"How" series Come! Life is a lot of questions, women are obsessed with you to find ways. Often feel drained of energy? Provide a common way for your women fans to manage your energy from the three major aspects of mind, emotion, and body!

Is that what you do? Always confidently plan a day trip, every minute and every second to be full. However, this is the case with specific implementation:

"Just had a bad mood, suddenly not in the mood to work." 」

"There is no way to read now, so clean up the room first!" 」

"Today the spirit is not very good, first sleep for half an hour to replenish strength." 」

One day down, there is not a thing on the itinerary to do full, dragged regrets, day and night to repeat these conditions.

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In fact, to make life, work to achieve a good balance, in addition to managing time, "management of energy" is also very important. So how do you manage energy? We combine the common methods of women fans and foreign research, so that you can from the mind, emotion, the body of these three aspects of management energy!

The power of the mind: dear, positive thinking makes things better.

Despite the world's negative energy, we still believe that positive thinking can make things better, so the first step in managing energy begins with changing the mind:

Look at the angle of things, decide your world.

Use words to "change" the status quo, rather than "describe" the situation. If you are unhappy with your work and chatting with your friends, you may say, "Oh my, my recent ⋯⋯", but it will not make your situation better or even worse. " You can use positive words to "change" the status quo, for example, "I've had a lot of challenges lately, but I have confidence in my prospects and I'm enjoying it!" "or use more motivational language, like" I Can "," I Will "," I Can ". This is not self-deception, but what you choose to view things! (Recommended reading: Positive Thinking exercises: Prepare a good note for yourself )

Ask yourself two questions every day

Be optimistic about the future and imagine your ideal life. "Imagination" can help you to act more consciously, make changes, and ask yourself two questions every day:

"What kind of life do you want?" 」

"What do you want to change?" 」

Let your answer be the power to wake you up in the morning. But if you feel that your direction is wrong, turn the rudder! It's important to stay flexible!

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Make a Move!

See something, say something and take action! If you find that work items need to be improved and found to be wrong, taking action will be a better approach than making observations! People often just "find" what, but forget to want to make a change, it is necessary to actually act, so don't forget this!

The power of emotion: understanding and managing your emotions

When we are emotionally burdened and unable to take control of our actions, Evelyn Boon, director of psychology at Singapore's General Hospital, offers several tips to help you understand your emotions and learn to manage them:

Cutting emotions

When a family's negative emotions affect work, you can try to leave it at home, for example, using commuting time as a transition point to convert emotions, psychologically asking for those "negative emotions" to get off the train and storing it at home first, some people think this "storage" mood method is very effective.

Get to know your "trigger point"

Find out why you can Make yourself angry, restless, and tense, to understand, not to blame. You should know that when people are emotionally out of control, but when you can really know it, you can predict the actions you will have, occasionally let yourself vent, and occasionally try to control. Through the practice, your mental quality will grow. (Recommended reading: The practice of embracing real emotions: acknowledging the presence of anger and asking yourself why you're angry )

10 Second Rule

When you try to control your emotions but not, you can try the 10-second rule: Leave the scene, in the heart of the "1, 2, 3, 4⋯⋯10", re-organize the mood. " If you are in a meeting, you can tell the participants that you need to calm down and make sure that you will come back and leave the scene.

Body: Regular exercise can improve your memory

According to a study by the University of British Columbia, regular aerobic exercise can increase the size of the hippocampus, while the hippocampus's size involves the brain region of language memory and learning, while boosting the spirit. So if you want to enhance your memory and help you think about it, you need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week, such as swimming, playing tennis and dancing. Or walk two times a week, at least one hour at a time, to achieve moderate-intensity exercise.

If these methods discourage you, consider starting from 5-10 minutes a day and then adding 5-10 minutes each time, depending on your situation.

Regular aerobic exercise sounds difficult, but you can invite friends to exercise, push each other out, or set personal goals, track results on a regular basis, or spend money on coaches to get the coach to push you! No matter what kind of sport or inducement you choose, you must develop a habit to be effective.

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If you often feel drained of energy and are not enthusiastic about anything, try these methods, starting with the three major aspects of mind, mood and body. I believe that with the positive energy to do everything in life, through bigger picture vision planning life, we can achieve their own ideal life!