Single diary, write tempting's single mind. After the breakup she had a cat, only to understand that the original love is not dependent, but independent of each other needs.

After the breakup, she kept a cat.

She had always wanted to have a cat, and there used to be a lot of excuses, such as being too small to hold a cat in the same room, for example, they were busy, too busy to take care of themselves, or to make allowances for each other's time, for example, they were allergic and the relationship was allergic.

They want to have a cat, this wish for a long time, almost did not follow the breakup with the burial. After the breakup she thought, as she came to raise, a little drifting, harboring a secret, at least for the relationship to keep a little something down. (Recommended reading:"single diary" 田馥甄 type of love: If Love is not eternal, at least let us happy )

She thought, a future life, to commemorate the past feelings.

Later she moved a room, buy furniture, hanging like a long time painting, chose a deep love of home supplies, from scratch to build a home shape, this slowly with her single breath. The cat also moved in, just like that, a friend's cat freshmen a nest, asked her to not one. She nodded.

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The cat was still small, curious, and the little body was circling around in space. After the breakup, she often felt that she returned to the state of the child, any mood is very direct, the cat is so, hungry on the shout her, miss on rubbing her, feel bored to go away. Seems to have a tacit understanding, and she was about to grow up together as well.

She suddenly felt so good, and she began to feel that her emotions were directly good. Positive, negative, difficult to understand, she no longer anxious to put her emotions locked up, but slowly to understand it.

She does not understand the kitten's language, but the kitten seems to understand her feelings, sometimes run to her sleep at night, the kitten will reach out the paws, touch her hand, like saying, I'm here yo. The kitten sleeps soundly, she listens to his regular grunt, thinks oneself to hold a life, feels his complete trust, also sank sleeps, sleeps very well. I am here, you are here, we are here yo.

The kitten wakes up with her, and he is the first pair of eyes she sees in the morning.

The eyes looked at her, and there was no doubt of clarity.

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The kitten loved her in his way, and more often she felt that the kitten was watching over her. Probably the kitten vaguely think this big he several times the creature, also has her very fragile time, also has to take care of oneself in a mess of time, also have need to hug. The kitten was dreaming with her, waiting for each morning to come, each night coming, and the two of them grew up together.

She learns to build and have a relationship in the days of taking care of kittens. Not control, not dependence, not infatuation, nor even salvation, but the need for each other independently. I am a good person, of course, there are very bad times, I am not because I want to avoid the problem, so I need you, I just love you, no purpose, not even forced the results, just want to go with you.

She recalled that the little life had taught her a lot.

Love a person, like a cat, need him instead of force him, take care of him without occupying him, love him without controlling him, let him free, do not hinder the love of all possible. Love is when we grow up, hand over, thank you for loving me, thank you I love you.

Often remembered, she felt that this is the relationship, she gave herself a late gift.