."

The writer has asked the Taiwanese society for a film, and it is also an invitation.What would your answer be?

It's not just a mommy movement, it's a long one, it's metabolism, and there's a quick move to support it, and somebody puts it in the body and responds to the changes.Wang Liwen, who is introverted, is the latter, and the impatient Taiwan is not used to slow motion, but does not mean that there is no hot reading, slow, or social issues, and that the next one we have forgotten, that we don't care about, is the next.With a film, let's think again, what do we want our country, our environment, and society to look like?

In an interview, seeing action doesn't have to be a template for others, and your rhythm and thought, everyone, can be a source of change.