An Interview with an Actor Yao is an actress, listening to her in the eyes of the actress, as well as acting as an actor and acting as an actor. She has been working hard on the road.(Top Guid, Inside Lei)

1:30 p.m., I walked into the interview scene and saw that Yao was bitten by a sandwich. He had a naughty and intelligent eye in his eyes, laughing. " This is my lunch!"

case of Yao, who interprets the "Jin Minmin" of the "detonation point", and is stubborn and unafraid of power, even if the blood is broken, the blood of the truth must be ascertained, and the mood of the public always has ups and downs in the case.But then she took off the powerful outgown of the International Public Prosecutor in the film, and the real Yao was soft and soft. She saw us sitting. She laughed at her eyes, and her eyes were real: " I've been watching the women's fans."

A word, a moment closer.It turns out that before an interview, Titan and a woman fan, there was a very deep relationship.

A person's desire is also a weakness for idealism

" People have desires and weaknesses, and you are the same."A prosecutor who has the courage to attack the system and not fear the power of authority," says the French surgeon Zhou Jiansheng.In a narrow and closed body, Yao, Wu, and Wu Kang, two of the most emotional and emotional bridge sections of the two men, broke out.

The superior officer ordered her to stop the investigation, and she did not retreat; the crowd spouted out an unethical prosecutor at her doorstep, writing an unscrupulous prosecutor, a white bitch, and she did not retreat.Before I went to the movie theater, I went to the movie theater to watch the . After watching the movie, Jin Min said, "People have desires and weaknesses," and they always circled in my head.

What are the weaknesses of Jin Min?" She's perfect in her ideal, but she's perfect in painting."The desire of Jin Min to follow social justice is her desire and may be her weakness," said Yao, slowly saying that Jin Min's desire is for social justice.

At the heart of social justice, Jin Minshen was a painter of idealism, followed by a desire to move from itself to justice, and she believed that the law would make the society ideal.But this ideal circle also stuck to her own.Her strength is a weakness, and she defines what the circle looks like. She has to be like that. There is no room for compromise with her. If things develop less than she expects, then they will be disorganized.

Think of the sense of cruelty, the sense of justice in the bones of Jin Min, and the sentimental incarnation of the audience, we will realize the ideals of social justice and hold on to Jin Minshun, but at the end of the fire, we will use incineration to block our thoughts.I have expressed my dismay at the end of the photo, and I laugh at it with a smile, but I love it when I first read the script.Why is it that a hero can succeed in saving America?It is only good to break the framework.

It's not a pity.The society has its own truth, but it does not represent the extinction of hope. In the end, it is impossible to solve the case. Jin Min's success has been invaluable, and this success has her share.

True, cruel, but a process of social progress.

Despite the outcome of the

, the addiction was made to the National People's Congress.But in the plot to talk about the petty struggle of the people, talking about the illegal trade of enterprises, it is even more straightforward to deprectal of social chaos.The audience expects to find a successful, righteous, but not a real world in the film.The so-called justice is what people want to see, and the reality is what needs to be seen.

Yao is acting as an actor, and the most wanted to present to the audience is true.

Instead of shaping fairy tales and heroes saving the world's stories, she wants real characters, plots, and can convey to the public, "This society, no one is an outsider."She said that the bursting of the bubbles was brutal, but that it was a process of social progress.

first half of the shooting, the curtain has so far made it impossible to forget about it, and every time I think of it, I feel it's acid.When she was at home, she was in a dispute with Chou, and she entered the role of Jin Minsheng. She was in her mood, and was repeatedly put out by the system. She was seen to be as dark as possible and still believed to be righteous.But in desperation and hope, it was acid and bitter that Kim Min-min put his hand in his hands.

So these struggles, let her read the phrase, "Although I always believe in the system, I always believe in the law," after the phrase "I always believe in the law".That statement was so persevered and persevered, and the long-held emotions broke out at that time.

Ask her if she thinks she has a similar place with Jin Min?She shook her head and said that she had a lot of differences with Jin Min, and that difference allowed her to feel a sense of heart and acid for Jin Min.



" She is too tired to live.In order to make the role of the player a way of assimilating the character of the character, it is necessary to make the role of the "Titan" in the form of a "T", which is a major change in the character of the "Titan"."It is very tiring to have all the serious components pulled out of the ceremony," he said.Then she said that she was too integrated into her role, and that she always said that she wanted to sue who was going to sue.

Existences of actors that enable women to share experiences

Yao is a woman with a sense of self-feeling and a sense of pain in her sense of feeling.It is also clear that women are constantly making choices in their lives.So when Jin Min was faced with a social risk and was considering her child's growth environment, she chose to have an abortion because she did not want her children to live in a chaotic society.Such a painful decision is so hard to make. There are too many alternatives.Although she may not be able to identify with Jin Min, she can understand her choice. "The child is of course lovely, but the growth environment is not your choice."She was slightly frowned on her eyebrow, and she seemed to be caught in a gold mine's choice.

