Interview Joanna Wang, if life is a sad and happy mixed modern tragedy, and let us use a curtain call angle to see, you will experience life in the process, to find a completely calm.

"Life is bitter and sweet, though very bad but memorable, you have to accept these stools gracefully." 」

2018, Joanna Wang the latest English Creation album "Modern Tragedy" (modern Tragedy), the continuation of the concept of black humor on the album, this time she directly put the tragedy of life in front of you, you have to look carefully: bitter joy mixed Day is a reality, but because of this, life is just the same.

"You did not from an extreme, to know the opposite side of the extreme, when happiness comes, how can you be sure that is happiness?" "When Joanna Wang speak, the eyes always fall on the 45-degree angle of the desktop, like talking to yourself and asking questions, to answer the universe." "For me, black humor is the tragedy in a light way to express, seemingly miserable, but carefully listen carefully to see, but also in the miserable inside, see not so miserable things." 」

Indeed, life is like a sea rafting, sometimes big waves, bitter water to choke you to the tears of the nasal flow, in order to survive, mouth open, resigned to swallow a few saliva, waves and waves, struggling to breathe. Calm time also have, we float on the sea, watching the sunset dye Huang Dahai, that moment, do nothing, "existence" itself is happiness.

Joanna Wang like to use music to depict the grim face of survival, in order to give people a great breath to knot. Yes, I have not experienced the extreme of drowning, how can I understand the happiness of deep breathing?

It's my family to make music.

I think, Joanna Wang Life is also constantly experiencing the extreme face of life, in the sadness and joy of the relaxation, find their own balance point.

Recalling the days of the new entry, a lot of people to father name, to her expectations, they use Joanna Wang do not know their way, packaging her. Indeed, many people notice this lazy voice of the girl, but this is one-sided Joanna Wang, she not only so, but also unwilling to do so, she wants to be a three-dimensional person.

In 2009, Joanna Wang opted to return to the United States for two years. Had a special visit to her, that period of time to leave, whether to give her growth? She only left the next sentence, at that time is nothing to take care of, want to return to their own, good life.

Later we see Joanna Wang, she is like finally find herself, fanciful fantasy, humorous irony of the song theme, she three-dimensional, like let people touch the kaleidoscope of clues, each meet, have another posture. I couldn't help wondering, "Have you felt freer these years?" 」

Her answer is very Wang style, directly do not affectation, "To do music is my family." The "Home" thing in my heart. "Joanna Wang hands overlap, pressing on his own chest, said side as promised again," I know what I did, that's good. I know who my audience is-even if those listeners exist only in my imagination, I design albums for the listeners. "Music is a very subjective thing after all, if you do not understand me, I do not blame you." Happen to meet the people who know, the whole album of painstaking, but also for you.

If you have seen Joanna Wang Live, she will explain the scenes, characters, and the stories they collide in the song before she sings each creation. With this story, what Joanna Wang want to convey to the audience? She never said. (Recommended reading:"Do not make music ripples, to make stone" a lifetime musician Zhong Chenghu )

Like this new album, a "ritual of handing scissors and knives," the press release says the song wants to talk about the image that avoids being calculated. What is the spirit that I want to convey in depth? Joanna Wang Simple two words: "No." 」

In fact, this song is a simple education song, teach everyone to pass scissors and knife etiquette. Simply feel that it is interesting to talk about the etiquette of handing knives and forks, but after writing it, it seems that there is a bit of metaphor in it, that is to see how people think. "Aerial a scene, throw in a few distinctive characters, use the angle of extraction to describe their interaction." Joanna Wang's creations are often mixed with bizarre and grotesque script styles, and she is only responsible for creating space, the rest of the imagination, the viewer's interpretation of each.

I was curious about her way of writing and asked why she chose to present it, and she answered very quickly and firmly, "I don't know!" That's the way I understand things, and I don't really like to write something very abstract. I like to write very clear characters and scenes. I'm not very good at writing my feelings. I prefer to describe the story and the characters, and the audience will find their own emotions from inside. "Listening to Joanna Wang's song is like walking into a fantasy world, she invites you, and when you extend your emotional meaning through the song, the listener becomes a part of creation."

"I didn't write out what the characters in the song were talking about, but through other words or descriptions, what I wanted to convey to the audience was the meaning between the word and the words, the sentences and the sentences." Joanna Wang said that he was writing a song just to capture things that were moving or beautiful to her, and that the process did not want to teach anyone, nor did he intend to give lessons to everyone.

Influence also means power, a certain degree of danger.

In 2016, Joanna Wang out an EP "H.A.M", to portray himself as a virtual idol singer, EP three songs on the Happy, easy to digest music, inside a bit of irony in the meaning of pop songs. Later album "Bullying Home" talk about being bullying bullying people to bullying others, reflect full of black humor.

