A 2018 U.S. Open singles final, take you to a closer look at Amiko won and small Williams sex discrimination, why become an international topic!

The 2018 U.S. Open singles final, which was established in Sunday (number 9th). With "Japan Xiao Wei" said the Amiko, in a straight 2 of the results, beat their small to big idol-the United States before the Williams, only 20 years old, that is Japan's first to qualify for the final and take off the grand slam players.

But the game is so hot, in addition to the results of the game, more is the episode in the game.

Small Williams in the game during the main trial three times the warning, but also directly punished a board, indirectly affected the results of the game, she fiercely with the main trial debate, and put forward her own punishment is a kind of gender discrimination. In the final ceremony, Osaka straight Beauty won, but the audience booed constantly, let her feel embarrassed, and even fall into tears.

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Little Williams Sex discrimination? We should talk about what is the performance of respect in the sports field.

According to the "Vox " report, in the match 2nd, senior referee Carlos Ramos for the Williams (Serena Williams) coach on the sidelines with a code for "out-of-the-field guidance", for this award " Warning, "Little William was dissatisfied," she went directly to the trial, and said: "I would rather fail, and will not cheat to win." "Defend your innocence and protest the judgment of the Lord."

After receiving this warning, Xiao Williams in the game, because of dissatisfaction with his performance, the fight against his anger, this line to let her again by the referee warning. For this reason small Williams mood out of control, alleged referee Ramos is "thief", and at halftime, walk to Ramos side said: "You owe me an apology." "caused referee to intervene, this also let small Williams again was sentenced to warn, and was directly punished a innings."

In an interview with ESPN after the game, Williams's coach, Mouratoglou, said he was actually signaling the little Williams, despite the clear rules, but stressed that little Williams did not see him, "I mean, I'm telling the truth, I don't think she looks at me, so that's why she always thinks she shouldn't be warned. 」

In addition, for the small Williams Wrestling racket was awarded a warning, many tennis players also for her uneven, elaborated in the past many male athletes to make more exciting speech attacks, destroy the racket behavior, also did not get such serious punishment.

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"A lot of male players have said similar things in the past, but because they're men, that's not going to happen," Little William mentions. "She thinks the referee has a different standard of judgment and injustice," I'm here to fight for equality and women's rights. "(Recommended reading: tennis star Little Williams: I swing hard, can also rub pink nails )

Martina Nas, a 18-year-old grand slam singles champion, said that although she agreed that the referee's judgement was double-standard, Little Williams's performance in the game was somewhat inappropriate, she says, "we should not ask ourselves to be exempt from punishment, in fact, that is not a bad behavior on the pitch." 」

However, Navaratilova added: "Serena Williams is partly right." 」

"There really is a huge double standard for women in how to punish bad behavior--and not just tennis. But in her protests, she also had some of the wrong argument. I don't think we should take the "if a man can avoid being punished and that woman should be able to avoid" as the standard, instead, I think the question we should ask ourselves is: what is the right way to show respect for athletic competition and respect for our opponents? 」

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Amiko the moment of glory: I'm sorry, it's not what we want.

In addition, Amiko in the presentation ceremony when the performance of tears, some comments on the internet for her to hold the uneven.

As a 20-year-old, he became the first player in Japan to win a grand slam, which was supposed to be a glorious moment for Amiko, and the crowds and commentators did not cheer for Osaka, but were shocked and saddened by the failure of the small Williams. (Recommended reading: for Taiwan to brush a grand slam!) Female web Zhang Kai: I don't win or lose, I just want to enjoy the home.

Osaka said she didn't know what had happened when Little Williams was arguing with the referee on the pitch. "She's a tough opponent and I have to stay focused in the game. "When the game was over, she stood on the podium and felt that she was very emotional," I won a very difficult and competitive game. But I feel that everyone is a little upset, and I feel sad because I'm not sure if the crowd is peeing or that the result is not what they want. I feel like I have to apologize, "she looked very disappointed at the scene," said the crowd, "I'm sorry it had to end like this." I want to say, thank you for coming to watch this game. 」

Due to the audience's dissatisfaction with the judgment, at the end of the game to enter the award ceremony stage, the audience still hiss constantly, so that little William involved and call for people to stop, she said, "Let us take this moment to do a good time, with a positive attitude to face, we will pass all this, congratulations, straight beauty." 」

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From that moment on, the hiss became a cheering sound. Osaka was encouraged to celebrate the trophy she won, like all the champions. The United States Open singles final, sparked many controversy, when small Williams raised his judgment, for her is a kind of theft, is a kind of discrimination, in the eyes of many people, Osaka also suffered a time taken to glory.

In this regard, the small Williams also specifically after the game to mention her opponent's respect, "she played a wonderful game, she deserves praise." She deserves to win! 」