The traditional social framework affects women for a long time, so when women are at the crossroads of family and personal idealism, the total unconsciousness is that they must be "chosen" and "chosen."Not only the older generation, but also the generation of the younger generation, she often sees a friend who is married and subconsciously recognizes that she is married, and that she should let her husband and her husband make money without distractions.

When it comes to this, the tone of the lody is slow, and the sound hurts, "it feels painful."Before you married, you were also able to develop people, but because of getting married, you pressed yourself to a low level."

" For example, if you come up with a door and ask your husband to help with your child, because my husband makes money, I'm sorry, I worry that my husband will not be able to take care of it because he hasShe was very excited, talking about how paternal power was injected into women's thinking, and the speed of speech was not quick-wittable, and there was a miscarriage of injustice: "I'm sorry, but I can only stay in the same environment and put myself in the bottom."But taking care of children is also a labor force, and it should have a system for family affairs."

The feminist consciousness is gradually lifting, and now we seem to have made great progress, but we have no sense of being bound by tradition.The society has no money to pay, because there is no real money measurement to ignore the value of the labour force, or to recognize that women have to pay for family and emotional support.If we do not meet the expectations of the community, women will first review themselves before the public review.

As a result, women are accustomed to choosing, and women are accustomed to fighting alone.Those who struggle helpless and do not know who they are saying there is no outlet for their emotions can only be swallowed and swallowed by their own.

If you want to change it completely, it may take time, but through the actors' role, the —, struggle, and sharing of women's experience can be shared, so that all women know that they are not alone in the face of the world, and that they are in a similar situation.As Titan believes, with theater, it can arouse women's awareness, to discover that a woman is a woman, without the so-called inevitable choice, and that no one should be able to bear it alone.(Recommended reading: [A gender perspective] month's wife and household chores are so tired, why not have the money?)

The cast is unknown, but why should I retreat?

In the course of twelve years of conflict with his family, he was unfamiliar with the interest of the handball player and accidentally hit an entertainment circle.

At that time, in the course of the actor's success, the father hoped that his daughter would inherit the law and take the path of stability.She said to her father why she had to give up on her own achievements.She asked a question: "Did your wife ask you not to take the test at that time, please give up?"This question is also a bit gender-represented.

I believe that the father is willing to let her do what she wants to do, but she doesn't want her to suffer more than let her go.My father always thought that the girl would be happy to be happy, wouldn't it be good?She has no choice but to understand her father's repeated nagging, such as his concern and concern, and his father's love for his daughter.

This love has made her more eager to prove herself, and has made some progress on the road.

Take the attitude of an "performer, whatever you want to learn," to move, to look at all kinds of performances, and even to learn to take a horse and ride, and to find a way to find a way to find a way to find out, and always use itThe actors are the result theory, and the energy is accumulated along the way, and it is latent, waiting for the appropriate role to come and break out together.This also means that there will be a long wait in the middle, and the actors will emerge from the question of self-doubt.

In the past, I looked at her, and I looked at her and felt hard. She said, "The art works are all very unknown, but I don't know why I'm going back."Although she says she doesn't look like Jin Min, this moment, I seem to have seen the hardships of the road ahead, and I am not afraid of the ideal and distant golden photo.Isn't it also a foolish, dazzled person with an eye on the ideal?

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We all have hundreds of faces, and the role should be like this.

her 12 years as an actor, Yao didn't want to cap herself, and played an official, a dancer, and a prosecutor. She believed that even in the same role, she would have different values and personalities. "Because of the real character, there was a lot of unexpected beauty."A prosecutor, he may love the extreme sports, and may like to wear makeup, even if he is a drama player, he is a person who has a flesh and blood.

She jokingly says that she loves acting on the edge of the edge. Perhaps the director can see that her antiskeleton is a bit too bad if she only puts it in the framework of a romantic love affair.

In addition to presenting real and acting as actors, Titan also has a sense of mission to create influence.She once felt upset about the past, but once she met a fan, she said, " You have a great role to play!After that, she treated each character with caution, because she believed that the actress's influence was far more influential than imagined.

Finally, I asked the story of Titan, if he was a screenwriter and could rewrite the character's fate.

Take a long thought and sigh at the end of the pain, and it's hard to say, "It's hard, because we've settled in her destiny."But if she can change her personality, I hope she can feel her sense of life, and more solid."

" Have you ever seen Kim smile?She said, "I thought about it, I think I didn't."" The female strongman is not just like that.She summed it up.

She can be serious about her work, and she can also wear mascara, paste, and wear skirts to go shopping.People have a variety of patterns, and she should be solid.I think, right, women are covered with heroic clothes, and they can step on their heels. This is what Yao has told me.