Marvel movie "Captain Marvel" previously released trailer, the protagonist Brie Larson was netizens think, should laugh a little more. In the face of criticism, she chooses to respond in a humorous way.

Chaotic Interstellar, in the explosion, a figure with the fire fell, heavily hit on the roof of the blockbuster, the horn sounded.

Captain Marvel, who is expected to release the Marvel film "Captain of the Marvel" in 2019, released the movie trailer on September 18, which was the 88th Annual Academy Award for the best actress,--brie Larson, which was the first independent film of Marvel's heroine.

After the film trailer released, the reaction of the two poles: some people say that the anticipation, but also some people think the notice is boring, but there is also a voice in the comments: think Brie Larson If "a little more smile will be better." Even on Twitter, someone directly smiles on the Brie larson"fix.

Photo |Twitter screenshot

In the face of the criticism of netizens, Brie Larson chose to respond in a humorous way, and in the time-limited dynamic of Instagram, she put on the Netizen P's Marvel hero smile photo. Its statement goes without saying: Why ask a heroine to smile a little more? Do you see the Iron Man, Captain America, and the singular doctor, if the poster changes to the way they smile, is it "better" as the public says? (Recommended reading:"Captain America 3: Civil War": Who's Revenge, who's justice, is pulled down the altar of superheroes )

Picture |twitter screenshot

The captain of the Marvel

Then Brie Larson wrote in the time-limited dynamics:

You can be a. That's means you can smile or not. You can is strong in the ways your want to be. You can own. If anyone tells you different don ' t trust them. "You can be yourself." This means you can choose to laugh or not to laugh. You can become strong in your own way. You have the right to decide who you are. If someone tries to tell you what to do, don't trust them. 」

Why did the past Marvel heroes not be asked to "smile a little more", but at this time asked Brie Larson to smile?

Although her response, did not directly point out the gender discrimination, but also reflects the public on the "women before the screen" has an established impression: gentle, amiable, always hung a smile, and even said: "Girls to laugh, do not stink, laugh to be pleasing to people like." 」

The "emotional labor" demanded by women is no exception, even when a woman performs a hero. Not only the audience, but even behind-the-scenes film staff, extended to all walks of life, will always be particularly demanding emotional workers, can control, adjust their emotions, to meet colleagues and customers, to bring positive impact on everyone.

Women in the work, not only to show a smart and capable appearance, but also to look gentle, friendly. Work is not about professionalism, which makes women more emotionally productive than others. (Recommended reading: housekeeping, fake orgasm, smile service: Emotional labor is not a woman's gift )

Pictures | "Superman", "Marvel Captain"

Viewers expect to see heroes in the movies, brave and courageous, fighting crime, but when women play heroic roles, they are regulated by different standards. As Brie Larson says, how to play the captain of the Marvel, how to interpret the hero in his own way, depending on yourself, you can be your own way to become the hero you want.

A heroine can be a supernatural woman Superman, the sword to split the enemy, with more than ordinary people to lift the divine power, the heroine can also be the captain of the surprise, the face of injustice without fear, brave forward. (Recommended reading:"Sex Watch", "Supernatural Woman Superman", a feminist who entered the WTO )

In this era of women's rise, we look forward to the future of more and more women's films, can show a multi-feminine appearance, and no longer subject to social stereotypes of gender. And the heroine, can also have their own appearance.

As the captain of the surprise trailer finally said:

"I'm not the think I am." Captain Marvel said.