Counting women fans 2018 7-September, for you to write the importance of the content!

Hot summer turns cool, 2018 blink of an eye came to the end of September, since the start of a companion plan, because of you as a companion, only to go deeper and wider.

From July to September, we set out from the body, through the theme of the month " Lust Fanyong, Body blooming ", generous talk about body and lust; in August, when everyone celebrates Valentine's Day, we want to take care of the mood of the place, talk about lovelorn, the formation of " lovelorn Front Alliance ", Also focus on the emotional issues of boys and men who are less touched and cared about. In the September, from intimacy to self, " influence, I define " talk about how to discover our inner influence, each person, is the opportunity to change.

Not only the month theme, this season we also through in-depth interview, see how women in accordance with their own aspirations, gradually live out a unique style, influence also comes. Visiting writer Yang Dixi, who is writing Lily Bond, sees that women are not only the affection of sisters, lovers or competitive relations , but also the atypical way of becoming novelists ; visit wardrobe physician Rai Ting, talk about the right to pursue beauty, not to let the past restrict you Interview writer Wu Xiaole, talk about their own happiness, grow to be different from others also does not matter ; interview Rainie, she said: "My great devil is not ex-boyfriend, but myself; " The movie writer Taibao One thing: women don't have to be perfect, they don't have to do everything. actor Yi Yitiu hopes that more characters will be shared with women's life experiences ; obstetricians/Legislators Lin Jingyi more celebrating female subjects: women are not born to be used as wives !

An interview, we see one thing more clearly: Every woman, have the ability to become a model!

Talk about sex, not forget the obstacles. We also care about the sexual desires of the physically challenged, through the "Gender quiz" unit, the love and sexuality of the disabled: Why does my body not be considered "below"? from the perspective of individual confidence, we open up a column D&I strategy , from specific business cases and data, see more meta-gender, race-friendly inclusive environment, for the organization of enterprises, how can really promote profit, sustainable development, not just the slogan of the idea.

I also want to select the top three gender articles of the season most people read:

Share this season caused nearly thousands of netizens to discuss three gender articles:

In addition to content articles, women fans also have four key actions that will be released in the Quarterly gender Impact Report (the following is the first spoiler):

  • "Media innovation": To create Gender Toolbox , release the public service advertising edition bit;
  • "Policy concerns": polls and Policy surveys with Vtaiwan and the Partnership for Gender Violence Act;
  • "Action for All": Launch of the#CFG Codeforgender community ;
  • "Towards the International": Women fans invited to represent Taiwan to the United States Department of State visit, editor-in-chief was invited to the Asia-Pacific Gender Violence Summit Forum in Taiwan media speakers, the Carlsberg Foundation also invited gender editor to Africa Malawi to report.

Finally, we particularly want to respond to the wishes of a lost friend! Fans say they want to see "women who are more than 30 years old unmarried" and "behind the scenes: how to Work and write articles".

For the 30-year-old unmarried female story, this season, in addition to the above mentioned in-depth interview (in addition to the film screenwriter Taibao, other women are 30 years of unmarried female stories yo), but also recommended women in the station writer Snow column , you will see the different landscapes of 30-year-old women:) As for women fans behind the scenes, Recommend women fans of the content unit "woman fan son said work" and Editorial notes: Do interviews, like off the ground to fly , but also hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the text of the intersection !

Thank you for coming along with us! A man walks fast, a group of people go far! In the future, I hope you can take the dearest people around you and walk with us together.