Do you remember the first time you saw "Mrs. Ju-Li" in the textbook? Four words of experience? Why, she can not be first last by their own memories of posterity?

Remember when I was a child in the textbook read "Mrs. Li" four words, the heart emerges strange feeling: "Her name?" Do you have any taboos? Is that what she wants to be called? "Textbooks always introduce male scientists in full name, and never imply their marital status, compared to the" Lady of the House "four words, is really abrupt: why should she be the wife of others? Does she have to be so called at all times?

No one can explain these doubts, the girl buried in the heart until recently.

September 16, 2018 in the morning of Sunday, the Ministry of Education convened a course review conference, the national small and medium-sized middle school and general high schools in the field of natural science, the resolution of the future in the presentation of scientific development, we must affirm the contribution of different sexes

During the dinner, the committee members raised "Madame Curie" as an example, suggesting that the future should be expressed in the name of "Maria Skodovska-Skłodowska-curie", rather than Tanife's surname and her marital role (Madame), in order to show respect for female subjects.

The news, some of the first time the public opinion rebound.

Ti Yu, a professor of public health at Taiwan University, argues that "politics is right, gender equality is overkill ... before the marriage habits of women to the crown of the husband, the times are different, can not be the current habits of the past." According to the joint News Network, Hsueh, the Lord of The Lord of the Rings, said, "After all, I will speak to Mrs. Lai, and the sons may not know who she is." "I also said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not going to die," because this is also a husband's surname Ah! Zhong, a candidate for the Kuomintang City Council, said that this would lead to the word "Madame Bovary" should not be used when parents teach children, and even the "Lady of the Blessed House" should be changed to the name "Emma". Royal ". 」

The joint News Network article also opened a polling area, titled "The Future of natural textbooks, the statement must cover different ethnic groups and gender contributions, such as the Lady of the House will be her original family name presented, what do you think?" "From 9/16 to the deadline, nearly 1000 people said," No support, gender equality is not the natural science needs to be the focus of the ink, "only 302 people expressed support.

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A flurry of public opinion, the Ministry of Education issued a press release on the evening of 17th, saying that according to the state church's announcement of the translation of the noun, "Mrs. Li has always been Mrs. Li, the future textbook validation will still be in accordance with the above provisions. In other words, the future textbook or any formal title, Maria Skodovska-Ju-li, still should be referred to as "Mrs. Li."

In the past, the future should be renewed. What does the Polish and the European Union say?

The Ministry of Education said that the declaration of the State church is Mrs. Li, who in the past said, the future should continue to be called. The authoritative answer, as a matter of course, is difficult to accept. We will wonder "Maria Skodovska-ju Li" is referred to as "The Lady of the House" reason, but also want to ask the translation of reference from where?

Back in 1911, the Nobel Prize committee, which was made up of men, gave Maria Skłodowska Curie a full name.

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Polish girl Michelle and her husband have said that "Madame" is a Polish who listens to the poles.

Their article writes, "The poles usually call her Skłodowska, which is her original Polish surname (" Vodovska ") or her name as Skłodowska-curie (near the" Dovska ") in short, but she is not the only one to call her. "She retains her native family's surname, Skłodowska, with her husband's surname, Curie, rather than the majority of the post-marital poles, to the husband's surname." In a way, she also expressed her self-identity. 」

The Polish Taipei Office was also posting on Facebook earlier, pointing out that in Europe everyone knew her name was Maria. Skodovska-Li, not "Mrs. Ju-li".

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Many other people say that most of the English-speaking countries are called "Mary Gus" (such as Wikipedia's English article ), or at least her original name, Maria. On International view, we can also look at the appellation outside the English-speaking countries. The European Union official website for "The Lady of the House" the name, also is the full name Marie Skłodowska-curie, if encounters the abbreviation, takes the surname Skłodowska-curie.

Looking back, the Madam translation of the Church into the emphasis on the role of marriage "lady", rather than the relatively neutral "lady", the past gender awareness is weak, understandable, but today, when people put forward different thinking, see the translation of other countries, why not change it?

It was said that the interpreter of "Mrs. Madam" came to her daughter, Eve, to write her biography, "Curie" (Mother and daughter later developed and lived in France). However, Ms. Curie is only the title, the book is called by full name, the text occasionally in Maria intimate expression, interspersed with the Madam Curie. Her daughter also recorded what her mother had said to her, "in a world where men make rules, they think that women are sexual and fertile." 」

Times have changed, we can not through the "Lady of the House" in the translation of the discussion, one to learn an important lesson: Maria Skłodowska Curie is not only "the wife of the ceremony," she is worthy of her name, be remembered by posterity.

