Deng Huiwen emotional Talk room talk to you about a sound relationship? Maybe we can start by opening our hearts and feeling each other growing.

Healthy intimacy, starting with your heart.

Each quarrel each other said to break up, but I really very insecure, I just hope he at home with more accompany me.

Q: What is a healthy relationship?

A: A long-term relationship, it is you in this relationship, can maintain your life, natural, continuous growth. And you know, your growth, not to the other side of the threat and anxiety, he will not suppress your growth.

Relationship Thinking small skim step

  • Open heart: All have the courage to face the dark part of the people
  • Support: willing to provide support for each other's darkness
  • Self-Integrity: Keep yourself more complete, not just the best part for your partner to see
  • Trust each other: Know your dark side and have faith in the other half to accept your integrity

If you admit that you have a greedy, weak side, and make the other person afraid of your integrity, this is not a good growth relationship. (Recommended reading: Deng Huiwen emotional Talk room | Ask yourself seriously, where is this relationship stuck ?

I'm good, what do you want the other half to do?

I have a very happy, but also can take care of themselves, it is really unexpected why to provoke others, rolling a person to my world? I hate the feeling of getting out of control!

Q: If you can take care of yourself, what do I want the other half to do?

A: If you can take care of yourself, then you are with your partner, that care for each other, is to take care of the "higher level."

When you have a partner, you need to know.

  • Create Happiness: You can create a person's happiness, you can achieve a lot of things oh!
  • Live for oneself: not because he takes care of me, we are worth together, we can live without a partner!
  • Create meaning: Two are interesting and interesting people, we can create more meanings under the foundation of survival.
  • Physical and mental balance: if you can not take good care of themselves, derived from the negative emotions, in the relationship is very hurtful!

The sentiment speaks the text to solve the word

  • Couples: A relationship that combines emotional needs, inner needs, social dimensions, the definition of law, and the sharing of life responsibilities, all of these troublesome things.
  • Love period: When your soul is shaken by another soul, you will feel the vibrations of each molecule toward each other from the body, and the other side toward you, you will rule out all the things that make the distance and want to keep close.
  • Marriage lovelorn: Think of "love period" or to see someone else, will be sad to cry of a state, knowing that want to be in a relationship, but now no, and then stuck in the "husband and wife" such a noun, do not know how to be good, doubt oneself is not ...
  • Happiness: feel that they have no regrets, I can know, again let me again, I will still have the same result, can calmly face, feel that they have done their best.