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Cosmopolitan).Geli.The age of the 90-year-old editor, Helen Gurley Brown, has been a pioneer in women's liberation movement, and her best-selling book Sex and the City) has been greatly influenced by her best-selling book, Sex and the Single Girl.

Now you follow Womany's footsteps, and look back on how the legendary woman in the publishing world declared to the world: "Women can be different!""

, what is not?-From books to movies, leading the world's feminism


Time pulled back to the United States in the 1960s, when Brown found that the moral values at the time allowed men to be happy, while the "good" girl "should" follow the rules and wait for her to come.Thus, under the encouragement of her husband, Brown laid the foundation for her real-life experience and experience with her friends. In 1962, she published a book that shocked the society at the time, and caused a single female storm in the world. It brought her a great reputation and became a turning point in her life.

< sex and single woman > was then very avanterable in the book, in addition to teaching women to become independent, not to be blind because of fear of old age, to provide young singles with age, entertainment, work, fashion, and sex."

This was undoubtedly a shock to the conservative society at the time, which generally recognized the "women's wedding" at the time. However, many years later, the injustices of women on the terms of "canine dogs" and "leftowed women" are still very practical!

No wonder that this classic, which encourages women to single, sold more than two million copies in the first three weeks of publication, was launched in 35 countries, and later became a film of the same name in Hollywood, with far-reaching effects on the women's world.

Films and Singles.

New Women's Awakening-Women's World Wide

Brown, the editor-in-chief, took a picture of the
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The success of a book with a book that brought her a letter like a snowflake, so Brown's husband David Brown suggested that she simply set up a magazine and use it to answer many of the questions of the readers.They lobbied the publishing industry for this wonderful idea, but at first it wasn't going well, and it seemed that nobody wanted to believe in the creation of a pure women's magazine.

When the Brown couple found the Hearst group in New York, a turn was finally reached.The magazine, originally published in 1886, was originally a literary journal. In 1965, the publisher agreed to let Brown "try her ideas" in the magazine "DreamPoddan", a year of publication.

From this point on, the legendary woman in the publishing world is sitting on her "where this life should be." Starting to make a major change to the original woman's dream, completely changed the old women's publications and created a glorious page in the history of women's magazines.

In the United States in the late 1960s, the general mood of the magazine world was rather conservative, and the topic of the new generation of women was bold enough to embrace the themes of women's relationships, sex, and sex. Not only did it bring about a great success to the magazine, it was one of the biggest in global sales, and it led the trend of feminism.

This raises questions about women, including feminists, but Brown insists that the idea of a new "Coompodan" is to "provide a self-improvement momentum for female readers" and encourage women to pursue their goals, whether they are wealth, reputation, success, self-esteem, or men.Later, even feminists admitted that, in a sense, it was in fact a magazine of "feminist" in fact.

Whether you agree or not, the legendary woman who had been inducted into the United States Hall of Fame and opened up a woman to enjoy a life of single life echoed her actions, echoing the ability of modern women to have a successful career and stimulating a happy life, and to speak out loud: women can really be different!

, bravely doing different things themselves!
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