People call her "first Last", her history is never remembered by the world, her achievements can not be decoupled from men. She is a World War I hero, she is the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, she is-Maria Skodovska, from the sight of her female influence, let the female figure appeared in history.

At the age of 18, she was not admitted to the Polish regular college because she was a woman.

Working around to save money, 1891 to study in France, studying physics. 26-year-old back to the motherland in Poland, want to engage in teaching, will acquire knowledge back to the country, Krak車w University to she is female, Wan declined her.

In 1903, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Henri Becquerel, Pierre Gus and Maria Gus Nobel Prize in Physics. Maria became the first woman in history to be awarded the Nobel Prize.

Although Maria Skodovska was the scientist who discovered the second radioactive element "radium" and made a study, and made a substantive statement, Becquerels still said, "Madame Pierre Gus's contribution is to serve as a good assistant to Mr. Li, and there is reason to believe that God made a woman, is the best assistant to the man. 」

I have never been fortunate, nor will I ever expect luck, and my supreme principle is: never give in to any difficulty!

Maria Skodovska

Along the way, her scientific talents and accomplishments were suppressed because she was a woman. She was called her "Lady of the Pierre Gus", and she was the wife of the ceremony, and her accomplishments were rarely decoupled from her subordinate male status. (Read more: Gender Watch | Back to Mrs. First last, why do women care? )

She, called Maria Skodovska, was born in Poland, is a persistent scientist, but also a selfless contribution to the dreamer.

She hid Poland in the name of an element, commemorating the divided homeland.

Maria Skodovska (Polish: Maria Skłodowska-curie) is a pioneer in radiation research, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, and also a professor at the University of Paris.

When she left for school in Paris, she met the French physics teacher Pierre Gus and married him at the age of 28.

At the wedding ceremony, she did not put on white gauze, wearing a dark blue suit-that is her years of experimental work, so married, after marriage, she insisted not to abandon their Polish name, adhere to the Maria Skodovska-ju-li self-proclaimed.

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In July 1898, Maria and her husband Pierre Gus a new element in a number of tons of bitumen, and the couple named the new element "plutonium" (polonium), with the name of the Polish word root (Po), by name, and Mary also put the remember of the polish of the motherland in a new element of history.

Shortly after the discovery of the plutonium element, December 26, 1898 they discovered the second element in the study and named it "Radium" (radium), whose Latin intent was "radiation". And this element is now used in the radiation therapy of cancer.

After discovering the elements of radium, many American mining companies wrote about the detailed steps taken by the couple to extract radium, and when the couples who did the research and nearly spent their savings, they patented the refining process and then sold the patent, they could gain considerable wealth.

But Maria is very firm in saying that science belongs to all mankind and should not be used to gain wealth.

Then, free of charge to the mining companies to refine the elements of radium, these companies have indeed refined the quality of the metal radium elements, and in the future of the human world is widely used.

I'm not a Polish slut, women can be successful and lust.

Just three years after the couple found that radium was awarded the Nobel Prize, Pierre Gus was killed on the road by a horse-drawn carriage on April 19, 1906.

After her husband's death, Paul Lang accidentally broke into Maria's life. Langian Bimalia, 5 years old, is a student of the Pierre Gus ceremony. After the pain of widowed, Lang million became Maria Life accompanied by friends, work to give support to the partner, in the life of the loss of love moment, Lang in the case of the step accompany Maria back to life, alone support daughter.

Accompany each other for a long time, friendship sublimation into love-but at that time Lang million is a married husband.

At the time, Lang's own marriage had great problems-his wife was uneducated and did not support Lang's scientific research, expecting him to earn a family. The disparity of knowledge and the drop of values make two people feel the rift, temporarily separated.

While in love with Lang million, Maria often in the private letter with Lang million, bare description of his lover's thoughts and miss his every visit sweet. Strongly reveal your desire for sex and the longing to have a lover.

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These letters were later discovered by Lang's wife and revealed to the other.

