Watanabe Naomi attended Gucci activities, by netizens obese humiliation, she confidently response, straightforward not affectation of personality circle powder Volkswagen. A closer look at Watanabe straight beauty How to chase star dream, experience self-doubt, live out of their own.

Recently, Watanabe directly to the United States to participate in the opening of the Gucci Tokyo Aoyama Branch, she green, red, black and other eye-catching color clothing, photos in the official website exposure, poured into a large number of foreign netizens malicious criticism, some satire "joke", "horror", also someone with a long list of panic symbols, strong expression of their own panic.

In the face of negative comments, Watanabe directly in her own Instagram account upload a few other events to attend the same day photo, and so reply:

"I thought it was a good time to be able to enjoy fashion in what size, and I didn't think that my photos still blew up a world-class curse in Gucci's official Instagram, and everyone was amazed by my charm. But I have only 2% skills have been fascinated by so many people, in the future there are more opportunities to feel my charm Oh! 」

After the end of the sentence is not forgotten, with a bright pink heart.

Picture Source | Watanabe straight beauty Instagram screenshot

Look at the transition side straight to the United States response, netizens praise her high EQ, the original official account of Gucci message wind, sided became a "positive comment", said she really is a cool girl! Only words, Watanabe straight Beauty Circle powder powerful, the last second is still humiliating the fat interrogates scene, has become her support confession convention, many people fell in her self-confidence to do their own attitude.

Now it seems that every moment is full of positive energy, more than anyone love their Watanabe straight beauty, in the past has experienced self-deprecating, even craving for suicide in the dark period. Now the reason can be upright to do their own, but also to endure the question, swallowed tears, completely lost their own, only to find back confidence.

Create a dream for yourself: more important than persistence is self-confidence

Watanabe straight Beautiful star dream, enlightenment in their own existence very low childhood.

She recalled that when she was a child, she looked ordinary, Japanese bad, character and introverted, do not love speech. There is no sense of presence in a group, it is the kind of person who disappears and may not be found.

In the third grade, she saw the TV funny artists, a cult spontaneously. Why are the artists so powerful? A few words can make everyone laugh, not like themselves, no sense of existence. In this way, "become a person with a sense of existence, become a person to bring laughter to everyone," the simple idea of guiding her, groping for themselves. (Recommended reading: interview Watanabe straight beauty: I hope to become the boring life of everyone, the reason for laughter )

In the Middle Ages, the desire to "become a person of existence" has been practiced to some extent, in a form not in anticipation.

Since Watanabe straight the United States joined the school volleyball team, the amount of exercise, increase in appetite, the body is plump, her sense of presence has escalated into the attention of students, bullying objects. After bullying, she once wanted to commit suicide, but finally let her decide to live, and determined, more than anyone to love themselves, or a thought: "Keep calm and love yourself, otherwise who will love you?" 」

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From self-loathing to one step to accept their own process, in addition to embrace their own shape, Watanabe straight beauty also face the desire of the heart. After graduating from junior high school, eager to become a funny artist Watanabe straight The United States did not continue to study, she worked in the restaurant during the day to earn money, the evening running large and small comprehensive talent draft project, accumulated experience, for their future star Dream Road.

Because Japanese is not good, she often in the talent show is rejected by the judges, a few draft contest, the voice of criticism also let her discouraged, think about giving up. is a senior to encourage her to continue to persist, "This world is more important than the insistence is self-confidence." "Yes, the pursuit of the ideal road, if they do not believe that they can do, they all laugh at their dreams, but also talk about what adhere to?"

So, she went all day and night to study the comedy, struggling to improve the level of Japanese, as desired into the "Ji-Yip" (Japan's first funny artist brokerage company), become a formal artist.

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2008, is the flip Watanabe straight beautiful life of the year, she by imitating Beyonce a gun and red, natural acting, plump body with the body exaggerated dance, can let a person a second smile, Beyonce I saw all expressed admiration.

Once a reporter asked, why imitate Beyonce? Forthright not affectation of Watanabe straight the United States simple answer: "Of course, because she has a lot of fans ah."

But such success is not a fluke, when everyone praised Watanabe straight beautiful imitation of vivid, few people know, she in order to accurately interpret the demeanor and dance, Beyoncé, please three months of false, flew to Beyonce professional dance room, every small detail to practice, in order to lay the stage lighting that moment, the perfect performance.

I'm a feminist, and I live with my desires.

We like Watanabe straight beauty, in addition to her active life, positive energy explosion table, often awe people's unreasonable behavior, she hopes through their own, let others live more happy good thoughts, also reflected in her every behavior.

2014 Watanabe-Mae, set up its own fashion brand Punyus, breaking the general size specifications, self-brand from free size to 6L of larger sizes have. When photographing clothing, Watanabe's beauty is sometimes photographed with the model to show the unique beauty of different postures. Let any shopper in Punyus find their own comfort style and appropriate size.

Watanabe has described its brand concept this way, "I am a feminist in my heart." My work is for a purpose. I try to make the picture look the way I want it. What I'm doing is telling a story, it's not just about clothes. (Recommended reading: throw away the posture anxiety!) A girl who Wants to love: "Focus on my thoughts, not my Body")

Picture Source | Watanabe straight beauty Instagram screenshot

Picture Source | Watanabe straight beauty Instagram screenshot

She said, Japan and Europe and the United States, in the mainstream fashion dress, rarely see the XL size of clothes. Even a lot of shops, even M yards of clothing are very few, many people in order to put themselves into the mainstream aesthetic size, into the vicious cycle of dieting, particularly painful.

The creation of this brand, Watanabe direct the United States to use their own strength to collide with the world for the "beauty" of the narrow imagination, had the media asked her, sexy secret is what? She said, "Just eat a little more, like eating ramen in the middle of the night, so that fat evenly covered body, so that the body shiny bright ah." "Standard Watanabe straight American's irrational response, soft response to the rigid frame, what is sexy?" I'm the boss.

I'm not sure why I'm popular. I just let it go and live with my desires. If you want to eat, laugh and laugh. I also eat, smoke, also talk about yellow jokes. I would not do housework, like a scrap of firewood. Isn't it the most annoying kind of woman?

Watanabe Straight Beauty

Although, in the upright to become their own path, there are always stumbling, there are many voices to comment on you, a lot of framework to bind you, many social models, deny you look for your true appearance. But Watanabe straight beauty, gently become a kind of spread out outside the framework of the existence, with life experience tells you, we can get rid of the social framework constraints of the contradiction, generous embrace their physique, find self-confidence, with the desire to live, to cry on the cry, want to laugh loudly laugh.

This life, live like a waste wood or enjoy the taste of red, only useful their true form, embrace the world, in the process of experience life, to find your value, understand the truth of life for you set.