Reports of sexual assault commissioned by the German Bishops ' conference were leaked earlier by the media, noting that more than 3,600 children in Germany were sexually assaulted by Catholic clerics. The editor takes you to see: Why is this important? What could be the reason for the early release of the media?

In the past 70 years (from 1946 to 2014), 3,677 children in Germany have been sexually assaulted by Catholic clerics, with a population of 1670, more than half of the victims, and more than one victim, aged under 13.

German media published the data on sexual assault in the German church, which was reported by three German universities, citing a total of 38,000 documents in 27 German parishes. The Commission of the investigation report is the German Bishop Conference itself. This report was originally published by The Church on September 25, but unexpectedly in Germany time Wednesday, by one of Germany's most influential news media, "Spiegel Online" and "Die Zeit" first Spiegel.

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According to the report, from 1946 to 2014, at least 1670 clergy were suspected of sexually abusing children, and the number of victims was as high as 3677, more than half of whom were under 13 years old and mostly boys. Of these, 969 victims are supplemented by children, while in every 6 cases of sexual violence there is a case of sexual assault.

However, in those 70 years, only 38% of the defendants were prosecuted in accordance with the law in cases where victims or families had successfully lodged complaints.

According to the German Times weekly Report, only about 3 per 1 (566) of the 1670 clerics involved were required to attend the church's disciplinary hearings, most of which were subject to minor disciplinary sanctions. The vast majority of those involved were only replaced by the parish, to the new community services, re-washing white, the new community is not aware of the past history of sexual assault of the clergy involved, and will not receive any relevant information or warning.

The report also points out that, as some records may have been destroyed or modified, the actual number of victims may be more than the persons involved.

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How does the Catholic Church respond now?

According to the BBC , Stephan Ackermann, a spokesman for the German Bishop conference entrusted with the investigation of the external authorities, said after the report that "we understand that the survey points to the extent of sexual violence in the church and is frustrated and ashamed." 」

"The purpose of this investigation is to bring light into the dark corners of the church," he said. Not only for those who have been suffering from these sexual assault, but also for us (the church) to see the mistakes of the past, and do everything possible to prevent the same events from happening again. 」

"I must emphasize that this report is not just an account of the church, but also the actions we owe to those who are suffering from the events." "ackermann added that the church would provide a helpline for people affected by the report as it was released in advance.

Before the deadline, the Vatican did not respond to reports released by Der Spiegel, but also in Wednesday, Roman Catholic Pope Francis Pope called the Catholic clergy to the Vatican to discuss how to protect children.

Why did the investigation report be leaked out early? It's hard to believe that history is long

Michael (Boston Globe Reporter): 6% equals 90.
Watt (focus group editor): 90 priests?
Ben (Boston Globe Special Editor): If there are 90 of these bastards, people should have known.
Michael: Maybe they know.

This dialogue, from the 2015 release, won the 88th annual Oscar Best Film and Best Screenplay award of "Breaking Focus." The film was adapted from the real story of 2002: six reporters and editors from the Boston Globe have investigated cases of sexual assault on children by local Catholic priests.

Photo Source | "Breaking Focus" stills

In real-world events, the Boston Globe survey, which was extended to 13 local priests by the initial case, was the final statistic of 87 suspected sexual violence clerics in Boston. The reporters persuaded lawyers who had defended the priests of sexually abused children to testify, exposing the crimes of clergy in the Catholic Church in Boston, and the crime of harboring sexual assault from the churches: for example, the church sent sexually assaulted suspects to other parishes, allowing them to continue committing crimes in the new parish, for example, through the use of power, Cheat the data in the justice and government system.

The survey report, which was released by German media, is a feeling of spontaneity.

In the breaking Spotlight, Marty, editor of the Boston Globe, told editors, "We have to focus on the whole system-the church's systemic approach, not the priest's individual." We have to prove that the church controls the system so that the perpetrators of these crimes do not have to be prosecuted, and that the church has put these priests back in the parish again and again, proving that this is a systemic problem, and that it is a matter of top-down manipulation. "It sounds like we're going to challenge the law," Ben replied. "Marty shook his head," The system we're going to challenge is this (harboring a crime). 」

Lawyer Mitch Galabedin: "If you raise a child, you need the strength of the whole village, and the abuse of a child." 」

"This is a reminder to the public that if the press cannot force the power to be honest, no one else can do it," said Walter Robinson, director of the Boston Globe's focus group, Waltrobinson, the breaking focus. 」

If the press cannot force the power to be honest, no one else can.

Waltrobinson, director of the Boston Globe's focus investigation team

From the beginning of 2002, the Boston Globe focus group released nearly 600 reports on the church's sexual assault. In Boston's general parish, 249 clerics have been prosecuted for alleged sexual violence, according to the Boston Globe, which is only in Boston, where the number of sexually assaulted survivors is more than 1,000.

However, following the release of the Boston Globe report in December 2002, the local cardinal, Bernard Francis, resigned from the parish in Boston, where he was seconded to the Roman Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, the global power of the Catholic world One of the centers.

