Through 20 years of time, Jolin from seeking others affirmation, to finally understand to the inner quest, find their own value. About life She said: "There are a big crowd may forget me, but I can not first lose the original intention."

In 1998, MTV music platform held "freshman card position War", with the overall title of the preparation debut, a pair of big eyes, childish non-elimination of baby fat, Jolin Tsai's young girl is also clearly visible. The next September, the first Zhang Guosheng album "Jolin 1019" turned out, just to learn to climb the stage, the accident attracted attention, netizens called her "boys and girls Killer."

Fame attracted scold, then she sat at the same time "the top ten most popular singers" and "Ten Rotten Singers" name, Star Road to go winding, 2001 she and brokerage company contract disputes, acting career lockout. The public thought that Jolin Tsai will be the next flash is the star, after two years of Eitherpotentially, 2003, she faded, with "See Me 72 change" a red All-Taiwan album return.

Along the way, praise and criticism constantly, from the album concept, dance beauty feel singing, when someone batch she is not qualified, she told herself to work harder. That she was never affected by criticism? It may not be possible, but she never doubted her direction by gossip, she always insisted on herself and kept her faith.

Not long ago, Jolin on his own microblog, PO out of his early debut photos, wrote, "A color photo, review of early childhood, total sleep is not Incredibles", looking back on youth, go now is not easy, Jolin taught us, when you are willing to work hard for the dream, people living this trip, just calculate really enjoyable.

Photo source |Jolin_cai

I've always felt that falls people are happier.

People talk about Jolin Tsai, from the early singing criticism to the appearance of purposeless inflammatory posts, later, no longer questioned her efforts, she is more than anyone to let her figure, has become another distinctive personal characteristics.

Flip the self-image of this trip, Jolin Tsai, solid Walk for 20 years.

"See Me 72 change" album after the Red, jolin from the quiet gaze of the idol singers, shake the body into a singing and jumping singers, once green, in her always a smile can be skimmed, but mature and sexy became another description of her vocabulary. Everyone is watching, this stubborn girl can also bring what kind of works, amazing the world eyeball.

Today, when we look back, the name Jolin Tsai never let us down, she can always break through herself again and beyond the imagination of her.

2006 Jolin introduced a new album "Dance Niang", Hard gymnastics, ribbon dance and pommel horse, these world-class gymnastics players in the movement, she does not give their excuses, since others do, she also want to practice good. That year, "Dancer" This album let her efforts, in a number of awards are affirmed, Taiwan's annual record sales Championship, Golden Melody Award for the best Mandarin female singers, viewers voted the most Popular female singer award and so on.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because there are a lot of people who, like you, have climbed up from falling. No one has fallen, perhaps not so happy as you.


In September, she launched the "Only Dance Alone" tour, remember there is a field in Hong Kong Red Exploration Stadium, before the concert, Tsai took out a letter to the fans, it is her true heart words, she read the letter said, his practice dance practice to the toes bleeding,

"It was my own effort to give myself a birthday present. I rehearse for three months ... at the expense of family, friends and love, is it worth it for this concert? It was all I wanted to hear the applause of the audience when I hung down this evening. 」

June 20, 2007, Tsai issued the "Land only" concert DVD, the DVD recorded all the behind-the-scenes footage of the tour, few people know that the last rehearsal of the Taipei field, Jolin Tsai has a bad cold, long-time of the pommel horse, she tried several times, the hand is to make the force, fell and try again, fell and climbed up again.

The staff were waiting at the side, and no one was able to make a sound stop. She has not given up, she is willing to fall, who is qualified to call her to stop? Until Jolin fell again, she sank on the pommel horse, crying loudly. Never in front of the outside, she cried, the tears have tired and unwilling, more is eager to surpass their own practice.

After that rehearsal, the next day, Jolin in concert to complete the performance, "They say Jolin is not a genius, Jolin is the ground." I have always believed that efforts will succeed. "She's never in a hurry to explain about the effort, she's just clinging to it, telling you with action what her determination is."

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Why meet the expectations of society? The life is, the love also should be

More than 10 years, like a gummy sticky in jolin Tsai heel of gossip, is the noisy "double J love",2002 years Tsai deep contract dispute, Jay Chou with action support her, he compose for her, she listens to the song to fill the "Knight Spirit" word. Gossip rumors are rife, until Jay Chou another new lover, two people for several years without cooperation.

In 2010, Jolin Tsai unexpectedly appeared in Jay Chou concert, two people together chorus "Give Me a Song time", the process also has the Hot dance interaction, the whole audience shocked. In addition to seeing the double J has finally broken ice after many years, more understand, after the passage of time, we can always be relieved of the past.

Jolin Tsai once mentioned his feelings, and encourage girls do not put their own value, based on the perfect feeling, "emotional failure, does not mean that you are the whole people are failure." You should thank these experiences so that you can stand up more strongly. You may not necessarily be the princess of someone, but in your emotional world you can be a rich queen and a king in your heart. 」

For many years, Jolin Tsai always carry "Jay Chou ex-girlfriend" lace gossip, for people to chat. In the face of public speculation, she has never responded, quietly let these comments through herself, has been talking about her constantly, but she only willing to live to focus on their own.

