Are you suffering from menstrual cramps too? Six strokes of the office can also do acupressure massage, hurriedly collection it!

Wake up in the morning to find menstruation, but abdominal no colic, you feel happy, carrying bags, go to school or work on the road.

But the days do not from people willing to sit down seats less than 10 minutes, you begin to feel stuffy belly. Hot summer, usually stay in the air-conditioned room like heaven, but now like hell, want to wear more than 10 coats to let belly warm up.

Although not the pain to shout, but also let you sit, the body seems to be loaded with gears, a regular scratch your abdomen: pain two minutes-three minutes of rest-pain two minutes-rest three minutes.

Dysmenorrhea, do not have the momentum pang boldness, knife slow grind let you live than die.

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Obviously pain to not be able to wallow in public occasions, in addition to holding hot water bags, hot water, women fans to provide you with six massage methods, so that you even in class, work, can also be emergency.

If this is the case with your partner, quickly bookmark this article. In her menstrual pain to help massage, but also to enhance the feelings of two people Oh! (although the illustrations are nude, they can also be massaged into the acupressure points by putting on their clothes.) )

The first step is to let the lymph flow up and down.

Place the two palms open on the chest and move slowly down the abdomen, helping to flow down the lymph from the abdomen.

Second Step smooth lumbar lymph

Place two palms under the armpit and flow downward to smooth the lymph on the lumbar side.

The third step is to warm the circle

Double-fold the hands in the lower abdomen, massage in the direction of the clock, repeat about 10 times to keep the abdomen warm.

Fourth step kneading the back

Put your hands on your back and rub down from your shoulder blades.

Fifth step smooth pelvic lymph

Place your hands on the pelvis below your waist and concentrate on your body to warm and smooth the lymph around your pelvis. (Recommended reading:"Warm live" not afraid of toes cold knee stretching exercises )

Sixth Step Acupressure Spine

Place the thumb of both hands in the center of the back, starting from the spine above the waist and pointing downward.

Are these six actions simple? When the abdomen feels painful, stuffy pain, whether in school or office, can quickly massage your waist and abdomen next to the lymph yo! (Recommended reading: an action to cure lumbago: joint relaxation exercises )

In addition, you are recommended to use the above six methods of massage after bathing, with essential oils. Usually want to love themselves, physiology period, more to care for the body.

Images | women obsessed with Instagram

Girls, do not because of trouble, take pain medicine to eliminate dysmenorrhea, take some time, the massage methods to memorize it! Share this to your partner and good girlfriends, the next menstrual pain, you can also help each other massage, enhance feelings!