The conventional can't be changed? This is the best chance for parents to teach their children!

However, Taiwan's past education has been called "The Lady of the House", the formation of common cognition, change is not easy, but it is worth the education of all learning opportunities, should not be handled.

In fact, put forward to the full name, Maria Curie, or Skłodowska-curie name, did not want to Curie the surname of the ceremony took off. Philosophy popularization educator Zhu Jia in Udn Hall article Why "Mrs. Li" the full name of the annotation? the reference to at least the full name of the endorsement, he gave an example, the textbook introduction of "Elvis", will also explain his name Elvis Aaron Presley, Elvis and full names presented, there is no conflict between the two.

As for "Parents do not know how to teach children," can understand the anxiety of educators, after all, parents in the past education experience is "parents and teachers omniscient", can not appear "do not understand, but also to learn" situation. But no one is omniscient, parents should not bear the pressure to be fully aware of the past do not know, is a good opportunity to learn together with children!

The time is progressing, can discuss with the child to study together! For example, to read Maria Skłodowska-curie's story with your child, for example, to discuss the progress of education with your child, "you see, in my time, she can only be remembered as" Madame, "but now we finally know her full name! 」

Taiwanese educators advocate the value of "positive thinking" and can also demonstrate to children the spirit of "positive thinking" and "learning not to cease": "With this opportunity, we have a better understanding of this important scientist, how wonderful!" 」

Education should tell children: how to respect others, how to seize every learning opportunity, how to maintain independent thinking spirit! With the discussion of the translation, parents and educators should seize such educational opportunities! "How to teach a child's question" is very good, from the "body test, teach your child how to maintain lifelong learning" attitude to start! Sharing your learning experience with your child can be a very intimate thing for a child.

A woman's last name disappears.

However, this controversy, in any case, will not be able to avoid the patriarchal cultural practices in Europe and the United States: Women in marriage must be crowned husband surname. This is indeed the European and American patriarchal cultural characterization, established phenomena and facts. "Mrs. Ju-li" of the translation controversy, also let Taiwan women long endure pain point, floating onstage.

Friend A's mother saw this news, can not help telling a,"I actually always do not like to be called Mrs. Chen, Chen mother, I clearly surname Guo Ah! She was surprised, listening to her mother continue to say, forbear, because it is too difficult to ask someone to call the original name, "It seems like I do not love home, with the husband has the same problem." 」

"Mrs. Ju-Li" controversy, summoned the female experience, more prominent female "surname" and the subjectivity of long-term "disappeared." Could she not just be "the Lady of the House of Rites", but herself? Looking back at her wedding ceremony, she did not put on white gauze, but wore her years of deep blue experiment work outfit, she had declared a century ago, a woman can marry, and her love-husband, as well as volunteers, she does not need to lose herself.

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Maria skłodowska-curie more reserved her maiden name Skłodowska. However, the female surname is not inherited, and so is Taiwan. It is still a matter of course for a child to be born from a female body to a father's name. Taiwanese children were not legally allowed to get their mother's name until 2007. That is, until very modern times, Taiwanese law began to keep up with the pace of gender equality.

In 2007, the amendment to the family name of 1059 articles of the civil law, by epoch-making amendment, stipulates that both parents can make a written agreement to allow their children to be from the parent or mother's surname. However, following the amendment of the law, according to the latest statisticsof the Ministry of the Interior, 2017 1-October births accounted for 95.2% of the parents, from the mother's surname accounted for 4.8%. Less than 5 of the number of babies from the mother's name, has been the highest in years.

The same statistics show that the ratio of the parents to the parent's surname is 97.8%. The disappearance and subordination of a woman's surname is still taken for granted.

"Mrs Li" in the translation of the discussion, overflow the Ministry of Education in the original framework of the curriculum, the accident let women long-suffering pain point appearance: Women were "Madame", the female was disappeared surname, finally to turn to the stage to be concerned.

If the future, Taiwan children have the opportunity to know the name of "Mrs.", know that women scientists have the right to be known as the full name, do not have to be relegated to someone's "wife", know that women can not need to be affiliated with others, this is more worthy of anticipation! The re-thinking and adjustment of the translation, it is worth continuing to strive for.