Is Negative Lift Over?The term appears to be somewhat contradictory, but it actually exists.Under what circumstances will it be used? Is it only representative of the negative?Look at the article!

There is a saying that there is no such thing as "Publicality" in the world.This is nonsense.Look at the Toyota, which had a reputation for impeccable credibility. Last year, it was wrestling with the bad news of the accelerator pedal flaw.Or China's Sanlu Group, which has become bankrupt and a senior executive in jail, is now in jail because of the addition of melamine in the milk powder found to be produced.

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But Alan Sorensen, an economics professor at Stanford University's Institute of Business, says that if you hadn't heard of it, it would be a kind of help that could be a negative publicity.He was the subject of a book review by The New York Times, and found that a well known writer would receive 42 % of sales due to a positive review, but a negative review would also reduce sales by 15 %.But for an unknown writer, both positive or negative, it doesn't matter, as long as it can be commented on by the New York Times, it will increase sales by a third.(Recommended reading: [Buyeo looks like a book on the poorest women: we are in a feminization of poverty )

Sorensen has extended his discovery to other industries, pointing out that when small businesses are in a highly competitive market and want to gain visibility, they will almost have to raise their profile, regardless of how they can help.One of the reasons is that negative perceptions of the less prominent brands are faster than consumers' perception of the product's common perception.Even if the boss is a Playboy, when you see a brand, the consumers will recognize that brand, but don't remember why.On the other hand, on the other hand, the influence of negative publicity will be more sustainable for famous brands.

Sorensen even questioned that some consumers were actually getting a lot of fun from exploring absurd things.The 2007 film Barat: Kazakhstan's Youth Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glory Nation of Kazakhstan made Kazakhstan look disgusting. The national anthem of Kazakhstan, even in the words of the Kazakh national anthem, is the cleanest part of the country, except for Turkmenistan.Soreensen observed that since the film's release, Kazakhstan's tourism advisory has grown four times.

However, this theory also has some limitations.Vitaly Borker, founder of the online distributor's DecorMyEyes website, is responding to unsatisfied customers and even threatens to hit back with violence to attract public attention.He was proud of the New York Times that he made Google search for the "Glasses" keyword for the first time because of a row of controversy.However, his clever plan still burned himself: The Broker was arrested in December last year.(Extended reading: " My strength is weak, but I am not afraid of Wang Yu, an advocacy group kidnapped by China )

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