From 2002 to the present, another 16 years past. In 2002, more and more victims appeared after the Boston Globe report published, exposing a larger, global range of church sexual assault. "Breaking focus," the end of the curtain, ran a long string of names, write the world has been exposed to the Catholic clergy sexual assault of the region name:

Albany, NY, Altoona, PA, Anchorage, AK, Anchorage, KY, Baker, OR, Baltimore, MD, Billings, MT, Bridgeport, CT, Briscoe Mem Orial, WA, Brooklyn, NY, Burlington, VT, Camden, NJ, Cape Girardeau, MO, Charleston, SC, Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Clev Eland, OH, Collegeville, MN, Conway Springs, KS, Covington, KY, Dallas, TX, Davenport, IA, Denver, CO, Detroit, MI, Dubuqu E, IA, East Greenwich, RI, El Paso, TX, Fairbanks, AK, Fall River, MA, Fargo, ND, Farmington, IA, Fort Worth, TX, Gallup, NM, Goshen, NY, Grand Mound, IA, Grand Rapids, MI, Greenbush, MN, Hannibal, CT, Helena, MT, Honolulu, HI, Indianapolis, in , Jackson, MS, Joliet, IL, Kansas, City, KS, Kansas, City, MO, Lincoln, NE, Los Angeles, CA, Los Gatos, CA, Louisville, KY , Manchester, NH, Marietta, GA, Marty Indian School, SD, Memphis, TN, Mendham, NJ, Miami, FL, Milwaukee, WI, Mobile, AL, M Onterey, CA, Nashville, TN, New Orleans, LA, New York, NY, Oakland, CA, Omaha, NE, Onamia, MN, Orange, CA, Palm Beach, FL, Peoria, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Phoenix, AZ, Pittsburgh, PA, Portland, OR, Providence, RI, Raleigh, NC, Richmond, VA, Roche Ster, NY, Rockville Centre, NY, Rosebud Reservation, SD, Sacramento, CA, San Antonio, TX, San Bernardino, CA, San Diego, C A, Santa Barbara, CA, Santa Fe, NM, Santa Rosa, CA, Savannah, GA, Scranton, PA, Seattle, WA, Spokane, WA, Springfield, MA, St. Francis, WI, St Ignatius, MT, St Louis, MO, St Michael, AK, St. Paul/minneapolis, MN, Stebbins, AK, Stockton, CA, Tucson, AZ, Wellesley, MA, Wilmington, DE, Worcester, MA, Yakima, WA, Yuma, AZ, Adelaide, Australia, Akute, Nigeria, Antig Onish, Canada, Arapiraca, Brazil, Auckland, New Zealand, Ayacucho, Peru, Ballarat, Australia, Bass Hill, Australia, Bathur St, Australia, Berazategui, Argentina, Berlin, Germany, Bindoon, Australia, Bo, Sierra Leone, Bontoc, Philippines, Brits, South Africa, Bruges, Belgium, Buenos Aires, Argentia, Caen, France, Canberra, Australia, Cape Town, South Africa, Cebu Ci Ty, Philippines, Chatham, Canada, Chimbote, Peru, Christchurch, New Zealand, Ciudad de México, México, Comillas, Spain, Co Ttolengo, Chile, Cuacnopalan, Mexico, Curracloe, Ireland, Dandenong, Australia, Dublin, Ireland, Edinburgh, Scotland, Feil Ding, New Zealand, Flawinne, Belgium, Franca, Brazil, Gortahork, Ireland, Goulbara, Australia, Grenada, Spain, Hamilton, N EW Zealand, Hobart, Australia, Hollabrunn, Austria, Igloolik, Canada, Kilnacrott, Ireland, Kircubbin, Northern Ireland, La Tticefield, Australia, Letterfrack, Ireland, London, England, Lota, Ireland, Maipú, Chile, Manchester, England, Manila, Ph Ilippines, Mariana, Brazil, Masterton, New Zealand, Medellín, Colombia, Melbourne, Australia, Melipilla, Chile, Mérida, Ve Nezuela, Middlesbrough, England, Mildura, Australia, Mittagong, Australia, Monageer, Ireland, Morisset, Australia, Morón, Argentina, Mount Isa, Australia, Munich, Germany, Nairobi, Kenya, Naval, Philippines, Neerkol, Australia, Newcastle, Aust Ralia, Ngong, Kenya, Ollur, India, Ottre, Belgium, Paraná, Argentina, Perth, Australia, Pilar, Argentina, Poznan, Poland, Preston, England, Quilicura, Chile, Quilmes, Argentina, Rab, Croatia, Reading, England, Frickhofen, Germany, Rio de Janeir O, Brazil, Rufisque, Senegal, Saint-jean-de-maurienne, France, Salta, Argentina, San Luis Potosí, Mexico, Santiago, Chile, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Sherbrooke, Canada, Silverstream, New Zealand, Soni, Tanzania, St. John's, Canada, Syd Ney, Australia, Toowoomba, Australia, Trondheim, Norway, Tubay, Philippines, Wagga Wagga, Australia, Wexford, Ireland, Wil No, Canada, Wollongong, Australia

2018, it's time to stop. God is heavenly, the organization is operated by people, and no one or organization can manipulate national laws, conceal criminal facts, or attempt to distort the constitution to guarantee the fundamental human rights of every individual.

It is a good first step for the German church to take the initiative, and the solution can be more than just "setting up a helpline" for those who have suffered a belief, or not just about how to "protect children" or "to condemn", how to systematically review the renewal of clergy crime briefings, punishments and external assistance, The Government should also reflect on the sincerity of giving concrete measures in order to show that it is true that, in a closed organization system with relatively concentrated power, it is possible for the external units to be able to implement the legal supervision smoothly and to provide victim assistance in the organization.