Become the pioneer of the times! 2018 "Time" magazine released the world's most influential figures, this year, the proportion of women record high. Let's see how these diverse female models work together to create change with their own influence.

"Time" published on April 19, 2018, "the world's most influential People" list, this year's list contains 45 influential women, in addition, in the shortlist, the age of 40 finalists are also up to 45 people, set a record of the influential figures of the past two years.

Edward Felsenthal, editor of The Times, delivered the following message at the 2018 Time 100 evening event at the Lincoln Center in New York: Fessenthal

"What makes this night so magical is that the list brings together people of extraordinary influence in different fields. You are the CEO or national leader, you are an Oscar winner or an Olympic athlete, an artist and a social activity advocate. You have resolutely declared war on the structure of power and embraced and tolerated refugees. You are pushing all of us to speak up for the things that should not be compromised!

"Time 100" usually reflects the prevailing social atmosphere, and, unlike in the past, it is clear that today's influence is increasingly less of a geographical and an age.

Although we are still in the traditional power structure, far from gender equality, this year's Time 100 single women more than ever before, from architects re-planning the city landscape, research NFL anti-brain damage scientists, brilliant actors and masters of independent narrative artists.

As Gabrielle Union, one of the women in the award-winning list,--metoo movement founder Tarana Burke: "Her strategy is not to play with the rules of the structure, but to flip and recreate a more egalitarian gender situation." 』

Today's media industry is sure to face a variety of changes. But one thing I am more convinced than ever is that when we are at the right moment, let the news focus on the right person, can inspire the action that is enough to change the world. 」

In 2018 Time 100, the hundred influential lists were divided into five different areas: pioneers (Pioneers), artists (Artists), Leaders (leaders), Idols (Icons), entrepreneurship Giants (Titans).

This article first introduces you to a list of people who make a difference in the field of pioneers and artists. Regardless of identity, class, gender, as long as you are willing to play the heart, can be the impact of the action to inspire change a member of the world!

Pioneer Pioneers

Nice Nailantei Leng ' ete: Give the girl a brighter future

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I want all girls and women to be seen not only as "women" but as "people". And we no longer have to struggle for rights and interests, but the rights to exist there naturally.

Nice Nailantei Leng ' ete

Growing in African societies where patriarchal culture is hard to shake and the culture of circumcision prevails. Can a girl turn over centuries of custom accumulation and oppression of women? Perhaps through acquiring knowledge and power to improve the situation of local women?

Niss Nai Leng Aite, from Africa, tells you through experience that fear and intelligence can change the fate of others.

As a Maasai child in Kenya, Niss Nai has made remarkable achievements: she escaped the cut of fate, in Africa, "circumcision" is her culture-through the ritual of female clitoris mutilation. (Extended reading: see two kinds of loss of female physiological organs: "Intimate Writings" and "circumcision" ceremonies )

But it's not enough to save yourself. As an adult, she continues to negotiate with village chiefs who traditionally do not work with women, and other adult rituals are healthier for girls and better for the community than circumcision. She also worked as an official in Amref health Africa through her own efforts to exempt about 15,000 girls from circumcision and child marriages throughout Kenya.

Nice is an extraordinary example of an African young girl defending herself. After losing her parents, she could have given up on resistance and followed the norm, knowing that it might be difficult to challenge norms in a male-dominated group, but she did not give up and instead made more efforts to receive education in order to help and change the sociocultural structure that hindered women's lives and well-being.

This behavior, which breaks the social framework and gives women more autonomy, has given her more admiration and respect. Nice was also the first woman in her community to be given a token of speech by the elders.

Through the efforts and hard work of Nice, we expect that the phenomenon of circumcision and child marriage will end in Africa in the future.

Florida High School gun survivors: Anti-gun violence, fighting for our future

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"Adults may have been accustomed to saying," That's the way things are, but what we as students learn is that if you don't study, the exams will be taken. For gun control, if you deliberately do nothing, you will continue to die. 」

Emma Gonzalez

When you have witnessed the shooting and slaughter on your side, will you be weak or brave enough to improve the situation? When you feel the power corruption, the same thing has not changed, you will be reluctant to look at it? Or look straight at the problem and do something relentlessly?

The young people who survived the Florida high School gun case, unwilling to be immersed in grief, they are the power of grief, to the public to face the United States rampant gun control problem, in the future, there should be no more people because of the proliferation of guns and killed in the shooting gun case.

In the Time 100 topic, Barack Obama wrote down the courage he saw in these young men who had the courage to rise up and create the future:

The U.S. response to mass shootings has long adopted a predictable model. Mourning, offering ideas and prayers, speculating motives. And then--in the fight against the spread of guns--political debates are mired in bickering and paralysis.

This time, things have changed differently. This time, our children called us. Students in the city of Florida State parkland are not like their rivals, able to lobby for advertising or have huge budgets. Most of them can't even vote.

But they have the unique power of young people to see the world in a new light, rejecting old restraints, outdated norms and cowardice that often disguised as intelligence. They have been transformed from shooting survivors into social movements, hosting march for our Lives National anti-gun Violence rally, which is a strength that insists America can do better. (Read more: The American anti-firearms parade looks at the plight of black women: "Our story never appeared on the front page of the newspaper.) ")

The children are showing us the American spirit that we taught them in the past-even though we ourselves sometimes don't believe it. And this spirit is: Our future, is not already written, but is about to be put into practice by us together.

