Women fan editor and author for you to choose Films, write film critics also write life stories, see the miniature life under the lens. Women fans and Netflix, choose different female models of female force sheet, life, sometimes should let go for their own gambling!

What do you think is influence?

is to overthrow the power structure, standing on the stage of tens of thousands of people, to build a more free and equal society? Is it a kindness to see others suffering and to try to give power? Or do you start by digging into your own traits, finding the value of being human, and understanding yourself on the way to influence?

Women are obsessed with Netflix, and this September, we wanted to talk about the power of women and their influence.

Look at the album, The Little People chase self-worth of the spiritual journey, from the Queen to the heroine of the multi-female model. In fact, the influence is not as far as we can imagine, in the time of indifference to inaction, if you get up and fight for the value of faith, you are a force, you are the impact of your own.

GirlBoss is the CEO: life, it should be a gamble for their own

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The Netflix original album, which was adapted by the real person, was 13 episodes from Nasty Gal founder Sufia Amoruso's real life, a street, no life goal girl, on EBay auction site to build self-brand, flip their life story.

This realization of the road of dreams, despite the friends and family are not optimistic about, Sophia still disregard the eyes of others despise, adhere to their ideals, in the struggle with the ideal and the reality of the process, I have challenges, but she will always let you see a force of grief and sorrow as the strength of the perseverance, so that resistance becomes the help of life, one by (Read more: " girlboss", the real-life adaptation album!) Nasty Gal founder: "Everyone should gamble for themselves." ")

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Believe me, I will find the things I love, but I do not know now, but it is waiting for me in the future!

"Zheng Mei's CEO" su Non-Asia

About life and dream, we always one side of the planning goals, while painting alteration, despite the practice of the road winding, but life should be a gamble for their own time, let go a bo is not a kind of courage? Only in this way, we will be in the corner of Life, meet waiting for us to spend a lifetime love of things ah!

GLOW Gorgeous Women Wrestling League : You call me a freak, I'm very comfortable.

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In the context of the 80 's, the story describes the depressed, non-aspiring actress Ruth, who went to a mysterious audition, but found that it was actually a new women's wrestling show "The gorgeous Women's Wrestling League" auditions. Under the guidance of the B-level film director Sam, Ruth and other women who were excluded from social exclusion, through training, step by step into the wrestling players, in the ring to seek spotlight and popularity, in the ring to seek friendship and life direction.

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Everyone calls me a freak, what I wear, what I wear, not for you, but for myself.

The gorgeous Women Wrestling League (Sheila)

In the ornate Women's Wrestling Alliance, the women who are maverick and brave enough to reveal their true selves are looking for self-worth and achievement in the age of sex discrimination, through wrestling, in the area of the wrestling of the masculine. In the album, you will see that they ignore the bondage of patriarchal society, and do not fear the eyes of others, serious, focus on the strength of their own to grow. This kind of feminine strength, very beautiful is very strong!

Marvel Jessica Jones : Heroes are not perfect, we are practicing to keep our faith

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The protagonist Jie Sicajons after a car accident, suddenly found that they have super ability, the force of Infinity more bounce ability, the original control her villain role, after she fled back to find her, began to hurt the people around Jessica, as the Marvel series of heroine, Jessica How to escape the past, to protect family and friends and innocent people? Become an important subject for her to learn in her life.

After you recognize the reality, you will have two options, to deny it, to make a difference.

"Marvel Jie Sicajons" Jie XI card

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This album depicts the heroine from mortal to become capable, faced with the human choice and test, in the salvation of others and the moral sense of death and death, how can she with her own angry and contradictory heart demon dialogue? As a person of ability also has the inner contradiction, runs through the movie core, lets us see the society to have the power, can produce the influence the human, may also be imperfect, will have the difficult choice struggle, but this is our true humanity.

How to maintain faith and make good-natured choices is a subject that we all work hard to learn when we practice our influence.

The crown of the Crown : History is not created by people who sit idly by.

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The crown, based on history, tells the story of Britain's current queen coronation from the throne, and the 1th and 2 seasons of the young Queen Elizabeth repeatedly collided with the British royal tradition, including her disregard for the royal opposition to the choice of Prince Philip as husband, the lack of knowledge to hire a private teacher, To choose a private secretary in accordance with his wishes, and to attack each other with the old Churchill Prime Minister, Ilizabeth said it was the ultimate female force to play.

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Figure |netflix provides

It is usually the most advantageous way to sit idly by, but history is not created by those who sit idly by.

The Queen of the Crown

In the background of British history, pulling out the axis of the royal power struggle, through the story of the Queen coronation, we can see the female figure in history, and/or ST focus on the diversity of the angle, see the Queen by the system is difficult to bind, but she still unwilling to ordinary, and strive to acquire knowledge, from intelligence to grow power, The courage to be a female model.

Wiring Girls 3rd season : Although Freedom is unreachable, I still have to struggle

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In Madrid in the 1920 's, the four female operator of the national telephone Company ushered in a revolution through a phone call, while coping with issues such as romance, friendship and the modern workplace, they did not need a man to foil themselves, in the surging of the rise of the feminist era, with confidence, enough to prop up everything.

As women at the time, freedom is like a distant dream, but we have a lot of people ready to fight for it.

"Wiring girl," Lydia.

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Figure |netflix provides

Album Background in the 1928 when the modern telecommunications industry, the era of the Golden Age, conservative Spain, the concept of gender equality has not yet popularized, women's rights are low, the story of the four protagonists in the telecommunications industry daxing Wave, become a terminal operator. Women go out of the house with a job, which is the first step away from paternity and male attachment. We also see in the story the multi-issue of feminist movement, multi-angle relationship, coup plot and power struggle with the four-digit operator's perspective.

After reading this album, you will deeply feel the women into the workplace, active participation in the social movement, can bring about the major changes and impact, and this is the time change, the most precious and most need to defend the place.

the past of love : Love is risky, but I want to be brave once

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Story Description High school girl Laura Jane always likes to love the object of love in the letter, secretly collection, one day these five letters all mailed out! For their own lack of self-confidence Laura Jane even accidentally become a campus man, every boy to ask him what is the matter, let Laura Jane began to face their feelings, to clarify why they are always in a passive state: is not loved, not worthy of love, or all the intimacy, as long as it can be lost? (Recommended reading:"For you to pick the film" "July and the" Girl's youth, men do not have to be the protagonist )

Love is a bit scary. It will change, it may fade away, it is part of the risk. But now, I don't want to be afraid anymore.

"The Past of Love" Laura Jean

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Figure |netflix provides

"Love of the Past" to the youth Campus film entrance, let us see the relationship between the sexes, love values and parent-child issues, see how the heroine through self-doubt and love doubts about the youth course, finally brave to pay the sincerity, in the face of self, in love has a growth-and this growth, but also let her step by step to know the real

Through six of Netflix's original films and albums, we see how women's power and influence are practiced in everyday life: the courage to face the real me, the ability to grow from the self, the fear of the outside eye, living outside the framework of the female model, is enough to have an impact.

As long as you are willing, in the face of self-life dilemma or rigid structure, remember to raise your hands, take action, influence, can be defined by you!