You can get real freedom by owning your own money. But how to achieve economic independence? Financial writer Vicky Robin gave a few suggestions!

Remember that one afternoon, chatting with friends we had not seen for a long time, we were facing a "graduate anxiety disorder", despite expectations for the future: for example, after work, occasionally capricious, fly to other countries to travel, for example, have a cozy suite, live a textured life.

But the anxiety of 22k, the pressure of learning to lend, the expectations of parents, all kinds of troubles follow, let is now standing in the society of their own, like only to slaughter the lamb shivering.

"My mother actually said simply marry a married, don't worry about money, do what you want to do." "Friend C turned his eyes and said:" Please! Why do you want to live by getting married? "(Recommended reading: married into the big clubs so good?") A financially independent life makes you happier.

We all have a desire for life, but why do we need to rely on others to achieve it? Woolf once said: "Women want to have their own room, and a sum of their own money, to truly have the freedom of creation." 」

The so-called creative freedom refers not only to behavior, but also to thought. This remark is on the importance of economic independence. When you can achieve economic independence, you can not limit for others, live the life you want.

What are the benefits of economic independence?

In addition to gaining freedom of thought and action, economic independence has these benefits:

Ability to take risks

Perhaps you are not satisfied with the current state of life, and do not like the job, economic independence gives you the ability to take risks. You can take the risk of experimenting with new things, learning new skills, such as making a film, being a part-time YouTuber, trying to write, being a blogger. (Recommended reading: Slash Youth: Horizontal development is a strategy, a lifetime only to do one thing too silly )

Even if the failure, you wayward once, but no one owes, the worst but back to the original life, is not it?

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Arranging Me time freely

Financially independent people have the ability to make decisions without having to rely on anyone. Suppose you want to go to a party today, have an afternoon tea, rely on someone else's money, and possibly be questioned about the rationality of the action.

If you have a sum of your own money, you can freely arrange Me time, want to travel wayward? You get tired of work when you have a ticket booked? Resign for a while, fill the energy and start again can! You can even spend more time running a circle of friends and accompanying your family.

Complete your Bucket list

When you can self-sufficiency, you can think about the direction of life, such as 40-year-old retired, to the world as volunteers, to the countryside to live in the farmer fun ... list your Bucket list, hard to complete it! You never get a chance to say "Mom and dad don't support me to study abroad, I have to give up", "want to learn to play guitar, but there is no money at home." "That's the word, because you can master your own future!"

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How to achieve economic independence?

According to the U.S.magazine money, to achieve true economic independence, you can refer to the following practices:

Be aware of your financial situation

To achieve economic independence, the first step is to understand your finances and calculate your assets and liabilities. Vicky Robin, an American finance writer, suggests that you can start with your first paycheck, which can help clarify your financial ability.

Be familiar with and record your spending habits

It's very important to know your spending habits! You can use the account book, you can also use the app, especially now many apps provide charting functionality, you only need to enter the daily cost, you can sort out the intuitive chart, let you look at the monthly revenue and expenditure. Once you have mastered your spending habits, you can find a way to save money!

Find a cheaper alternative

If you do well, finding "cheap alternatives" will not reduce your quality of life. In fact, the consumption of budget, can gradually establish your sensitivity to the money, even with a lower price, to obtain a large satisfaction, why not? For example, you love to travel abroad, the proper use of credit card cash feedback, mileage, you can save a sum of money, as the next travel gold.

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Treat each cost with care

Vicky Robin, an American financial writer, believes that the job is to use your "life energy" in exchange for money, so you can use hourly wages to look at each cost. Suppose you have an hourly salary of $150 and you want to buy a 10,005 coat. Ask yourself if it is worth your 100 hours of life energy? Perhaps you will change your mind, be satisfied with your existing coat, and save the 10,005. (Recommended reading: a piece of money more important than you think: improve the life of the CP value of the key to save money )

There is an old saying: "Money is not everything, but no money." "Money certainly can't solve everything, but without your own money, will limit your vision and footsteps." Therefore, want to operate the ideal life, first run their own wealth, and strive to achieve real economic independence it!