Through the industry bullying and depression, Alan Dizeni said, true humor is generous, do not have to lay a foundation in the injury or make fun of another group of people, these experiences, teach her the same.

People always ask me, "Are you funny when you were young?" "Well, no, I used to be an accountant. --Alan Dizeni

Think of Alan Dizeni, what would you think first? Short blond and unisex, she is not only a world-renowned talk-show host, but is also often considered one of the lesbian community's representative figures. Allen is 60 years old, but few people know her winding and dramatic life journey: a law firm assistant and accountant, a painter, a straight actress in a popular album, and very few people know that she had been in deep depression.

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Looking back at the beginning of career, Allen said he was not a student of reading, the university did not graduate, 18-year-old she decided to advanced society again. She has done word processing, also in T.G.I Fridays end plate, when the house painter, bartender, 20 in the early she has no specific goals, changing jobs, kill time-like live, also in this period of time, with different strata, background people get along with each other, see the hundred states, but also enrich her understanding and imagination of society.

When she was 20 years old, she met her girlfriend in a gay pub and lived together to rent a house. A girlfriend on the way home on the road accident, accidental death, Allen came home to know, just after the accident, the accident is a girlfriend.

Alan, who was mentally dull, could not afford to rent a house with his girlfriend, and moved to the basement of a dark and cramped apartment. There was nothing in the new house, only a shabby mattress, attached to fleas. She was low-minded, often in the room, wondering why God chose to take her girlfriend, and useless life like a flea could survive. "At the time, I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could pick up the phone, call God, ask questions and get answers?" 」

She cried and cried, and her life became ridiculous. Tears, she decided to find a pen to write down the experience, this experience, became Allen's famous talk show script "dial the phone to God" (phone calls to gods). "After I read it, I couldn't help thinking," God! This is so funny! I must be in Channingkassen (Johnny Carson, then the King host) show this section! And I'm going to be the first female guest to be invited to the show! 』」

Allen began to cheer up, and at the age of 23, she performed solo comedy at the local coffee shop (standup comedy), and had not thought of becoming more and more popular and began touring. At the age of 28, she received the invitation to the show and became the first female guest of the "Channingkassen Tonight Show", which became her debut, and since then she began to develop in the television entertainment industry with "single comedy".

After the debut, there is a long career, Allen in the television comedy field of patience to create and perform, her humorous wit gradually captured the hearts of the audience, at the age of 34, she finally won the first situation comedy opportunity, but did not expect to show four episodes, the program because of low ratings and forced to shout cards.

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However, the other producers saw her comedy potential, two years later, for her tailor-made another situation comedy "Ellen" was born. The comedy was popular, and ABC TV set up a succession of seasons, but as Allen became more famous and the media began to focus on her private life, the tabloids began to report that she was not dating men and speculated that she was actually gay and so on.

In 1997, 39-year-old Allen was under great pressure, she decided to open the Cabinet on Oprah's show, the declaration, she rehearsed times, just to be honest with her, she said before the camera stop tears. She played a role in the sitcom "Ellen" and later in the show.

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At the time, I had all the career I wanted, but I was not myself. So I decided to be honest with myself and to say who I am. Oddly enough: those who like my humor suddenly don't like me, just because I want to be myself. --Alan Dizeni

Allen suddenly became the first female comedian to come out of the United States. The "Ellen" album, although the ratings have risen, but also forced to terminate. Overnight, out of the cupboard she became the object of all the stand-up comedy and program ridicule.

Because of the constant ridicule and the cancellation of the original program, she was seen by the industry as a great example of failure. "Nobody wants to get close to me, I don't have any brokerage, I don't have any job opportunities, I don't have anything at all." "Her gay identity has been a fuss, the media gradually out of control, can not escape the vicious cycle of evil." Although she was brave out of the ark on the cover of Time magazine, the public opinion did not let her, on-line famous LGBTQ Celebrities also began to taunt her.

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"Even Elton John said" Enough, shut up, we know you are gay, you can start to be funny. "I have never seen him, but I am very surprised that this is a support from the same comrades?" "Alan spoke frankly about the industry's bullying when he was interviewed.

She was depressed and even moved away from Los Angeles, where Hollywood was located. The media still spared her, saying she was flashing with her girlfriend all day.

I had those fleeting, beautiful, quiet moments of the day-and the other 23 hours and 45 minutes, I was just a struggling man to survive from this world.

Alan Dizeni

Years passed and things were getting better. Until 2001, she decided to return to the television entertainment industry. In an attempt to re-appear on television, she whispered that countless TV-station managers had given her jobs, and the television station believed that people would never watch her show because she had already made it public.

She proves to everyone that this is not the case. In 2003, she opened the Alan Dizeni talk show, with ratings climbing, 11 nominations for the Emmy Award, and the Emmy Award for Best talk show. Just three seasons ago, the talk show took back 25 Emmy Awards.

From being bullied by the industry to getting back on stage, Allen says such experiences make her more empathetic and more appreciative of her audience. During the opening and advertising sessions of the Alan Dizeni talk show, Alan Dizeni always gets up and sings or dances with her audience.

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Most comedies are based on making fun of and consuming others, and I find that this is a huge bullying. So, I want to demonstrate one thing: You can be both funny and kind, and you can laugh without hurting the feelings of another group. --Alan Dizeni

This year, Alan Dizeni 60 years old, she said she had no concern for birthdays, often forget that she is not a teenager. She is proud to say that this may be a family inheritance, "my grandmother from six years old, every day to walk several miles out, now she is more than 90, we still do not know where she went." "Age is never the limit, start slow, it doesn't matter: good efforts but failed again, it doesn't matter; the more you experience, the richer the Treasure of life.

Alan Dizeni Story, let us can believe, seriously and honestly treat themselves and life, everything will be good, if now not too good, said not to go to the end, life is forging a better you, to meet the more rich calm and sweet.

Bring a little Allen's healing back to life.

What really saved me from the bottom is honesty. I think I have the courage to honestly express myself, even if that might end my career. My decision is to make my soul and life more important than to make my career more important. To be true and honest with myself is to truly save me.

Alan Dizeni

These are the values that I uphold: honesty, fairness, kindness, empathy, the traditional values that should be conserved when others, as you want to be treated, help the people you need.

Alan Dizeni

I learned the same because I had suffered discrimination. All the bad things that happened to me taught me to learn the same thing.

Alan Dizeni

I am a comedy performer, so I can definitely see humor in many things. But I also often feel sad, I often cry also easy to cry. I think that we should be able to feel the different emotions, I cherish.

Alan Dizeni

It is the obstacles and challenges in life that give us a rich level and depth and make us interesting. But when these things happen, they're not funny at all! But these things make us unique, and this is something I can be sure of-I think.

Alan Dizeni

Find out who you are and be yourself. It is the task of your soul to come to this world. Find this truth, live it out, and all the rest of your soberly will naturally come to your life.

Alan Dizeni