The starting point of the interview with Lin Jingyi is the hope that together with the reader to see the women's not the same appearance, the different possibilities of life, do this interview, no disappointment.

"Ah, I myself are so normal, casually born have three, how can give birth to this not sound." "The mother who accompanies her, the face has been very difficult to see."
"Where is she not sound?" "Why would a mother say in front of her daughter that she is not sound?" Oh, my God!
"Ah, how do you give birth to a child?" "Sure enough, all women are supposed to have babies later.
The little girl did not dare to look at her mother, a little frightened, staring at me, the brows deep lock. I looked at her and said to her very seriously, "if a boy doesn't marry you because you can't conceive a child naturally, let him go!" 」

This dialogue, occurred in the Lin Jingyi, she is a gynecologist, look at the female body pain, see more than the body to find pain, there is a gender framework under the oppression of the heart, the former can rely on medical technology, the latter is not a prescription or surgery can be dealt with. Lin Jingyi offbeat, easy for the patient record straight, finish the physician's job, sometimes also pull the patient's hand to seek legal counsel, call for rights and interests. In the more than 10-year clinic, Lin Jingyi The stories he had encountered, the woman in the room, women, and herself.

Looking at the physical and mental oppression caused by too many gender frameworks, she wanted to be more systematic in her treatment, starting with the Gender Equality Committee of the Executive Yuan, participating in policy review and formulation, and achieving non-divisional legislative councillors. New identity appears this year: writer. Open the cover of the book, she wrote: "A proud and long longhair bowel mother, the eyes have been presbyopia age." Did not have a very big goal, the result did not think of things, people are in a limited choice to do the choice, life is affected by the village Spring Tree book greatly influenced (meaning if there are deviations are blame him). 」

Compared to the air title, this paragraph is closer to making friends, this is also the beginning of the Lin Jingyi to give people feel, not tall, but grounding gas. She neatly took off her shoes, banging into the park, "No need to wear slippers, stepping on the floor is very comfortable!" "I guess she went into politics is also the rhythm of a one-time treatment of the lesions, it is inevitable that the policy from the system to apply force, then knock the drum to step in, but before the end of the interview she told me that the political road long, do obstetrics and gynecology physicians or lifelong career records.

I am surprised, this option is a lot of slash in the prime of the age, how so certainty? She smiled and said, "too long no operation, preface!" "The body honestly does not lie, does the doctor's call always in, I to she chooses the obstetrics and gynecology the pragmatic ponder impression is very deep:" The physician this line, the branch chooses to go down, one does is a few decades, before making the decision must first ask oneself clear: you like what kind of pace, the work mode, more importantly, what kind of person 」

The medical scene: Women who are not trusted

Lin Jingyi Self-statement, like all girls, no girl born to accept the fate, remember that they are "inferior treatment" for the first experience of sex. She said, the first time is the state of the guide told her, "You take the class first time is not much, the country two began to have physical chemistry, boys will surpass you." "She's so angry," she said, "No, of course it's going to prove that things aren't going as well as the teachers think." 」

She is not only proof, but also into the medical, found that she likes to move the knife of the big surgery (surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, oral surgery, ear and nose and throat, etc.), surgery is a male medical military battleground, not deliberately to women unfriendly, but surgery has never been the default doctor is a woman, nature did not retain the position of the woman, if How should gender equality be discussed?

"I was at that time, the hospital does not have the girl's duty room, the internship when squeeze, or other people find a way to give me a girl to sleep." As a resident, I slowly feel that some branches actually do not like girls to work. "She said very quickly, while holding the uneven, while not forgetting to analyze," the surgeon's work pressure is very big ah, male physicians are often go to drink together, girls in, natural uncomfortable; earlier, doctors paid better, may go to the restaurant, those are not female physicians can go to the place. 」

There is not only a gender problem among physicians, but also the relationship between doctors and patients. There is such a passage in the book:

"Thank you doctor uncle, thank you nurse aunt." "Whether it is to the kindergarten or the country small children to carry out physical examination, I have heard the teacher with the children said, and several times." This has nothing to do with the difference in the physician or nurse industry, but rather, the physician is a girl, why is it not so justified?

