D&I Strategy room 9!The Diversality and Inclusion (D&I) run by a number of overseas companies is very rare in Taiwan.If you are a human resource manager, or if you are interested in finding a "multivariate", then this will tell you how to improve the unconscious bias, and how Disney can create a multifaceted recruitment pipeline.

Last week, we talked about the product manager, and we need to import the D&I concept into the team.Only a diverse group of team members can create exploding products that are loved by customers.In the past columns, we have been emphasizing that the implementation of D&I is a collaborative approach in all aspects: welfare policies, employee training, talent recruitment, and ... today, we talk about the diversity of talent recruitment in the business.(Recommended reading: Product managers cannot fall into the wrong mindsets!Create exploded products, D&I concepts must import teams )

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If you are a human resource manager, implementing D&I's wanted to recruit from talent, perhaps you will encounter these problems: if you want to diversify your workforce, you can only shrink them in a specific group?Conscienation is more diverse, but is the screening officer aware that certain jobs are only fit for a particular group?Or consider that diversity and admission are difficult to take into account?

Below, we offer three ways to improve the talent recruitment, and look at how they use social media to expand the recruitment pipeline, using Disney as an example:

Triangular improvement in talent recruitment

Building a multifaceted recruitment pipeline

General companies release jobs on the Web, and there are many channels to expose: human websites, corporate websites, Facebook, and Facebook fans (others will put on Instagram).

No matter what channel you choose to release messages, first you have to understand the image of the company, whether it be a photo, company introduction, or an employee's experience. Does it show that the company attaches great importance to the image of diversity?Is the work atmosphere focused on the role of the individual in the workforce, or is it only to compete with each other?(Recommended reading: [Hersstory] Soft and bold work overseas!In Japan as a resource, Shion: Make your choice the best )

If you want to attract more people to apply, try to portray working atmosphere, work content, or work with colleagues to create a work screen that allows the candidates to easily imagine.

Proper use of recruiting ad words

According to the < Forbes > report, research shows that if a job is described as "collaboration", "passion", "collaboration" and so on, it is easy to attract female candidates, whereas "competitive" and "fast-paced" are more likely to attract male candidates.Therefore, if an enterprise wants to strike a balance between men and women in the candidates, it can consider the use of words in advertisements.

Judging talent with data and facts

The company can draw up a talent selection criteria, based on data, facts, and make it more personal than the prestigious school medallions and first impressions.

Also, when writing a job description, avoid conditions with "prejudices", such as more than a few years of experience, graduation from national education, and in which field the majorical repair works.This may lead you to lose the talent that specials in certain areas and potential to be tapped!Or, you can also, at the end of the condition, encourage the candidates, not necessarily meeting the above conditions. As long as they think that they have the ability, they can also vote on their resumes!

At the same time, it is recommended that the company hire a multi-faceted trial judge, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, and not only that the company attaches importance to pluralism, so that the trial judge can connect with the diversified candidates to promote interaction and find a suitable candidate!

Three social pipeline units, potential candidates with the most contact

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A Disney theme park popular with friends in the world, to promote diversity, has many points of focus on the recruitment pipeline, and it is very worthwhile for us to learn from the use of social media to recruit a diversity of talent.

Disney will release talent on LinkedIn, Youtube, and Facebook, while creating a diverse corporate image.(Recommended reading: Run Like A Girl!See how P&G uses D&I commercials to live in women's groups )

When the job is released, all types of employees (role play, photographer ..., etc.) will be placed on the LinkedIn dynamic wall, so that the candidates can have a different view of the work.

On YouTube, there are “ Disney Careers ” channels, videos, demonstrations and holiday camps, and inviting diverse groups (e.g. women, ethnic minorities, disabled soldiers, etc.) to chat about work, and to let people who are interested in Disney work can easily sketch out their work plans.

For the Facebook page, Disney will release its titles based on brand image, film and post titles, while on Facebook account, it also allows for the precise touch of multiple ethnic groups, such as women, physical and mental handicap.

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With these three channels, Disney can quickly reach the most diverse, superior potential candidates.

In addition to making reference to the three points above, eliminating unconscious bias in the interview process, if the company wants to expand the talent recruitment pipeline and promote a pluralistic policy, it will also be able to make reference to the methods used by Disney to recruit people to create a diversified corporate image!