I have been allowed to add speculation in these songs, find my feelings, I asked Joanna Wang, do these songs behind the need to pay special attention to the social issues? She often stared at the table, slowly moved to me, "No, I do not write social issues." To me those things are not permanent, will fade away, the only thing that will last forever is fantasy and dream. "When it comes to excitement, she involuntarily emerges a long string of English," like, movie or creation, you write down the moment of fantasy, it becomes permanent. But social issues, it is flowing, it always has the possibility of being overthrown, and to me those things in the real world are false. 」

For Joanna Wang, the human-dominated contemporary social issues, the results, the significance of the struggle, will be overturned in the historical torrent, re-rewrite. Is the truth or good and evil that we believe is only a bubble? Thinking here, I can't help but fear the truth of Faith, asked Joanna Wang, she has a gray area of life, what do you think?

"The grey zone is reality. You cannot say that either side is completely right, and when each party has its own consideration, who is qualified to say that the party is completely right? If you want to embrace all the points and be fair, then should you agree with everyone? "So Joanna Wang said, because there is no absolute right or wrong, write social issues, for her a bit of a waste of time."

Of course, she is not indifferent to social issues, she is also eager to pursue the truth, to become the "good" side, but no matter which position to fight, there will always be people sad. For example, she has her own point of view, but she always feels that she is not qualified to judge others, "some issues, a group of people are obviously repressed, but if you want to really deny the other side, said they are evil, it seems pretty poor." Because that is their reality, that is their life, but also they are educated views ah, they also have their own story. So I do not like to choose the side station, Because someone is always wrong. 」

Although on the way to music, she became a singer and a public figure, but she never used her own voice, not trying to exert any influence, to change or educate the society. For her, the creation is a very pure thing, add responsibility and expectations, will lose the original intention of enjoyment, "I think, influence is very dangerous-have influence can open up a lot of things, but at the same time, it also represents a kind of power, which is mixed humanity." It can be dangerous to have people who don't use them well. Look at the people who have influence, where to use the influence! (Recommended reading: Don't trust me personally!) Interview Liu Anting: The influence is not my personal, but I believe the belief.

Speaking of influence from fairness, the sentence "someone is always wrong. "Still echoes in my ears, I suddenly feel that Joanna Wang is a very gentle person--soft to accept everyone's life story, listen quietly, slowly thinking, but never criticize."

No doubt I believe in love

Gentle acceptance of all things through their own life, such an attitude, also reflected in the Joanna Wang feelings of the view.

The two songs in the new album 〈sabrina Don ' t Get married again!〉 with 〈if you Say Come on to me〉, the way they behave is different, but I vaguely see the girl's feelings for love without hesitation. I looked at the eyes of the answer is always short, look like some cool Joanna Wang, she talk about Love is what appearance?

As usual, she overturned my established imagination about her, and speaking of love, she gave me a smile from the heart, "have a few love, the mature adult's feelings and practical ideas, I have not learned." Love, for me, is imagination. "Looking at her firmly, many wonderful and powerful experiences in life are due to the love that makes us have infinite imagination in our life." I could not help asking, even if in love is wounded, she still believe in love people?

"Yes, I am." Love is good, love is powerful. Love may cause us to be ecstatic, to be lost, to experience parting or despair, but many incredible experiences in my life come from love. She admits, as a child herself also because of the talk of a few hurt very heavy love, began to converge on their feelings, in love, began to care who pay more, began to warn themselves not to use the sentiment too deep, "because of fear of injury, I love to tie hands tied feet." I do a lot of protection of their behavior, in the love of the time dare not boldly to love, projecting a lot of negative emotions in the lover, so I, not the real me. "Because of love, but love not like themselves, how can we use their true appearance, good love with others?"

Have a few injuries still to love to keep the naïve vision and expectations, I think is lucky is also happy.

Joanna Wang said, after several years of groping, she felt that love is to cherish. Cherish the moment of love, when you start to fear lost, you have lost the enjoyment of love! "Experience the high ebb of life, when you can use the" bow to these things "attitude to face, with a" curtain call "mentality to feel. Whether your life is now in a comedy or a tragedy, you can enjoy it with a calm attitude. 」

Life is sad and happy, love is not always sweet, but because we have experienced the inevitable pain in life, we are caught in happiness, will not feel fear.

When you are no longer afraid of losing, you will find that, although this is the process of loss, there is also a long-lasting heart, when you no longer crave the approval of others, you can freely stretch themselves, live three-dimensional, when you no longer insist, willing to use a more inclusive attitude, accept the inevitable ambiguity of life, You may find a definition of respect and goodwill.

When you understand, and then the tragic dream of the script, the end of a curtain call, when the stage lights down, you want to use what kind of posture, good step down?