is called the nurse aunt is often the matter, at least does not affect the communication, the most feared is because the sex produces the medical disease distrust. "Surgical male patient sees a female physician, the first he doesn't trust you!" Unless you're old enough, more than 50 years old. When you are a 20 or 30-year-old intern or attending physician, he has a low confidence in you. "There is no such problem in obstetrics and gynecology, she said frankly with the female patients very happy communication," the patient will not because you are a girl and rejected, but think to understand each other. Relatively speaking, in obstetrics and gynecology, female physicians tend to be more popular than male physicians. 」

Gender is not an absolute value, but a relative. In the physician community, women are a minority, so women must redouble their efforts to prove themselves, in the nursing group, male is a minority, male nurses are also faced with gender temperament pressure, or relatives and friends can not understand. However, Lin Jingyi observed an interesting phenomenon: male caregivers are usually more likely to get a promotion. "On the one hand, the male caregiver has the support of a family, a partner, usually does not have to go home to do housework, on the other hand, the nursing community is also easy to think that men are supervisors of the material." 」

Don't you think it's strange? She tilted her head and asked me. Lin Jingyi was very impressed by the conversation between the nurses, "there was a male paramedic, and the other paramedics said that the boy should be in the management and shouldn't be here with us." "The scary place of the gender framework is that women will be self-doubting and derogatory, willing to abdicate, and let men walk ahead, not to take the lead."

She often mentions one thing in her book: The Medical Front, the profession has no rank. Sometimes watching the nurses do their work, tying up the image of care and sacrifice, she also has an anxiety in mind, "the gender issues in the nursing community seem not to have the opportunity to flip more." In fact, caregivers do not have to use the "Nightingale" symbol, or resort to feminine traits, and love, sacrifice dedication to death, which does not contribute to the industry's gender equality. "She is not reconciled," is not a man engaged in the work can be tied with the professional. I am surprised that the nursing staff is also a professional ah, we should emphasize the professionalism of nursing, the status of women to raise up! 」

If you have a baby, why can't you decide?

More than 10 years, I have seen countless patients, I asked the most commonly seen in obstetrics and gynecology female pressure is what? Thought she would fall into the contemplative for a long time, after all, the case is different, unexpectedly, she categorically almost seconds back, "the pressure of birth child, because every day outpatient will see."

Taiwan Society claims that gender is more equal, the pressure of childbearing children has not disappeared, still solid in the female body pregnant. "It's a great pressure to get into a marriage, and it's a matter of deciding between a partner to have a baby." But in Taiwan, you will still hear the expectations of each other's parents, even the pressure of their parents to the daughter. She had seen a case is married less than half a year, the girl looked anxiously to find her, ask what to do, Lin Jingyi care More asked, is the other family very urgent? The female patient replied, not, is my own father, he said I should quickly pregnant to each other's home an explanation.

This basic gender issue is also oppressing women's reproductive autonomy. Lin Jingyi Talk about a concept: childbearing decoupling, translated into the vernacular is a sentence, born without children, your own wishes and ideas? Women are not born to be wives and wives.

Women are not born to be wives and wives.

Lin Jingyi

"Later I talked to her, the birth plan, just a plan in your life, but when to reach it, it is your own decision, not mom and dad have been nagging, you suddenly feel that you are useless, can only give birth to children. 」

Another situation in the book is that girls have the idea of having children, but the man does not want to get married, Lin Jingyi quietly listen, and then tell her, this matter, should first ask himself: "Ask yourself whether you intend to have children, and then look at your social network, financial support, enough to raise children, this with your partner to marry you, Can be of no relationship. 」

The female patient talks with her, the eye is bright, "is the kind, to Yes, why I was the kind of old concept bound, I can think clearly." It is a pleasure to see the other person having such an instant. 」

Desktop Marriage: Under the free love, full of contractual calculations

In the outpatient scene, she often sharp observation, interview process She said directly, I sometimes even sweat for her, for example, she said: Taiwan's marriage is still full of calculations.

"The marriage in Taiwan has not been a simple hand-off for the future, but both sides are full of calculations. For example, the woman's friends and relatives will see: the other party has no money, there is no car house, which is also related to the work of the work of different pay problems, the man is calculated how old girls, will be born, will not give up work obediently with children. 」

"Now the marriage imagination is Western-style free love, but actually to see the process, this and the traditional contract marriage, actually no two AH!" It's just that the two sides have a good relationship and then the process is the same. 」

"What is the effect of this?" In the outpatient meeting a situation is, the girl wants the child and asks the frozen egg, I ask the reason that cannot be born now, is oneself have other plan? The answer is often, now the boy can't marry me, the object is not good enough, become a lot of women waiting for the boy, and so on a parents think can marry male, or other partner's economic ability to grow. This, you can wait until she becomes an old woman. 」

