The tenth time between D&I strategy! Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), which are executed by many foreign enterprises, are seldom discussed in Taiwan. Shanghuana Brothers, 9/5, who recently launched the red-hot movie "Crazy Asian Millionaire", announced the full promotion of the multi-clause, and we will take you on d&i how to ferment in the entertainment industry!

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Blue sky clouds, gold capital of the "WB" on the above, whether it is a movie fan, the logo should be no stranger. The world's leading entertainment industry-Warner Bros., its companies in all areas, and the recent strong film "Crazy Asian Rich", the DC comic adaptation film "Superman", "Batman", all from their hands.

pictures | movie "Crazy Asian Rich", "Dark Knight"

Including Warner, Hollywood's other film companies, such as Foss, Sony, Walt Disney, drama The "white" problem has been repeatedly criticized by the public, non-whites of the star difficult to enter the Hollywood film, and even get the main role. According to a study by Professor Stacy L. Smith of the University of Southern California, in the 2016 blockbuster films, there were only 31.4%, non-whites, 29.1% women who played the role of a script. The report also points out that only 4.2% of the directors behind the scenes are women, 1,438 writers and 17.8% women. (Recommended reading: ten years only until a female director!) Oscar too "masculine" controversy: let more women into the film Circle )

So in 9/5, the Warner Brothers issued a statement that attracted enthusiastic attention from the public and related industries-he pledged to incorporate the plural additional clauses (inclusion Rider) into corporate policy and to diversify the company in large scale. And Warner's HBO and Turner broadcasts will also be involved.

What is a multivariate additional clause?

The move sparked public debate because the Hollywood industry, which has been shouting to wash the white, has often only made diversification a slogan. As one of the world's largest film and television entertainment companies, Warner is the first company to implement multi-clauses specifically. In the statement, he said:

Warner will co-produce companies, trade unions and other resources to provide more pre-and behind-the-scenes coverage for women, colored races, lgbtq+ communities, people with disabilities, and underrepresented groups.

We are committed to doing our best to ensure that TV films and other projects, with a diverse cast of actors and staff, work with the board of directors and producers to promote a multifaceted blend of entertainment industry. To this end, in the pre-drama production process, we will work with writers, producers, directors to develop a plan to achieve this commitment.

The ultimate goal of the provision is to provide more film and television opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Warner's CEO, Kevin Tsujihara, further explained that the resolution stemmed from Frances mcdormand--'s 90th annual Oscar for Best actress, which she made in her speech "inclusion Rider (plural additional terms)". Kevin Tsujihara hopes to translate this concept into concrete action and incorporate corporate policy.

Photo | Frances McDormand at the 90 annual Oscar speech

But what is inclusion Rider (plural additional terms)?

"Rider" generally refers to additional terms in the contract. Frances McDormand that the film and television contract should add an "ethnic security quota". For example, there should be 10 Asians or 50% non-whites in a movie. Multi-element additional clauses are mandatory and can guarantee the diversification of film practitioners. (Recommended reading: Talk about inclusion Rider: When you have influence, you can only think of yourself, you can change the environment )

Pluralistic integration is not only a social responsibility, but also a market trend

After the inclusion of the plural additional clauses in the policy, Warner announced that the film "Just Mercy", to be released in 2020, would be starring Michael B. Jordan, who had starred in the Black Panther. The entire film from the front to the backstage, according to the provisions of the distribution of personnel, to ensure that ethnic diversity.

Pictures | Michael B. Jordan in the Black Panther

Warner has not yet disclosed the specific terms and the results of the implementation. But we can expect him to release the annual report later.

With this Warner Act, what we can think about is, why does he want to make a big move and enforce the terms? Perhaps Warner has come to realize that audiences are fed up with single-character stories (TV dramas that are all White-starred), one-sided and discriminatory views (Asian, African-Americans are always playing the bottom of society).

Viewers expect more diverse roles and more reflective drama content. For example, each woman's character is different, drama should show the female role of the diverse appearance, rather than starting from the beginning to play silly white sweet, such as Asian, African-American not only "with glasses of nerd", "smoking and drinking drugs small Minions" and other discriminatory stereotypes, they can be real life, their true appearance. We expect movies to envision the future and to reflect reality.

Audience demand also drives the market. According to the Hollywood chief Talent brokerage Agency CAA survey, from 2014 to 2016 413 films, non-white actors of up to 30% of the film, the box office is often better than the number of not reached. For example, "key minority" has so far won $230 million, "escape from the absolute town" is 250 million. The highest-grossing movie of the past nine years, Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force, is widely praised for its multi-racial actors. (Recommended reading:#Oscarsowhite: Is Oscar Taibai, or our story is not colorful? )

Data show that diversification is no longer just social responsibility, but the trend of the times. Looking forward to this Warner move, can drive the whole industry reform, the future can not only in the drama to see the diversity of culture, and even the entire entertainment industry can change!