Until 2010, Jolin Tsai and Kam Rong were photographed together to travel, two people generous love, on the social network to interact eagerly. Six years in the past, just as many people enviable Jolin and Kam Rong has a stable feeling, two people calmly announced the breakup, ending six years of emotion. (Recommended reading:"single diary" Jolin Tsai's dashing turn, the end of love may not be marriage )

At that time, Jolin Tsai has been Ben three years old, the media anxious for her regret, said older women still have a few six year can splurge, she indifferent to an interview in the mention of their feelings,

"Girls are certainly eager to be loved and eager to be happy, but they don't have to marry as their only goal in life." Now there are a lot of girls who are willing to find their own interests, I think it's great, I also encourage them to do so. The way I keep beginner's mind is to something else things that I haven't learned enough. 」

In the past, Tsai was often questioned by the media, why not married? She took it for granted that she was satisfied with her present state. Jolin Tsai These years in addition to continuing in the music, but also live more and more relaxed and comfortable, accidentally, a head into the world of sugar cake, from the amateur to be able to go abroad competition to take the prize. What is the relationship between occasionally "doing nothing" to explore the self?

We come to this world, only to live a trip, this is their own life, why live as others look forward to? Jolin Tsai with his own experience to educate the community, but also to the girl different character model, a person fortunately not happy, why use marriage to measure? It is the most important thing to know what kind of life you are longing for and how to persist in practice.

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What you leave behind for the world, that's what matters.

We can say, from 2003 to 2010, is the heyday of Jolin Tsai, during which she constantly urged herself to break through again. Every second or two is enough to break down the glasses of the new works, but these years, we obviously feel jolin slow down, "I was a child, want to be a good kid, to get parental approval, with this concept into the showbiz, do what things want to get everyone's affirmation." "In the process of defining self-worth, Jolin Tsai gradually finds the value he wants to leave in the showbiz, and the influence it inspires."

2014, Jolin Tsai released the album-"Pooh", won the 26th Annual Melody Award for Best Mandarin Album award. In addition to the multi-musical style, the album in a song (not the same as how) to sing the value of caring for marriage equality and gender diversity. "I think the entertainment business is like this, not forever. The legacy of the spirit, forever in the hearts of people, I think that is more important. (Recommended reading: Jolin Tsai Concert reread Rose Youth: Ye Yongji died, but the world has more Ye Yongji )

That year, Jolin in concert Taipei Station, invited the hope to travel around the world of wheelchair girls, want transgender male teachers, stand on the limelight stage, share their true life story, Jolin Tsai in the concert, said, "these stories are to encourage everyone, in this depressed era, more need to recognize themselves." The media are focused on who has the money and the idea that money equals success. Money is only lucky you can do more than others, but the real success is that you will not set yourself, this is what I have been looking for in the past. 」

In recent years, Jolin Tsai from Taiwan to the international, in addition to the album Cross-border and Japanese tin Hau Room Namie Cooperation, she has been invited to participate in international fashion events. Seemingly booming into international, is the scenery, but Jolin in September 2018 in personal face book memories, whenever he was thrown into a strange language and cultural environment, oneself is like the loss of strength, introverted and inferiority of the little girl, fear in her body cells infinite spread.

She recalls going to New York alone for a charity dinner at the Metropolitan Museum (the Met Gala), "I took great pains to keep my smile, But still can not overcome the dejected self ", she at the end of the activity, was the edge of powerlessness and inferiority mentality, so strong she can not help but collapse, dressed in Chinese clothes, but tears to spend the makeup,

Jolin admits that he is not inherently positive optimism, personality is not extremely outgoing, in fact, privately even some of their own closed, timid, shy. After throwing himself out of the comfort circle of the Chinese market, she felt that she was only a small woman who was naked and lost her light and vitality. She recalled that night, the American actress Betty Bette midler her warm greetings and smiles, "big as her, can not do so, but she chose to do so."

Betty Honey's warm move, but also let jolin deep understanding, "bravely stretched out his hands to take care of and care about your growing environment with different strangers, that power is how big." That's another aspect of happiness! Can let a person be solid warm "she also expects everyone to" do not isolate themselves, not to isolate others ", in receiving help, but also brave to give.

Discipline days after years of entertainment, had been the baptism of physical and mental exhaustion, the idea of not wanting to sing again, also inferiority heart, fear across the comfort circle. Until now, she finally understood that the so-called success and affirmation, should not seek out, but to face their own hearts, the praise of others, but also than you are sure you get the satisfaction and calm.

Distance from the previous "Bah", has been shogunate four years, Jolin Tsai also uploaded their own photos in the recording studio, to tell everyone, sister did not do a decent, sister's new album is now in preparation!

No matter how the attitude of Jolin to return to the stage, she will let us see the original life there are so many possibilities, in the way of adhering to the dream, we step-by-step, always can reach their heart's desire.

Forgotten by the public, maybe one day this kind of thing will happen, but I think, I can not forget the most is my own.