Women's autonomy means being accountable to themselves. She looked at the outpatient department too much, can not resist the situation, "if the woman's economy and life can be independent, why to have a child, but also think to find a family can be married to the man?" What about the gender equality we've been doing for so long? "This speech is really sharp, sharp to a bit of pain, she said, talk about childbearing decoupling, is pulled back to talk about female autonomy," life to children, and to get married, can be opened to see. Marriage is your involvement with another person, may be broken, may continue, but the child is another thing. 」

Lin Jingyi also shares, such as northern Europe's fertility peaks, and Taiwan is very different, "Nordic more than 20 years old a peak, more than 40 years old another peak, and even many women are non-married birth." The reason is that girls know that when they are more than 20 years old, fertility conditions are just right, accompanied but not want to be married, Mr. Children. The next encounter can be committed to the relationship, or career development to a certain stage, ready to meet the child, so the more than 40-year-old appeared a second peak. In contrast, Taiwan is at a peak of about 30 years old, and then it goes down every year. 」

These figures not only present social differences, but also present other possibilities of life arrangements. The Taiwanese are rightly the "right" way of living, not elsewhere. We ask the society to exert pressure on women to give birth time, but also encourage girls to think: Life is short, your expectations of your life, and what?

We have this responsibility: Brave to show others!

Lin Jingyi out of the book, there are a lot of female physicians, girls and friends have the same feeling, told her that she was also wronged, she could not help sharing experiences and stories, Lin Jingyi said, for their ability and conditions around the friend, she sometimes rather harsh.

"I ask each other, if today you are relatively social and economic weakness, social support is not so good, must rely on men, I will not be harsh, but you today's monthly income may be other women's 三、四倍, even 10 times times, you and I complained about-law inequality, unequal work, and then no action, that society can be saved?" "She leaned forward, with disciplining in her eyes," you have room to negotiate with your partner, your co-workers, and you don't even do it, will the woman's situation improve? 」

She could not help but continue to say, "I really look forward to such as our female physician, or political figures, and so on, some of us girls have a certain social, economic and status, theoretically should compare the conditions of choice, compared with other women who do not have resources and support network, more likely to be independent, we have this responsibility, The social atmosphere rushed to a little, brave people to see that you are so brave no relationship, you so deviant, so unlike others, in fact, no relationship yes, good oh! 」

She paused, perhaps agitated, hoping to have more companions.

"When I was a college graduate, I thought doctors had to carry a little more social responsibility. I have such expectations for physicians, professors and political leaders. Every capable person, carry a little bit more, rushed when there will be a little pain, but not to rush, there is no way ah. "She laughed again," did not ask you to go to fight with the father-in-law! 」

Although such a strong person, she talks about the patient, the expression has the sweet memory. The book, because she is very often in the process of thinking about her patients, but also miss the doctor and patients on the front line of physical contact. "On the one hand is my feel is almost gone, there is a lot of anxiety, out of the book, but also more than 10 years of homework to do a finishing." Because people's memories are going to fade away ⋯⋯"

In the sentimental place, she changed a turn, out of the book, but also want to encourage girls to live according to their own ideas, "especially our powerful women, we have to have a better, let others can't criticize us!" 」

( I listen to Lin Jingyi, "The Woman in the doctor's Room").

Editorial PostScript:

At the end of the interview, we went to the photo shoot and we chatted, she said, today is her eight anniversary of the death of her sister who jumped off her husband's cheating. I was surprised she remembered, she said no, face book has a reminder.

After hours, the flow of traffic outside the window, we were quiet for a while, she sat on the high chair, two legs dangling, she said, the learning elder sister died, the man is not alive well, really pity Ah, then turned his head and smiled to me, said, "So, we women must be their own people live very good, very value, very cool!" 」

Women's obsession with sex primary school hall

Childbearing decoupling

The traditional patriarchal social concept holds that marriage and childbirth must be tied together and bred before marriage. Female fertility is also often not according to their own will, whether it is under the expectation of marriage pressure, or self-subject to "must have a partner" imagination. The presentation of reproductive autonomy also includes childbearing decoupling, women who are responsible for their actions, whether or not they have partners, who can ask whether they have the will, plans and resources to have children. Marriage and childbirth are two things that are separate.