Hidden five years, rock diva Avril in 9/19 released the new song Head Above Water, declared with the disease reconciliation, formally return to the music scene

God, let me float on the surface.

Don't let me sink into the sea

Even if you're choking in the water.

And I won't give up waiting

Waiting for you to save

I'm too young to die.

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Into the dark and unseen sea, the body shakes with the waves. She glimpsed a wisp of light into the sea, and struggled, and her hands rowed away, to the level of the water--she breathed and exhausted herself with great mouth.

After five years, Canadian rock singer Avril in 9/19 days, release the new song Head Above water,mv no gorgeous scenery, no previous rebellious unruly ivy son, but simple but the implication of deep Sea, with the rock style as always. The hard bone of the soft sea-wrapped rock, proclaiming the return of the diva.

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Where did Avril go in the five years that vanished?

In 2014, Avril suddenly disappeared into the music, a time of rumors, some people said she was drug rehab, some people said she was dead.

In fact, Avril had revealed on Twitter that she suffered from Lyme disease (Lyme disease), an infectious disease caused by Berghei, which is infected by the bite of an infected tick.

Early infection, there will be similar symptoms of the cold: headache, fever, systemic fatigue, and more serious, after several months or years, there may be joint deformation, meningitis, pericardial inflammation and other diseases. As a result, Avril's music career was interrupted, concentrating on fighting disease.

During the treatment, Avril has been on and off in front of the fluorescent screen, in 2015, she received a program visit, formally announced her illness.

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She thought it was only a small cold, but in bed for 5 months, her health was not improving. At that time looked for different experts to diagnose and treat, also all uncompromising, even some people think she is affected by depression, just can't afford to be ill. Fortunately, he finally found a Lyme disease expert to prove that he was ill. (Recommended reading: Robin Williams behind the suicide story: willpower also can not overcome disease )

"I did not know that the insect bites would have such consequences. "She had a number of times when she was dizzy and couldn't take a shower and eat:" She couldn't breathe or walk, I thought I was dying. 」

The day of illness is hard, Avril said, is the fans accompany her through life, the darkest days: "I know they are there, waiting for my recovery." 」

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Above the water, Avril and the disease reconciliation

With water as the image, metaphor of the past morbidity fear, pain, and she craves for breathing, thirst for the surface. Avril explains why she wrote the Head Above water:

"One night, I thought I was dying, and I accepted death. Mom was lying next to her and hugging me. That feeling, like drowning, cannot breathe. I prayed, "God, please let me surface." "At that moment, I had the inspiration. The lyrics were poured out at that time. (Recommended reading: Learn to lose this class!) Interview May days Stone: "Death so close, but also to live hard")

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Before the new song was made public, Avril wrote a letter saying:

Thank you for waiting patiently while I wrestle with Lyme disease. In the future, this battle will last forever.

I want to share with you head Above water this song. It was the first song I ever had in my bed when I was in the hardest part of my life. At that time, I felt my body gradually "shut down", I chose to accept death. It felt like drowning, sinking, and I was longing to breathe on the water.

But the vortex in the river keeps pulling me away, so I pray to God that he can take me up to the surface and take me through all the difficulties, and I feel how close I am to him ...

Now I have decided to be honest and open to the process of fighting disease and to show the fragile side. To be honest, I don't want to talk about my illness and want to hide it, but now I know that I have to say it because it is not only a part of life, but I want you to pay attention to Lyme disease. Although only a small bite by the worm, it is possible to cause regret, many people have been bitten by the worm, not aware of the seriousness of Lyme disease, even if aware of, there is no way to bear the huge medical costs.

So I set up the foundation, I hope this situation no longer occurs, on the website, we provide Lyme disease prevention, treatment resources, to the world open the disease-resistant process at the same time, it is also hoped that everyone can pay attention to Lyme disease ... now I want to share my experience with music, and also bring people hope that all this can give people strength ...

This album for me, a symbol of victory, I defeated the disease, I hope you can patiently wait for this album. Thank you to all who support me and accompany me.

Not the bath fire rebirth, but also brave and sea Bo Dou, avril son with their own strength, and disease reconciliation, finally surfaced, again with music to the world announced the return of Rock queen. (Recommended reading: the most gentle rock!) 10 to accompany you to shout the Spring rock song list )

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