Can't stand a diaper-like tampon? Cotton strips are a good choice! Women are obsessed with you. Use Atlas for cotton strips, making it easy to switch from tampons to tampons

Believe that many girls for the first time to deal with menstruation, are the use of sanitary cotton: packaging ripped open, two wings sticky, so used, but also for several decades. But for a long time, you will gradually find its inconvenience, for example, in Taiwan humid summer, the fart is stuffy in the sanitary cotton and long eczema, or want to exercise, but the action of a Davidson Cotton ran to run, careless menstrual blood on the trousers.

To solve these problems is not difficult, after all, there are more and more physiological products on the market, such as blood-sucking moon pants, cotton strips, moon Cup, but to take the first step, it is not easy, right?

Many girls cannot cross the threshold of their hearts because they are not aware of their own bodies. But familiar with the body, you can change the physiological supplies at will, do not need to pack every day like diapers of tampons. So today, give yourself a chance to try different physiological supplies! (Recommended reading: Why do Taiwanese girls not dare to use tampons?) )

Let's start with the cotton strips!

If you want to switch to other supplies, you can start with the cotton strips! In addition to light and portable, but also to solve the hot problems mentioned at the beginning, the sister can not only keep fresh, and not like 24 hours of diapers, every exercise to worry about whether there is a good bag.

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But tampons are to be put into the vagina after all, many girls start with these myths:

It hurts to put it in the vagina.

If the cotton strips are positioned correctly, there is no foreign body sensation. Because of the uneven distribution of nerve endings in the vagina, the nerve endings that can really cause pain response, only gathered in the vagina before one-third, two-thirds no nerve endings distribution after the vagina. So if a girl uses tampons to feel pain, it could be because it's misplaced.

Tampons will infect your vagina.

According to the Department of Health's Food and drug administration, tampons do not increase the risk of vaginal infection if appropriate use is used. Improper use of the habit is the culprit, such as the use of cotton before the hand is not cleaned, more than 8 hours have not changed the cotton strips, swimming or not immediately replaced, cotton strips in the damp place leading to mildew.

Cotton strips won't suck much blood.

Don't look at the cotton strips a small one, in fact, the suction is enough, if you worry about your own volume too much, there are also available on the market to provide different flow of cotton strips! But still want to remind girl, do not to prevent leakage, choose with their own flow does not match the cotton strips. If the cotton strips suction too strong, may lead to dryness of the vaginal wall mucosa, causing vaginal surface tissue skin abrasions, and then bacterial infection.

Well, now that you have stepped out of the heart of that threshold, then follow the footsteps of women fans, discover the new World it!

Choose the right cotton strips

Cotton strips are divided into two types: finger-type and conduit-type. Finger-type needs to push the fingers into the cotton strips, and then plug into the vagina about two knuckles depth. For the first time, girls who try tampons are advised to start with a catheter-style first, rather than nervous. (Recommended reading: The first use of cotton strips to get started!) A full-service instruction guide for you )

Cotton strips Use posture

To put tampons in your vagina, you can use these three poses:

  • Put one foot on the toilet.
  • Sit on the toilet, open your legs.
  • Squat Posture

Of course, you can also explore the most suitable for their posture (someone will lie on the ground), as long as can lil bit position is good!
After adjusting the posture, insert the cotton strips according to the following four steps:

  • With the thumb and middle finger, gently grip the outer tube grip
  • The catheter pushes up 45 degrees to the vagina until the thumb touches the vaginal orifice and stops.
  • Push the inner catheter with the index finger and push to overlap with the outer catheter
  • Avoid pulling cotton thread, remove the inner and outer catheter together

Remind the girl again to wash the hands before using tampons, so as not to cause bacterial infection. (Recommended reading: Sultry summer good hair women's diseases!) How to improve the vaginal infection and urethritis? )

Same field as:

Market products heaps species, give yourself a chance to try different physiological supplies it!

Moon Cup

If you are a girl who attaches importance to environmental protection, think that cotton strips make too much rubbish, and a little expensive, the Moon Cup is a good choice. Also no sense of freshness, as long as the boiling or disinfection of the ingot cleaning, you can reuse.

But the use of the Moon Cup is more difficult, need to be folded into the appropriate size, occasionally supplemented with lubricants into the body (of course, the situation varies from person to man, but also someone can quickly move from tampons to the Moon Cup). (Recommended reading: for your favorite body lazy bag: The first time the Moon Cup to get started!) )

Blood-sucking moon trousers

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The blood-sucking moon trousers have only recently spread in Taiwan, and can be reused, dry and stuffy. And the cotton strips, the Moon Cup is different, the blood-sucking moon pants do not need to spend time to overcome the psychological obstacles, wear off as the general underwear good to get started, the main side leakage. A lot of people can be used with tampons or the Moon Cup, a small amount of girls can be directly replaced by the moon pants cotton strips or the Moon Cup. Foreign brand Thinx physiological pants are also featured similar functions. The girl who is interested will try to see it!

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