The woman is writing, inviting you to write the temperature of your handwriting, writing the weight of the text.Each of the feelings of love lets us piecing together a piece of our own.

A woman's writing, writing what you believe in, touching the words deep inside.

Text powerful, hand-written temperature, and handwritten IG, five posts for your chosen woman.

Featured five love handwritten quotes, love can be real, a lot of dollars, a warm, warm, and willing yourself to be the same as your handwritten blessings, bravely in your love, and become your own.

Love, love without fake me

If you want to love, you love me without fake.

" Rather than being mysterious, let's let you look at the original shape.Because of the mysterious feeling of love, she quickly lost love. The old sister was not afraid of men before seeing her, because she had a companion, and she wanted someone to understand. She was afraid that others couldn't keep up with her, and she wasn't afraid of her.

love of the older sister is that you have fallen in love with it, instead of relying on the wrists to get men to be lost in the wrapper of paper.

Chen Xue: Everyone is unique. Every love is also

We are all different.No one should be specifically signed.
feeling is that the relationship has always been classified. I think it's not interesting, but it's convenient to talk about, but everyone is unique. Every love is also a relationship.

the past, Chen Xue was once tested. She was also questioned by people when she wrote herself and the bed of a strange man. Isn't she a lesbian?"

Chen Xue didn't understand, she thought that perhaps the world was too dependent on classification."I don't think I can only love one sex, just walk the same path, and I can't just belong to one group.""

She's thinking, " I'm not trying to say I'm like you, but we're all different.No one should be specifically signed.The feeling is, I always categorize it. I think it's not interesting, but it's convenient to talk about, but everyone is unique. Every love is also a relationship."

You don't know who you are

Love is a mirror.We see another one by the eyes of the loved one.If you love it, you only know who you are.

friend of mine asked me, "Knowing that the other person has become distracted, I still don't forget him; knowing this will only get hurt, but I can't make my own emotions. What should I do?""

I made my friend's shoulder: " Forget about it, it means that you have loved your heart.Any loved one will leave traces in our hearts. If we don't forget it, it doesn't matter if you forget it, then you will think of this person you once loved, as an old friend of your memory."

The fruits of love are sometimes bitterness.Every one of them has been injured in love, or has been denied or rejected by others.Love is not a "non-theme," and sometimes the other person doesn't love me. It may not be who is wrong, and it may not be appropriate for each other.If two people are really not suited to this, it is definitely a good thing to break up.

Wang Tien-ming X Ho Hsiang: There are a lot of partners like us.

There are actually a lot of partners like us, two people are a family.

Ho Xiang and Wang Tianming have raised a dog, beep, and they have been together for 13 years, and they have been working together for 30 years and love for more than a third of a century.

30 years of rapid and rapid development, Ho Hsiang-ming's long-socialized soul met Wang Tianming University's youth, and Wang Tien-ming was riding his motorcycle everywhere. He was first to eat pig blood cake, and the first time he used to brush guitar and sang. The days were completely different.These few years, as Wang Tiangming says, "Our nightstand, the tail of the bed, the tail of the bed, the love will be fine.""

You let me know, I have the ability to be a gentle lover.

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Thank you, let me like you.
Thank you so much for letting me grow up in love."
Thank you, let me know, there is a relationship, I like you, it's good."
It is you who let me know that I have the ability to be a gentle lover."

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I think I'll learn to be gentle and sweet.When you meet you, let me know, some love is too precious, like the glass beads in the palm of the hand, even if you just use force, it will be broken.Some love cannot be too much of a mind, and that makes it impossible for yourself to be able to make it up. It becomes a cowardly and cowardly, and is only getting a reply from you.

So I will learn to have myself in love, and while you love you, you also live independently and live in a unique style of love.

Who says love must be a two-way relationship, and how can it be another beauty?It's you who let me know that I have the power to be gentle and lover.

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