The 12th time between D&i strategy! Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), which are executed by many foreign enterprises, are seldom discussed in Taiwan. Our technology exchange program, driven by Google, looks at how he aligns with schools and drives d&i.

We ' re not as diverse as we ' d is. We ' re focused on building a more diverse Google, one that definitely reflects our users. This Tech Exchange was a piece of that puzzle.

In terms of diversity, we do not do enough. Google will be committed to promoting diversity and making services more reflective of users. and "Tech Exchange" is one of the pieces of the puzzle to achieve the goal. --google Education Rights Program Manager April Alvarez

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In 9/19, Google announced the move to the technology Exchange Fall program, which will work with 11 black schools in the United States (HBCU) and Hispanic Institutions (hsis) to elect 65 students to Silicon Valley to strengthen their computer science (computer) capabilities. In fact, as early as 2017, Google pushed the program, but only in the testing phase, when it was the highest ranked black American University--Howard University, selected students sent to Google Mountain City headquarters, close to the University of Howard Professor, Google engineer guidance.

After that, Google found that the program was a real change for the less-represented group of students, and that more and more students were interested in computer science, so in the fall he decided to expand the range of student recruitment.

Why is Google so eager to push for diversification (d&i)? Let's take a look at the 2018-year-old diversity report he released:

From a gender perspective, Google employs 30.9% women worldwide, and among underrepresented groups, blacks and Latinos account for only 2.5% and 3.6%. Again, in the leadership category, women accounted for 25.5%, growing by 4.87% compared with the past four years, while black leaders grew from 2017 to 2018 (0.5% from a year earlier), while Hispanics rose from 1.7% to 1.8% in underrepresented groups.

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Despite the positive growth of the figures, there are still a lot of media that Google's growth rate is not very good after the report is released.

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This is why, when announcing the technology exchange programme at number 19th, he pledged to strengthen the cause of diversification.

Both for the technology industry, Google has been hoping to change the enterprise, and even the entire Silicon Valley diversity problem, and its changes, not only in the company-to eliminate the unconscious bias of employees, he has long-term vision, think to find multi-technology talent, will have to go deep education, so they actively with the education organization, The school co-operation, the following four projects are launched:

Black Girls Code Resources available

Black Girls Code is an educational organization that targets 7-17-year-old black girls, pushing STEM [1], hoping that in childhood, these underrepresented groups will be exposed to computer science. In 2016, Google made Black Girls Code the organization's headquarters in New York to help provide more internships and mentoring resources. (Recommended reading: for girls in the Google Bread plan )

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Code Next set up a lab in the neighborhood.

In order to eliminate the barriers of black and Latino students in access to science and technology education, Google has established laboratories within the less-than-representative community to enable high school students to participate in STEM programming and to nurture key skills for the 21st century through the experience of corporate culture. (Recommended reading: "Live direct hit" "Because of the countless mistakes, so become a great engineer" day Sex hack workshop )

Online courses, game learning and writing programs

Google offers a variety of online programming resources for different age groups: CS first invites volunteers to record instructional films, providing a 4-8-year multi-grade student-based programming content;made with Code is a simple, fun way to play online, Make it easy for girls to embark on a program-writing journey.

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Engineer Intern Program

To provide practical opportunities for college students is one of the ways to make their future investment in the technology industry. So Google partnered with the University to provide student internships and scholarships for STEM-interested students. In addition to the technology Exchange program mentioned earlier, they also have a 12-week internship program for engineers, mainly for freshmen, majoring in computer science, information engineering, and cultivating underrepresented students through practical experience and mentoring.

Faced with the problem of insufficient diversity of enterprises, different industries have different solutions, such as the focus on the company's corporate image, Facebook is committed to the elimination of internal staff unconscious bias. Despite Google's 2018-year diversification report, the media are still negative about digital, but in the technology industry, Google to consider the Silicon Valley gender inequality in the talent environment, decided to "cultivate root" strategy, self-education, it needs to be viewed from a long-term perspective. (Recommended reading: Does sex discrimination exist?) Google search engine tells you )

Therefore, enterprises in the reform, but also must take into account the overall industrial environment, the strategy of flexible adjustment, rather than the overall reference to others.

We look forward to the future, Google is not only the supremacy of the technology industry, but also to become Silicon Valley gender, ethnic diversity.