Cardi B: I turn my past into a chip of success

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Do what you really want to do. People always want to tell you how to do it, no, act your way!

Cardi B

The courage to do it sounds simple, but how fearless public comment, not to dump social values, always loyal to their own soul, do their favorite thing? In addition to courage, the need is more self-confidence, intelligence and goodwill.

Singer Cardi B does not have a prestigious background, she has been a boyfriend family violence, but also do not shy of their own life is pressing and engaged in the past of strippers. She relies on her own passion for music and efforts to become the pop music list, 19 years of the first champion female rapper, in her song, you can see the various patterns of women-can be strong, can be sexual autonomy, can play cool. This is Cardi B teaches every growing girl, the most important thing. (Recommended reading: Rihanna writes for gay fans: Being yourself is more important than anything else )

"When I (Cardi B) first appeared in front of people, people thought I was too avant-garde!" I can do something like Shakespeare in the park! You cannot judge me simply because of my birth or speech. That's the real me, and when you think you're cool, everyone else will just shut up! 」

Taraji P. Henson in the Time 100 topic, so described cardi b:"I put my hands in favor of Cardi B. She talks openly about being a stripper, and she's proud of her history, and she said, "I've been hanging on a pipe, but you see, now I'm turning it into a chip of my own success." "When she showed her soul and true me, I immediately traced her, and I thought she sang the real voice of the townspeople, you know?" 」

He mentioned that when Cardi B's remix came out, he knew that she had found it! She is very clear about her talent, and she doesn't try to put herself into other people's rules. She recorded "Bodak Yellow" because that was the element she really loved. Even if there are many people with big eyes to pick her fault, comment on her, she still without guilt to become herself.

Artist Artists

Gal Gadot: Girl, you can be strong, kind, fearless and brave

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I want to prove that women have power and strength, not to be rescued by some male heroes, they can use their own intelligence and power to take care of themselves.

Gal Gadot

From fairy tales to Hollywood blockbusters, there is a flat story--Men are heroes by saving small women and children, and princesses need to wait for the prince to be rescued at the tower. In the heroic movie "Supernatural Woman Superman" appearance, gave the girl to grow the different model. (Read more:"Gender Watch", "Supernatural Superman", a feminist who joined the WTO )

"Gal Gadot", who plays the magic of Superman, is also constantly emphasizing this concept in the filming process: "I don't want to be the obvious character you see most of the time in Hollywood movies-it's a broken-hearted girl who waits to be rescued." I want to do something different. 」

She hopes that through her own interpretation let the girls know that girls can be heroes, girls can be strong and have gentle power.

As the first generation female Superman Lynda Carter, who starred in the magic of Superman, said that she added:

"She brought the supernatural woman Superman Wonder Woman into the world of people, fully demonstrating the role of the great and powerful image." I was fortunate to have explained the role with her, and Gail was a strong, intelligent and charming woman, mother and wife. She is loyal to her country, living in the world, full of humanitarian concern. Since 1975, Superman has become a representative of women and girls to look back at their image. Gai added to this complex and independent trait, I applaud her success. 」

Judy Chicago: With endless gaze, you see the negative power

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Even though I am only looking for what we expect, a more humane world paved with more bricks and more foundation, which is enough to be the driving force for me to get up every day, and to face the challenges without fear, to break the silence that has historically captured women.

Judy Chicago

To decouple their surnames from the patriarchal system. Judy Chicago, after her husband's death, does not follow or inherit her husband's or father's surname, she decides to use her birthplace--chicago as her surname.

As a woman, an artist, a soul with independent and free thought, she has been trying to get rid of the patriarchal bondage.

From her personal values to the works of art, she always showed a strong negative power, and she used to hold an exhibition called "Gala Dinner", which shows the beauty of women's genitals by means of a dinner plate.

I try to create the deepest and most mysterious thoughts of man into art, and I believe that feminism is humanism at this moment. --judy Chicago

Jill Soloway recalls that during his childhood, Judy Chicago exhibited in his hometown: "When I was 15 years old, my mother and her best friend Hedy and Judy started talking about Judy Chicago, a large exhibition in the South Rim area." All the Jewish women were very excited. I think they should think that I'm too young to see so many vaginas, but when they get home, they start talking about the paintings that bring religious experience and meaning. When I finally saw her work on a huge triangular table, I couldn't believe that all the tongues, pink flowers and leaves were created from a woman who looked like my mother. Her real name is Judith Silvia Cohn (Judith Sylvia Cohen), who transforms her mother's unspoken ideas into female gaze in art. "(Recommended reading:#girlgaze girl photo Album: Staring at your imperfections, like watching your own beauty )

Judy Chicago through her own artistic creation, let women in history, now, her moment finally came, everyone can see that she is our important legacy, we should be proud of the greatness.

Through these glowing, influential people in their respective fields, we can smell the unique atmosphere of this era.

This is a time to flip the architecture, break the rules, build influence from yourself, a generation that can be fearless, defend the truth, and begin to expand influence from care; This is a collection of people's ambition, from the small place, we can build waves together.