Even though Maria Skodovska was a woman, she deserved to have lust. But in the then Conservative patriarchal society, eager to lust of the woman is not allowed, she was involved in the gossip of the affair, and was nailed to the "Polish slut" infamy.

When the incident erupted, Maria was attending an academic conference in Belgium. After returning home, he found a crowd of angry crowds, throwing stones at her house. French scientists, who worked with her in the past, also wrote letters asking her to leave France, which included her loyal companion, Paul Ais.

Paul Ais's daughter had a quarrel with her father, and she said categorically, "if Maria Gus is a man, none of this will happen." "Maria, a friend of Mary's life, wrote in solidarity with Maria," he said, "If two people fall in love, then no one has the right to interfere." 」

At the same time as Maria became the target, Lang million returned to his wife, who even allowed him to have a young student lover. More than Hullans, the public's anger at Maria has always been high, to escape the stigma of pressure, after three years, Maria lived in a sister-run hospital away from the secular.

Humans need dreamers, we must see the light of Fame

Maria and Lang's gossip storm, due to the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, and gradually ended.

Despite the past, the French people have denounced the slut, even the joint to drive her out of France. In the face of the outbreak of war, the first thing Maria Skodovska did was to get the Nobel medal to the Bank and hope to donate it to the French government to help win the war.

Having learned that the bank refused to fuse the medals that symbolized her scientific glory, Maria also criticized the officers for their parochial worship. Apart, he took all his savings and the Nobel prize money to buy French war bonds.

At the outbreak of World War I, Mrs. Lai realized that X-ray technology could be used in war to save many wounded. Thus, throughout the war, she personally guided and designed more than 20 X-ray mobile inspection vehicles and more than 200 sets of fixed X-ray detection equipment.

In order to persuade the government and the military to believe that X-ray can effectively help the army to check the wounded, Maria despite her life, driving into the front of the war, the wounded soldiers on the car to check.

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The fragments of bullets and howitzer left on wounded soldiers by the war, which were illuminated by X-rays, improved the accuracy of the surgery, reduced the suffering of the wounded and saved countless lives.

In spite of her own safety, Maria devoted all her efforts to assisting the French humanitarian conduct, and the officers and soldiers admired the petite woman who had made Maria the pickup truck, affectionately known as the Little House-mitzvah.

In 1918, the First World War finally declared a truce.

On the day of the truce, Maria seemed to be in complete delight, and she immediately hung a French flag in her window, and then opened the Little House ceremony to the streets to celebrate.

In 1934, the 67-year-old Maria Gus, a long-term exposure to radioactive material, led to the death of malignant leukemia.

Maria, who has demonstrated excellence in science, has earned 10 prizes, 16 medals and 107 honorary titles in her lifetime, but these fame and fortune are of no importance to her. One of her friends recalled that one day she was visiting Maria's house, and she was surprised to see her little daughter playing with the gold medal awarded to her by the Royal Society, "Mrs. Gul, the Royal Society's medal is a very high honor, how can you play for the children?" Maria laughed and said,

"I want to let the child know that, honor like toys, can only play, can not see too heavy, otherwise will eventually accomplish nothing." 」

Maria Skodovska-In her life, she educates the world and her daughters-women can have ideas, women can devote themselves to scientific research, and women can show their passions generously.

She once said to her daughter, "in a world where men make rules, they think women are sex and fertility." "But she has made herself a model of flipping the masculine rule, and having her daughter Irene understand as a woman, you can fight for what you desire to be--and then Irene became the second woman in the world to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry." (Recommended reading: Chanel's legendary life: Before liberating women, she liberated herself first )

Maria's best friend, Einstein, said, "Among all the world's celebrities, Maria Gus is the only one who has not been spoiled by fame." "She has always clung to the faith of the self, not forgetting the original intention of studying science, if the world has a good practice for the interests of the practitioners, there are a group of people, focusing selflessly forget their own interests, only for a better and more noble world.

Human beings need to be good at practice, people who can get the best out of their work. But humans also need dreamers, who are obsessed with a more selfless ideal and value than work, and they focus on it, thus forgetting the pursuit of material and self-interest.

Maria Skodovska-ju li